Mlife Rewards Program

M Life

M LifeMlife is the casino rewards program from the MGM group and you can earn points when you play at a number of MGM owned properties including Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, NY NY, Luxor and The Excalibur in Las Vegas. Through Mlife, players receive points when they play at slots, table games or spend money in MGM properties, and these can be exchanged for rewards including meals, free play, retail, experiences and a whole lot more depending on your status.

The Mlife program has 5 distinct levels that each offers a different range of benefits to the player.  Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances with this program is that it’s hard to figure out how it all works since the Mlife website is relatively confusing and doesn’t offer easy guidance on how to earn points, tier credits, progress levels and figure out what you’re entitled too. Because of this, we’ve broken down the program (below the casino sites table) to help you understand everything you need to know about Mlife rewards.

Overview of Mlife Tiers & Requirements

Below we’ve provided a summary of the levels included in Mlife and what each tier qualifies you for:

MLife Level Tier Credits
Sapphire 0-24,999
Pearl 25,000-74,999
Gold 75,000-199,999
Platinum 200,000+
Noir Invite Only
  • Sapphire – 0-24,999 Tier Credits
    • Room and show discounts
    • Pre-sales and exclusive offers through
  • Pearl – 25,000-74,999 Tier Credits
    • 10% bonus on point earning
    • Free buffet pass at any Vegas resort
  • Gold – 75,000-199,999 Tier Credits
    • 20% bonus on point earning
    • Priority hotel check-in service
    • VIP line access for night and day clubs
  • Platinum – 200,000+ Tier Credits
    • 30% bonus on point earning
    • Priority check-in, valet and taxi
    • 15% discount on retail purchases
  • Noir – Invitation Only
    • 40% bonus on point earning
    • Complimentary limo to/from airport each trip
    • Guaranteed reservations (hotel, show, restaurant)

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How Do You Earn Mlife Tier Credits and Base Points?

Now that we’ve covered the different levels in the program, let’s look at how you can earn points to progress through the different stages of Mlife. As a customer, you can earn points when you spend on hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, spa, slots and table games at any MGM owned casino property.

  • For hotel, dining, entertainment and spa you’ll earn 25 tier credits for every $1 spent
  • For slot machines, you’ll earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned (base point is earned for each $3 coin in on slots)
  • For video poker, you’ll earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned (base point is earned for each $10 coin in on VP)
  • For play on table games, base credits are determined by average wager and time played

It’s important to note that Mlife essentially offers two ways of rewarding customers, the first being through tier credits which help attain different statuses, and the second is through “base points” which are solely to do with play in the casino, and these determine your offers, free play and express comps.

In order to earn tier credits by playing in the casino, you’ll need to earn base points which are then matched by a multiplier in tier credits and used to determine your rewards. For every $3 you wager on slots, you will earn 1 base point (10 tier credits) and for every $10 wagered on video poker and speciality games you’ll earn 1 base point equal to 10 tier credits.   For table games, the formula isn’t published on the site but it’s rumored that you’ll earn around 300 base points per hour at blackjack with a $25 bet.

You’ll also earn $0.01 in FreePlay and Express Comps for every base point that you earn in the casino, and we’ve explained these systems below which are unique to the Mlife program:

Free Play – One of the cool things about Mlife is that you automatically accumulate free play as you gamble in the casino since you can convert your points into free play for slot machines at a rate of 1000 base points for $10 in free play.

Express Comps – These also automatically accumulate as you gamble and can be used against charges back to your room including food, beverage, show tickets, retail and so on. Basically how this works is at the end of your stay you would use your express comps against your final bill to reduce your charges.

Example Scenario of Earning Points

Let’s say that you visit Aria and spend $2,000 on your hotel room, food and drinks while staying at the hotel. You also play in the casino and wager $10,000 on slots, $1,000 on video poker and play $25 a hand of Blackjack for 1 hour. Under this scenario, here is the breakdown of what you would earn:

Base Points (for casino play):

  • Slots – 1 base point for every $3 bet ($10,000/3 = 3,333 Base Points)
    • 1 base point = 10 tier credits (3,333 X 10 = 33,333 Tier Credits)
  • Video Poker – 1 base point for every $10 bet ($1,000/10 = 100 Base Points)
    • 1 base point =10 tier credits (100 X 10 = 1,000 Tier Credits)
  • Blackjack – 300 base points per hour at $25 hand
    • 1 base point =10 tier credits (300 X 10 = 3,000 Tier Credits)

Tier Credits Summary:

  • Casino Play – 37,333 Tier Credits
  • Hotel, Dining, Entertainment – $2,000 spend
    • 25 tier credits for each $1 (2,000 X 25 = 50,000 Tier Credits)

In the above example on this trip the customer would’ve accumulate a total of 87,333 tier credits and would qualify for Gold status in Mlife. For their play in the casino, they would also earn $37.33 in free play and $37.33 in express comps that could be used towards any charges at the end of their stay.

In addition to the automatic benefits we’ve described above, every member also receives an account on where they can access room booking and comp offers that are populated in their member area. This is all above and beyond the regular rewards you’ll get from the program and includes things like comped rooms, free show tickets, experiences, food and beverage credits and a whole lot more.