Las Vegas Casinos Look to Video Gaming

A recent study conducted in Las Vegas Nevada as local casinos considering a different style of gaming to bring in more young people to the gaming floor. Casinos have noticed a decrease in the interest in slot gaming as compared to recent years and are now contemplating adding skill-based video gaming to bring in a younger crowd.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority conducted the study which found the smallest percentage of players gambling were under the age of 35. To meet the interests of young people, casinos are considering adding video gaming into the mix.

Las Vegas ConventionBrian Sandoval, the Governor of Nevada, stated that a new gaming bill may be seen by the Gaming Commission as early as October to introduce skill-based video gaming. According to the governor, the bill would permit skill-based gambling and allow gambling manufacturers to use the latest technology to meet the challenges of a younger audience that is more technologically engaged. New opportunities would be provided with new legislation that would be critical to keeping Nevada as the global epicenters for ‘gaming innovation and development’, according to Sandoval.

Nevada gambling revenues have decreased with figures showing $11 billion earned in 2014, which is lower than the $12.9 billion earned in 2007. Slot machine earnings have dropped as much as 20% which was a big earner for facilities in the past. Gone are the days when players want to sit or stand and play slots.

With the use of mobile phones, younger players need to be engaged and entranced by what they see. The standard casino game is not going to cut it. According to a developer of the new video games for gambling, Greg Giuffria, the industry must change or disappear. Many industry insiders feel as though the new video gaming options and slot games can coexist on the gaming floor. The new option could possibly create a happy medium between the gamblers who have visited Vegas for decades and the younger crowd.

Younger players will be more open to newer styled games that use the latest technologies. Casinos in Nevada will have to update their offerings if they want to bring in the younger player and create a whole new generation of regular customers.

The industry as a whole, in the US, must consider that is Las Vegas shifts to video gaming, others will need to follow suit. The transition will impact casinos across the board. New Jersey began to discuss skill-based gaming late last year yet only one video game has been submitted for consideration thus far.

However, if Las Vegas begins to integrate such gaming, we could see a surge in new gaming in the United States. For now, Sin City is on every casino official’s radar to see what the local industry will do to bring in the younger audience of gamblers. Will video gaming be a success if launched or will Nevada still not be able to bring in the younger gamers who need to be entertained at all times during game play? Only time will tell and we will keep you in the know with all the latest video gaming developments in Las Vegas.