The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Visiting Las Vegas

Vegas Beginner

Vegas Beginner

Fabulous Las Vegas, the city where dreams are made (and broken) every single day.  If it’s your first time visiting Sin City, you’re in for one hell-uv-an adventure in this truly unique place that offers pretty much anything and everything you can imagine.  On this page, you’ll find our beginners guide to navigating everything Las Vegas – from where to stay and what to eat, to how to maximize your budget and where to go to get the best Vegas experience during your visit.

Where Should I Stay & What Does It Cost?

One of the most common questions that people have about Vegas is where they should stay.  The way we see it, the first question to ask yourself is if you want to stay on the strip, off the strip or in Old Las Vegas since this will greatly determine both the amount of money you need to spend and the atmosphere you’ll be in during your stay.  All Vegas hotels are not created equal (see our full list), so you’ll want to plan carefully on which one you choose for the trip.

On The Strip

Staying on the strip is definitely the most popular (and most expensive) option but if you want to experience the full energy of the city it’s definitely the place to be.  The strip is divided into North, Mid and South (checkout our map here) with North and South having cheaper hotels and mid-Strip housing the most expensive places to stay.

If you have the budget, we’d definitely recommend staying right in the middle of everything for the best experience – Flamingo is a good choice for low rates and you can get a room there for as little as $70 per night.  For something more upscale, check out Caesars Palace or the Bellagio which are both great hotels and very centrally located.  For the absolute cheapest rates that still let you stay on the strip, the Tropicana and Ballys are your best bet for hotels.

Off The Strip

For those of you that want to stay off the strip for some more peace and quiet or with a more limited budget, both The Palms and The Rio are good options that allow you to be close to everything but with much cheaper rates in comparison to hotels in the middle of everything.

Old Vegas

Old Vegas is where it all began – literally!  This is where the city of Las Vegas was founded and where you can find all the old school hotels that where the catalyst for what Sin City is today.  There are lots of things to do on Fremont St. which is the main street through Old Vegas and this is a great place for people that like a little older crowd but still love to party and have a great time.  Your best bet for a hotel in Old Vegas is definitely either The Golden Nugget or The D hotel (and quite frankly, we wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Downtown Vegas).

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How To Save Money In Las Vegas:

Now that we’ve covered some of the basic points that will be associated with your trip let’s look at how to save some money so you can stretch out your budget when you visit Vegas:

  • Use The $20 Dollar Trick to get an upgraded room for a fraction of the cost
  • If you’re going to gamble, sign up for a Las Vegas comps program to earn additional freebies
  • Come in the middle of the week, hotel rates go down as much as 50% during this time
  • Avoid popular weekends with festivals, concerts or major conventions as prices are high
  • Grab the free coupon books in cabs that have a ton of different discount offers for visitors
  • Go to happy hours which are plentiful and Vegas and offer substantial discounts on food and drinks
  • Don’t gamble for free drinks, this will almost always cost you much more than the regular price
  • Do drinks lots of water, this will save you a costly trip to the hospital for dehydration
  • Buy booze in the store and make to go drinks, this will save you tons of money
  • If you want to go on a bender, do it in Old Vegas, it’s entertaining and much cheaper than the Strip

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