Best Las Vegas Hotel Reviews for 2022

Welcome to the hotel section of our Vegas guide that covers 30+ of the most popular hotels you’ll find both on the Strip and in Downtown Vegas. Inside each of the reviews, we’ve provided a detailed overview of the property including rooms, dining options, gambling, shows, shopping and much more to help you figure out the best place to stay during your visit to Las Vegas. Below you’ll find our current reviews of some of the best and most popular hotels in Las Vegas.

Our Current Las Vegas Hotel Listings

Hotel Name Location Price Rooms Established
Aria Hotel South Strip $$$ 4,004 2009
Ballys Center Strip $ 2,814 1973
Bellagio Center Strip $$$ 3,950 1998
Caesars Palace Center Strip $$$ 3,960 1966
Circus Circus North Strip $ 3,773 1978
Cosmopolitan Center Strip $$$ 2,995 2010
Cromwell Center Strip $$$ 188 2014
Encore North Strip $$$ 2,034 2008
Excalibur South Strip $ 3,981 1990
Flamingo Center Strip $$ 3,626 1946
Four Queens Downtown $ 690 1966
Golden Nugget Downtown $ 2,419 1946
Hard Rock Off Strip $$ 1,503 1995
Harrahs Center Strip $ 2,667 1973
Luxor South Strip $$ 4,407 1993
Mandalay Bay South Strip $$ 3,309 1999
MGM Grand South Strip $$ 5,044 1993
Mirage Mid Strip $$ 3,044 1989
New York New York South Strip $ 2,024 1997
Palazzo Mid Strip $$$ 3,068 2007
Paris Las Vegas Center Strip $$ ‎2,916 1999
Planet Hollywood Center Strip $$ 2,567 2007
Resorts World North Strip $$$ 6,583 2020
Rio Las Vegas Off Strip $ 2,522 1990
SLS Las Vegas North Strip $$$ 1,720 2013
The D Downtown $ 638 2012
The Palms Off Strip $$ 702 2001
Treasure Island Mid Strip $$ 2,884 1993
Tropicana South Strip $$ 1,467 1957
Venetian Mid Strip $$$ 4,049 1999
Wynn Las Vegas North Strip $$$ 2,716 2005

Vegas Hotel FAQ Guide

What Are Check-In/Check-Out Times?

Most hotels in Las Vegas adhere to the same general check-in time of 3-4pm and check-out time of 11am-12pm. Many hotels will let you check-in earlier if your room is available and check-out an hour later if it’s not a busy day. Some hotels have now started offering guests the ability to pay for very early check-in or a much later check-out as an add-on to your room.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Check-In?

Most Vegas hotels require guests to be 21 years of age or older to be a registered guest at the property due to gaming laws in Nevada. There are a few hotels that allow guests age 18+ to check-in, but it’s best to call the hotel you’re looking at to confirm before making any bookings.

What Are Resort Fees?

Resort fees were introduced a number of years ago by almost all properties on the strip as a way of increasing revenue. Historically guests could choose to add-on amenities like Internet and Gym access to their stay for a nominal fee, however this is now included for all guests who are required to pay the mandatory resort fee. Depending on the hotel, these fees range from $20-$40 a day plus taxes. It’s not possible to opt-out of paying these as a regular guests, however some properties waive them depending on your status tier with their gaming rewards program.

What Are The Hold Policies For Incidentals?

Upon check-in, you will be required to make a deposit for the duration of your stay that covers any potential incidental charges you may incur such as room service, mini-bar or otherwise. The amount required per night for a deposit hold varies from property to property and can be anywhere from $50/day to $150/day for the higher end hotels.

There are 3 ways a guest can make the deposit, either with cash, via debit card or by credit card, with credit card and cash being the two most popular options. The issue with debit cards is that the pre-authorization put on your card to secure funds for your stay takes far longer to drop off once you’ve checked out (up to 2-3 weeks) versus a credit card which is a matter of days or instant. Because of this, most guests prefer to use a credit card on check-in, and those that don’t have one are recommended to use cash where feasible.
Can I Smoke In Vegas Hotel Rooms?

At most hotels, the answer is yes as long as you secure a designated smoking room when you check-in. Some hotels like Aria have adopted a 100% smoke-free policy, however most Vegas hotels do have a selection of smoking rooms available to guests.

Tips For Choosing The Best Place To Stay

Vegas HotelsWhen it comes to looking at hotels, the staff here at has stayed at almost every hotel in Las Vegas so we’re equipped to give you a pretty thorough overview of what to expect at each property. This combined with our reviews from visitors to the site is a great way for you to figure out which hotel works best for your budget and needs. That being said, there are always some things you’ll want to consider when selecting a hotel for your trip, and we’ve provided a summary of those things below.

Location, Location, Location

The Las Vegas strip while small in comparison to the full city is actually really big when you’re walking around (especially in that summer desert heat). Hotels will look close to one another on maps but in reality these properties are HUGE and it takes quite a while to get from one end of the strip to the other.

You’ll want to ensure that you’re in a location that meets you’re needs, so if you are looking to be in the center of the action use The Bellagio as a reference point as the center of the strip. We consider this the main hub of the strip so any hotels in and around Bellagio are a solid bet to be in the middle of it all.

We highly recommend if it’s your first time in Las Vegas to stay on the strip as you’ll get the full experience and it just isn’t quite the same if you’re off strip or downtown. For seasoned veterans of Sin City, or those looking to save a few bucks on accommodations there are a lot of affordable options in the main area or downtown Vegas is an excellent alternative for all our budget conscious visitors.

Room Types & Rates

As you know most hotels have different room formats but the thing to keep in mind is there really isn’t much difference between standard room categories. Vegas hotels will promote features like larger room, strip view, etc and if that’s important to you then by all means pay a premium. We suggest that you just book the basic room and save your money for other things, since the reality of it is that most rooms are quite similar and you won’t be spending much time in your room anyways, so save your cash.

When it comes to actually booking the hotel, Vegas is a very finicky place and the room rates fluctuate wildly based on the week you’re planning to go. If there are any major concerts, sporting events or conferences in town expect the nightly rate to sky rocket up to 200-300% due to the high demand. If you want to minimize your costs come during the week in the winter for the rock bottom rates.

Property Amenities

This is one of the more important criteria for us when we are selecting a property and things that fall under amenities would include things like restaurants, spa, casino, service level and so on. Basically what services does the hotel offer and are they consistent with the type of experience we’re looking for.

This category is pretty subjective but generally speaking you’ll want a hotel with a good range of food options and other amenities to make your stay as convenient as possible. As long as you’re staying at the major hotel chains however, most of these things will take care of themselves unless you are super picky and require luxury amenities in which case The Wynn, Cosmo or Venetian are a good choice.