Palazzo Adds New Options to Gaming Floor

Casinos in Las Vegas are continually adding new gaming options to give visitors a unique experience.  At the Palazzo, two new table games have been placed on the gaming floor but are based on games already offered at the casino. A new Sic Bo game as well as LED Money Wheel have been added to the casino, providing a unique and bright gaming experience.

The two new games were created by TCSJOHNHUXLEY and are the only games of their type provided by a casino on the Strip. The LED Money Wheel game is one that is played similarly to the Big Six Money Wheel found at many casinos in Las Vegas. This new game has the added experience of illuminated technology. This provides an attractive gaming experience with many graphics that are pleasing to the eye as well as coincide with a quality interior and theme of a casino.

The gaming wheel is brightly colored and the slots on the wheel can change color. The new game stands out on the dark casino floor and is a big draw for players at the Palazzo. The game will traditionally have a house edge of 11 to 22 percent, which is quite high. The wheel must be attractive to bring players in with such a high edge for the house.

In addition to the new money wheel game, the casino also offers a new game based on Sicbo but that uses the new technology. The Sic Bo tables will use the LED technology to create an eye-catching experience. The new Sic Bo game can only be found at the Palazzo. The game is played with three dice and players will have to choose the numbers that will appear on the dice after they are shaken to win.

The game of Sic Bo also has a large house edge which can be as high as 33 percent. With such a high percentage towards the house, the game would be the one with the highest edge for the casino. The game of Sic Bo is one that most causal gamblers do not know how to play. To get players interested, the casino has added pamphlets to the gaming tables to introduce the rules and how to play the game. Many times the casino will have an individual by the Sic Bo games to help players understand better how to play the game in the hopes that they will play for real money at the casino.

The brightly colored technology is sure to be used by gaming operators to revamp old games to give them new life. Both the new Sic Bo games as well as the Money Wheel are set to become popular once again due to the unique coloring of the gaming machines. New technology is constantly being used by gaming facilities as a way to bring in players to try new games they may have passed by before. The new changes are sure to help the Palazzo create a fun experience on the casino gaming floor.