A Journey Through Kitchen Table

Conceptualized as a Social Eatery meant to bring a sense of community to the people of Henderson, Kitchen Table opened in late 2015. With a narrow space dressed in rustic décor, the sixty-seat eatery has quickly excelled to a level previously thought unlikely.  The passionate work of Chefs Antonio Nunez and Javier Chavez are no doubt a big part of the success.

Kitchen Table

Truly a local spot, Chef Nunez, himself a Las Vegas native who now lives only minutes from his restaurant doors, Kitchen Table may at first look like any other sleepy breakfast nook spread across the city. However, those fortunate to stop in are soon to discover something far more relevant to ‘dining’ in the larger sense, as nearly everything in the restaurant is scratch-made in house. Nunez acknowledging that although food is mere sustenance for some, his vision seeks to “revive peoples’ lives by emphasizing the importance of coming together, sharing traditions, learning new traditions and meeting at the Kitchen Table.”

Greeted at the door by a hostess, or perhaps one of the chefs themselves by way of an open kitchen, Kitchen Table now sees small lines forming before its storefront on Horizon Ridge as the doors unlock at 7:30am on weekends. Whether seated at banquets up front or communally at a long table, the first thing noticed by those harboring a sweet tooth will assuredly be the pastry counter up front. With coffee available for both grab-n-go or to dine-in, the pastry counter features nearly a dozen items that all are quite tempting.

Operating almost twenty-four hours a day, the mis en place for the following day occurring after hours while baked goods are proofed and put in the oven. A meal at Kitchen Table should almost always begin with the restaurant’s signature Monkey Bread with a buttery crumb and light leavening setting as high a standard as any in The Valley. Additionally, options ranging from doughnuts, muffins, cookies, and loaves of quick bread are no less well crafted.

Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread

Turning attention to the all-day menu, Nunez and Chavez collaborating on what was at first an enormous list before scaling back and focusing on plates truly capable of inducing a ‘wow’. The focus of the cooking is largely on comfort food classics dressed up with superior ingredients and just-enough whimsy. The flavors of Mexico and Europe are often melded with technique to make even the most ‘simple’ plates seem quite exciting.

With both Chefs known from stints elsewhere, fine dining such as Le Cirque the background for Antonio while Chef Chavez has most recently worked in more casual environs focusing on well-crafted food accessible to one-and-all, savory items from the most recent iteration of Kitchen Table’s new Boutique Brunch menu see a tireless attention to detail with a focus on novelty presented casually. The Avocado Toast ignores the constraints of Vegetarian versions found throughout California by adding a poached egg and bacon vinaigrette while two styles of “Mac Muffin” spin the Golden Arches on their end through the addition of spicy guacamole, charred corn and crema to one while the other goes full-decadent with foie gras and braised short ribs.

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast

Smoking all of their own pork, making several sausages and even preparing duck confit from scratch, those looking for a bit of heat at breakfast are encouraged to check out the newly launched Pork Belly Benedict. This Benedict marries charro beans and masa to help balance the heat of Guajillo Sauce and Tomatillo Salsa, and although more ‘classical’ presentations of the dish are indeed available, the more adventurous will equally be thrilled by the novelty of items reaching as far as a Smoked Salmon and Broccoli Tort or the delicious Omelet that folds in juicy duck along with macaroni and cheese.

Upping the ante on the Croque Madame while also offering a superior fried Monte Cristo that is only one of two offered in town, sweeter breakfast flavors can be found amidst tender waffles or Buttermilk Pancakes with any number of toppings. The French Toast has recently received an upgrade in the form of an Angel Food version that improves on the traditional Strawberry Short Cake through the addition of lightly whipped cream and bold gastrique. An equally compelling interpretation features brioche laced with white chocolate with a topping of creamy mousse, salted caramel sauce candied strawberries.

Self-admitting to be ‘restless,’ and committed to “giving our friends a reason to come back,” the long hours not yet seeming to dampen the spirits of Chefs who try to touch every table in order to assure that guests are pleased.

One might say that Kitchen Table has thus far been an unequivocal hit for all the right reasons. Still unwilling to sit back on its laurels, the only question remaining is how long the current kitchen can sustain increasing popularity and when best to arrive in order to snag a seat at the table.

Website: http://www.kitchentablelv.com
Address: 1716 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy #100, Henderson, NV 89012
Hours: 7:30am – 7:00pm (7 Days A Week)