M life Rewards Program

M life is the casino rewards program from the MGM group and you can earn points when you play at a number of MGM owned properties including Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, NY NY, Luxor and The Excalibur in Las Vegas.

Through M life, players receive points when they play at slots, table games or spend money in MGM properties, and these can be exchanged for rewards including meals, free play, retail, experiences and a whole lot more depending on your status.

M Life

The M life program has 5 distinct levels that each offers a different range of benefits to the player. Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances with this program is that it’s hard to figure out how it all works since it’s relatively confusing. It doesn’t offer easy guidance on how to earn points, tier credits, progress levels or help you figure out what you’re entitled too. Because of this, we’ve broken down the program (below the casino sites table) to help you understand everything you need to know about M life rewards.

Overview of M life Tiers and Requirements

Below we’ve provided a summary of the levels included in M life and what each tier qualifies you for. Scroll down further in this guide for a complete breakdown of each level, how you earn M life points, how you redeem points, and tips and tricks to get the most out of the program.

M life Level Tier Credits Perks
Sapphire 0-24,999
  • Earn Points and Express Comps
  • Exclusive Access to Mobile Check-In
  • Personalized Offers
Pearl 25,000-74,999
  • 10% Bonus Points on Slots
  • Dedicated Line at Partcipating Buffets
  • Complementary Self-Parking
Gold 75,000-199,999
  • 20% Bonus Points on Slots
  • Priority Hotel Check-In
  • VIP Line Access to Select Nightclubs
Platinum 200,000+
  • 30% Bonus Points on Slots
  • Priority Access for Valet
  • Annual Complimentary Cruise
Noir Invite Only
  • 40% Bonus Points on Slots
  • Advance Hotel and Restaurant Reservations
  • Complimentary Limo Service

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A Thorough Breakdown of Every M life Tier

Sapphire M life Tier | (0-24,999 points)

Complete List of Benefits Earned:

M life Sapphire Rewards Card

  • Dedicated reservation lines
  • Book personalized offers on Mlife.com
  • Access to M life Moments
  • Exclusive access to mobile check-In via MGM Resorts mobile app
  • Access to benefits and offers from M life Rewards Preferred Partners
  • Earn Express Comps™ for playing slots and redeem at all M life Rewards destinations nationwide
  • Earn points for playing slots and convert to FREEPLAY® or Express Comps
  • Earn Holiday Gift Shoppe Points for playing slots in Las Vegas
  • Exclusive discounts on hotel rooms
  • 5% exclusive M life Rewards member discounts at participating retail shops (exclusions apply)
  • Pre-Sale ticket access to select events, concerts, and fights
  • Discounts to select shows at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide (subject to availability)
  • Avis rental car discount

The Sapphire Tier is the entry-level tier of the rewards program. All you have to do in order to get into this tier level is apply at an MGM casino property, be over the age of 21, and have a pulse. One thing we really like about the entry-level tier is that you do actually get some benefits that are worthwhile. Other rewards programs just give you the card, and it really doesn’t do you much good until you level up to the next tier.

But, with the Sapphire level, you do get personalized offers sent to you online for future stays, dedicated reservation lines, pre-sale access to tickets, show, and car rental discounts, as well as access to mobile check-in. For us, these are the benefits that stick out the most and make getting signed up for this program a must-do if you’re going to be spending any time at an MGM property.

Pearl M life Tier | (25,000-74,999 points)

Complete List of Benefits Earned:

M life Pearl Rewards Card

  • This tier includes all of the benefits of the Sapphire tier
  • Extended expiration for points and Express Comps
  • Invitations to Members-Only events, tournaments, or promotions
  • 10% bonus on points earned playing slots at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • 10% bonus on Express Comps earned at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • 10% exclusive M life Rewards member discounts at participating retail shops (exclusions apply)
  • Dedicated line at the buffet
  • Complimentary self-parking

The Pearl Tier offers all of the benefits you get at the Sapphire level plus a lot more perks that we think are pretty nice. First, you’re now going to earn points and express comps faster once you achieve the Pearl level. Second, and we think it’s pretty important for those that drive down to the Vegas casinos, is free self-parking. Additionally, you’re going to get dedicated buffet lines, invitations to special events and promotions, and your points and comps will last longer before they expire.

Gold M life Tier | (75,000-199,999 points)

Complete List of Benefits Earned:

M life Gold Rewards Card

  • This tier includes all of the benefits of the Pearl and Sapphire tiers.
  • 20% bonus on points earned playing slots at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • 20% bonus on Express Comps earned at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • Priority hotel check-in line at the front desk
  • Room upgrade (subject to availability at check-in, excludes suites)
  • Dedicated line at participating restaurants
  • Fine dining priority reservations
  • VIP line access to select nightclubs for you and a guest in Las Vegas
  • Complimentary valet parking

When you hit the Gold Level Tier, you really start to see some great benefits roll in. First, you’re getting all the benefits of the previous two levels. Now, though, you’ll earn points and comps faster than Sapphire level members. Additionally, you’ll get complimentary valet parking, priority reservations and dedicated lines at more restaurants than just the buffet, priority check-in at the front desk, and VIP line access for you and a guest to select nightclubs during your stay.

Platinum M life Tier | (200,000 + points)

Complete List of Benefits Earned:

M life Platinum Rewards Card

  • This tier includes all of the benefits of the Gold, Pearl, and Sapphire tiers
  • Annual complimentary cruise for qualifying members on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruises
  • 30% bonus on points earned playing slots at Ml ife Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • 30% bonus on Express Comps earned at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • Priority access: pool cabana, spa, and salon reservations
  • Platinum experience upon check-in at Las Vegas resorts
  • 15% exclusive M life Rewards member discounts at participating retail shops (exclusions apply)
  • Priority access for valet and taxi service

When you’ve reached Platinum, you are almost at the top tier. As such, the benefits you receive will be pretty dang awesome. As always, you get everything from the prior levels plus a whole lot more. You’ll earn points and express comps faster than Sapphire level members, get priority access for pool cabanas and at the spa and salon, and 15% off at participating retail shops. Did we mention you also get a free cruise? Yes, it’s at this level that you can really start to enjoy the fruits of your entertainment labor.

Noir M life Tier | (Invite Only)

Complete List of Benefits Earned:

M life Noir Rewards Card

  • This tier includes all of the benefits of the Platinum, Gold, Pearl, and Sapphire tiers
  • 40% bonus on points earned playing slots at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • 40% bonus on Express Comps earned at M life Rewards Destinations Nationwide
  • Increased Express Comps earning limit
  • VIP lounge check-in
  • Guaranteed advance hotel reservations
  • Guaranteed advance restaurant reservations
  • Guaranteed show reservations
  • Complimentary limousine service to/from nearest airport with hotel stay

This level is the top of the mountain. In order to make it to the Noir Tier, you’re going to have to be invited, and no one really knows what you have to do to make that happen. We assume it involves gambling a lot and spending a lot of money, but we don’t know exactly how much. But when you do get here, you can expect to start collecting a lot more great rewards.
Again, we’ll beat the dead horse and remind you that you get everything from the previous levels. In addition, though, you’ll get 40% bonus points and comps, VIP lounge check-in on property, guaranteed hotel, restaurant, and show reservations, and complimentary limo service to and from the closest airport when you stay at an MGM property. It’s probably also safe to say that anyone at the Noir level will be getting a ton of additional perks that aren’t even listed on the website or haven’t been disclosed publicly yet.

How Do You Earn M life Tier Credits and Base Points?

Now that we’ve covered the different levels in the program, let’s look at how you can earn points to progress through the different stages of M life. As a customer, you can earn points when you spend on hotel rooms, dining, entertainment, spa, slots and table games at any MGM owned casino property.

  • For hotel, dining, entertainment and spa you’ll earn 25 tier credits for every $1 spent
  • For slot machines, you’ll earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned (base point is earned for each $3 coin in on slots)
  • For video poker, you’ll earn 10 tier credits for every base point earned (base point is earned for each $10 coin in on VP)
  • For play on table games, base credits are determined by average wager and time played
It’s important to note that Mlife essentially offers two ways of rewarding customers, the first being through tier credits which help attain different statuses, and the second is through “base points” which are solely to do with play in the casino, and these determine your offers, free play and express comps.

In order to earn tier credits by playing in the casino, you’ll need to earn base points which are then matched by a multiplier in tier credits and used to determine your rewards. For every $3 you wager on slots, you will earn 1 base point (10 tier credits) and for every $10 wagered on video poker and speciality games you’ll earn 1 base point equal to 10 tier credits. For table games, the formula isn’t published on the site but it’s rumored that you’ll earn around 300 base points per hour at blackjack with a $25 bet.

Clip Art of Casino Slot Game, Money Bag, King Crown, Diamonds

You’ll also earn $0.01 in FreePlay and Express Comps for every base point that you earn in the casino, and we’ve explained these systems below which are unique to the M life program:

Free Play – One of the cool things about M life is that you automatically accumulate free play as you gamble in the casino since you can convert your points into free play for slot machines at a rate of 1000 base points for $10 in free play.

Express Comps – These also automatically accumulate as you gamble and can be used against charges back to your room including food, beverage, show tickets, retail and so on. Basically how this works is at the end of your stay you would use your express comps against your final bill to reduce your charges.

Examples of How to Earn Base Points

Aria Casino with Marque
Let’s say that you visit Aria and spend $2,000 on your hotel room, food and drinks while staying at the hotel. You also play in the casino and wager $10,000 on slots, $1,000 on video poker and play $25 a hand of Blackjack for 1 hour. Under this scenario, here is the breakdown of what you would earn:

Base Points (for casino play):

Game Base Points Tier Credits
Slots 1 base point for every $3 bet ($10,000/3 = 3,333 Base Points) 1 base point = 10 tier credits (3,333 X 10 = 33,333 Tier Credits)
Video Poker 1 base point for every $10 bet ($1,000/10 = 100 Base Points) 1 base point = 10 tier credits
(100 X 10 = 1,000 Tier Credits)
Blackjack 300 base points per hour
at $25 hand
1 base point = 10 tier credits
(300 X 10 = 3,000 Tier Credits)

Tier Credits Summary:

  • Casino Play – 37,333 Tier Credits
  • Hotel, Dining, Entertainment – $2,000 spend
  • 25 tier credits for each $1 (2,000 X 25 = 50,000 Tier Credits)

In the above example on this trip the customer would’ve accumulate a total of 87,333 tier credits and would qualify for Gold status in M life. For their play in the casino, they would also earn $37.33 in free play and $37.33 in express comps that could be used towards any charges at the end of their stay.

In addition to the automatic benefits we’ve described above, every member also receives an account on Mlife where they can access room booking and comp offers that are populated in their member area. This is all above and beyond the regular rewards you’ll get from the program and includes things like comped rooms, free show tickets, experiences, food and beverage credits and a whole lot more.

Is the Mlife Rewards Program a Credit Card?

Nope. There tends to be a lot of confusion around rewards programs where people think they are credit card offers and tend to run for the hills. The M life Rewards program is strictly a rewards program. It is not a credit card, requires no credit check, and is available to anyone over the age of 21 that wants to play and earn points in an MGM group casino, such as the Luxor.

Where the confusion comes in, though, is that M life does offer a credit card known as the M life Rewards Mastercard, which is separate from this program. Applying for or getting this card is NOT necessary to get an account and rarely is it even mentioned when you’re signing up for the program.

There are perks that come with the card, though. You’ll earn 3x points and tier credits at M life Rewards Destinations, 2x points and tier credits spend on gas and groceries, 1 point and tier credit per $1 spent everywhere else, and 10,000 points when you spend $1,000 in the first three billing cycles. Additionally, you’ll automatically be given Pearl level status before you make your first transaction.

Should you get the M life Rewards Mastercard? That’s completely up to you. If you’re someone that loves going to MGM properties and would love to get a little VIP treatment there thanks to the money you spend normally, it might be worth it. You can always get the car, run all your purchases through it, and pay off the balance monthly if you don’t want to carry a balance but still reap the rewards.

Just be aware that the M life Rewards program is NOT a credit card and is separate from the M life Rewards Credit Card. You DO NOT have to even apply for the credit card to get into the M life Rewards program.

M life Moments

M life Moments is an element of the M life Rewards program that you get access to the second you join Sapphire level (entry-level). M life Moments are unique experiences that members can cash in their Express Comps to enjoy. Some of the “simpler” things available are experiences like swimming with dolphins or a day at the spa. At the other end of the spectrum, you can do things like going to the MLB All-Star Weekend, having a private dinner for two with Julian Serrano, or a private showing just for you from Thunder From Down Under or the girls of Fantasy.

Basically, you get the opportunity to do some really cool stuff that you might not be able to without being a member of the M life rewards program.

Pearl Status for Military Members

Military Service Thank You Wall on M life Casino Wall
If you’re a member of the active military, National Guard, Reserves or a Veteran, the MGM M life program wants to thank you for your service. You can receive a special military players card that automatically upgrades you to Pearl status regardless of whether you have played or spent any money at any properties.

Even if you don’t plan on gambling at all, this is awesome just for the free parking and the invites to special members only events.

M life Rewards Preferred Partners

Mlife has partnered with just under a dozen other brands worldwide to offer their members some added discounts and benefits at other places around the world. These include things like discounts on rental cars at Avia, discounts and preferred seating at Cirque Du Soleil shows, and special benefits and pricing on golf and cruises. These benefits become available immediately after you join the program, Sapphire level (entry-level).

We recommend taking a peek at what you can get before booking your trip, as there are several companies that could save you some serious cash on your next trip.