The Countdown To Mayweather Pacquiao Is On

Mayweather Vs PacquiaoThe countdown is officially on for what’s being called the fight of the century – the Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao boxing match that’s going down May 2nd inside the MGM in Vegas.  As one of the most anticipated events of all time in Vegas, the weekend leading up to the bout is going to be absolutely insane for anyone who’s in the city.

The madness has already started with strip hotels selling out just days after the event was announced.  Those with rooms remaining are commanding ridiculously high prices, for example Hooters which is usually around $40 a night is charging $375/night for the weekend, and Bellagio which is usually in the $250 range is looking for $1,000/night.

While this is super expensive, it’s not really surprising since Vegas is notoriously finicky with jacking up pricing during high demand weekends for sporting events, festivals and conferences.  Although the weekend comes with a big price tag, it’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the energy of a legendary fight in Vegas, so if you’ve been saving for that special getaway this year it may be worth breaking the bank to be a part of history.

If you thought the hotels were bad, don’t even think about being inside the 16,000 seat stadium unless you are willing to shell out an absolute minimum of $1,500 for a single nosebleed seat.  While the general public tickets have yet to be sold yet, ringside seats through brokers are already selling at over $100,000 per seat and are few and far between.

Another interesting and sure to be highly profitable move that MGM has made is restricting broadcast of the event to their properties only as well as pay per view.  This means that in order to see the fight in real-time in Las Vegas if you aren’t at the event is to be at one of the MGM properties on the strip.

This includes Aria, The Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, NY NY, Mirage and Monte Carlo.  No word on minimum pricing for the bars in these properties but without a doubt they’ll have minimum order amounts for anyone that wants a seat inside.

For those of you looking to come down for the event the official weekend is Thursday April 30th to Sunday May 3rd and we’d recommend booking soon before all the hotels on the Vegas strip sell out, as most of the properties have a very limited amount of rooms remaining for the fight weekend.