Guy Savoy Restaurant Review

The restaurant is currently run by Chef Mathieu Chartron and serves up innovative modern French cuisine to diners. As one of the top dining experiences in Vegas, Guy Savoy certainly isn’t for the faint at heart when it comes to spending and you should easily expect a bill over $700-$800 for two people including drinks.

Although the price of admission is steep, there are a ton of different options for your dining experience and we’d highly recommend Guy Savoy for a very special occasion or if you have far too much money.

Dining Options, Menus & Featured Dishes

One of the great things about Guy Savoy is they offer a great selection of menu options with varying prices and currently have 3 tasting menus and an a la carte menu for diners.  The tasting menus are changed seasonally and consist of 5-14 courses ranging in price from $290 up to $555 per person.  The $555 menu called “The Forbes 5 Star Celebration Menu” is a 5 course menu that features a premium wine pairing.  Some dish highlights from this incredibly expensive menu include Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup,Toasted Mushroom Brioche and Black Truffle Butter as well as Seared Japanese Wagyu, Maine Lobster and Stuffed Rigatoni.

The two other tasting menus are currently called the “Signature Spring Menu” featuring 9 courses at $290pp (without wine) as well as the “Innovation Spring Menu” which includes 14 courses at $375pp without wine.  Some of the more interesting dishes from these menus include Lobster “Candy”, Seaweed Granité and Asparagus, Golden Osetra Caviar and Smoked Sabayon.

The A La Carte menu offers up a choice of 16 different dishes divided into Entrees, Fish and Crustaceans and Meats.  Entrees run frm $60-$95 per dish, fish courses from $80-$120 and meat courses from $85-$105.  Our top pick from the a la carte menu is most definitely Veal “Three Ways”, Morel Savarin, Spring Vegetables and Charred Herb Crumbles, Potato Purée.

In addition to the big selection of menus, one really cool option that’s available from Guy Savoy is cooking classes where you can learn to make some of the restaurants most popular dishes with their chefs.  The cost of class is $265pp and a maximum of 6 people can participate at a time, an excellent gift or group activity that’s unique.  The lesson includes an overview from the chef, hands on cooking and eating of one appetizer and one main dish.

History of Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy was born on July 24th, 1953 and is one of the most accomplished French chefs in the world operating 6 restaurants in Paris, Las Vegas and Qatar.  Born in the small French town of Nevers in the Bourgogne region of France, Savoy grew up with humble beginnings and gives credit to his mother as a major source of inspiration in learning how to use seasonal ingredients to make beautiful dishes. Starting at age 23 as an apprentice at the famous restaurant Maison Troisgros, Guy learned all the skills necessary to be a world class chef from his teachers, the Troisgros brothers. Since that apprenticeship many years ago, Savoy has risen to the top of the ranks in French cooking and was even a mentor to Gordon Ramsay during his early days, who credits him as his most important teacher in cooking.