5 Cool Things To Do On Fremont St In Old Vegas

Although the Las Vegas strip is still by far the most popular place to visit in Vegas, no trip would be complete without a trip to Fremont St aka Old Vegas. It’s where it all started, it’s way cheaper than the Strip and it’s one helluva good time, with lots of free and fun options to enjoy. In this article we take a look at 5 cool things that you can see and do on Fremont St in Old Vegas.

#1 – Try The Slotzilla Zip Line

Probably one of the coolest attractions in all of Las Vegas, Slotzilla is a massive zip line that soars the entire length of Fremont St from 12 stories above.  There are two options, $25 for the zip line and $45 for the “zoom” line which is basically a longer zip line where you lie flat on your stomach in a super man position.  Slotzilla is by far the busiest attraction in Old Vegas so we highly recommend that you get tickets and book well in advance to secure your spot.

Slotzilla Zip Line

The Climb To Slotzilla Zip Line

#2 – Enjoy A Cheap Seafood Lunch at Chart House

Inside the famed Golden Nugget, Chart House is tucked away behind the casino floor and offers very reasonably priced seafood dishes with an awesome aquarium view.  Ask to sit behind the aquarium in the booths for the best view of dozens of exotic fishes and interesting creatures in the 75,000 gallon aquarium.  Most dishes are in the $10-$20 range and the portions are massive making for a tasty meal at a reasonable price.

Aquarium at Chart House

Aquarium at Chart House

#3 – Check Out The Beautiful Light Show

Another very cool attraction in Old Vegas, the light show is a myriad of cool images and colours projected on the roof of Fremont St.  Using over 12.5 LED lamps, the show is a great way to enjoy some free entertainment while having a drink or walking down the street.  For the ultimate experience, do the Slotzilla zip line at nighttime while the light shows are going on.

Fremont Light Show

The Light Show on Fremont

#4 – See The World’s Largest Gold Nugget

Obviously located inside the Golden Nugget hotel, visitors can see the world’s largest piece of gold on display just behind the casino. The nugget weighs approximately 65 pounds and is valued at millions of dollars.  The nugget was discovered in 1980 in Australia by an explorer.

World's Largest Gold Nugget

World’s Largest Gold Nugget

#5 – Enjoy A Free Rocking Concert

One of the other main attractions on Fremont St is the stage which hosts a number of free concerts on a daily basis. Ranging from Rock and Roll to soul and blues music, visitors can grab a drink and watch the show absolutely free throughout the evening.  It gets really packed on weekends and is always a fun time for people looking for a musical experience on Fremont.

Concert on Fremont St

Free Concert on Fremont St