10 Colossal Dishes You Must Try (and Share) In Las Vegas

In a city of high stakes, big spenders, whales and ballers there is little doubt that Steakhouses rule the dining scene, and although there are certainly no lack of spots to sit down to a meal fit for a king these ten restaurants truly up the ante in terms of proteins by way of presentation as well as portion, each plate well advised to be ordered for parties two or more.

16oz Black Angus Chateau Filet Wellington at 35 Steaks + Martinis


Continuing to reinvent the menu at the under-regarded Steakhouse that sits poolside within The Hardrock Hotel & Casino, Marty Red DeLeon Lopez and Michael van Staden’s menu is packed with protein choices both big and small. For those looking for something truly extraordinary, only the One pound Beef Wellington served inside delicate puff pastry will do, the rare beef served a just a shade past rare in a way that would invoke envy in Gordon Ramsay with a quintet of sides and sauces that are included in the price, but good enough that those truly hungry may wish to order additional.

Veal Chop Parmigiana at Allegro


Considered “Casual Dining” by Wynn Marketing, the cooking at Allegro is anything but unrefined. No doubt disregarded by some thanks to its “late night” and “pre-theater” trappings, Chef Enzo Febbraro brings the American Red Sauce genre to new levels by way of time-honored traditions and a broad skill set, everything from the Caprese to Salad to Handmade Pasta deliciously crafted from high quality ingredients. Assuring diners with a familiar menu, the music following the Rat Pack through their careers, those looking for the most impressive item amongsr broad offerings should strongly consider the “12oz” pounded Veal Parmigiana that is certainly undoubtedly under-billed as its diameter exceeds sixteen inches, the meat itself moist and lavish while the breading remains crisp beneath Mozzarella and Marinara without a hint of oiliness.

Classic Dover Sole Amandine at Andre’s Restaurant & Lounge

Dover Sole

Not quite as elaborate as the Tableside filet and de-boning displays found throughout France, Chef Chris Bulen’s Dover Sole is nonetheless eye-popping when unveiled from beneath its silver dome at the Monte Carlo’s crown jewel. Offered with several sauce options the timeless classic is presented alongside pureed potatoes and tender roulades of sliced squashes, the Amandine a personal favorite with light browning evidencing the Chef’s skills and well worth requesting some extra bread in order to do some sopping.

Peking Duck at Blossom

Peking Duck

Tucked away at Aria and perhaps the least “well known” of the resort’s fine dining spaces, Chef Chi Kwun Choi presents a farm raised Peking Duck at tableside, carved by one of two men who claim to have performed the ritual “at least two thousand times.” Both dinner and a show, the crisp skin shatters like crystallized sugar whether placed atop Bao or Chinese Pancakes, the moist flesh rich and succulent alongside vegetable and Hoisin sauce with the rest of the fowl presented deboned in a second course along with fluffy rice.

Roasted 3-lb Turbot at Bazaar Meat


Featuring the name of a Spanish Chef more commonly known for cute explorations of “Molecular Gastronomy,” in-the-know diners will realize that the real strength of Jose Andres’ Steakhouse at The SLS are grilled or roasted meats. Currently owning the city’s only Josper Oven, capable of turning second-to-none ingredients into perfectly charred works of art, none are more impressive than the Bone-In Turbot first presented tableside, then returned to the kitchen for filleting, with crisp black skin overlying flesh that defines succulence, each section featuring a different flavor profile with the best bites found along the belly, skull and cheeks.

Riserva Dry Aged Bone-In Ribeye at Carnevino


Occasionally aged past nine months and known by the term ‘Riserva,’ Carnevino’s most coveted cuts of beef are nowhere to be found on the restaurant’s oversized menu, but for those smart enough to request it in advance or fortunate enough to be offered one as a special the experience is nothing short of indescribable. Truly a work of passion, the process begun years ago by way of selective breeding, feed, butchery as well as storage, steaks range from Strip to an enormous Ribeye and although “per inch” pricing can at times seem excessive, nothing can match the melt-in-the mouth texture nor the complexity of blue cheese, walnuts and even truffles entwined in the flavor.

Kurobuta Pork Shank at Fiamma Trattorria & Bar


Technically served for just one it seems almost as if Chef Pawan Pinisetti is presenting a challenge when the Pork Shank is served at Fiamma Trattoria & Bar at The MGM Grand. Somehow achieving the rare balance of lightly crisped skin juxtaposing flesh roasted to near melting the word “rich” does not even begin to capture the robust sapor in each bite, the rustic accoutrements including fresh Vegetables and Fontina Cheese plus creamy Polenta all equally deserving of attention.

Lobster in Sake Butter Sauce at FU Asian Kitchen


Toqued by Chef Ming See Woo, a thirty-plus year veteran of Sin City’s dining scene, FU Asian Kitchen at The Hardrock Hotel & Casino sees the skilled Chef working just as hard as ever to produce a beautiful dining experience as true classics are offered alongside modern tapas meant to please every palate. No doubt a place great for fried rice, noodles or even XO Shrimp, those seeking something truly memorable are well advised to inquire about Woo’s “Special” Lobster, a “piece de resistance” if there ever was one with $125 netting nearly 2.5lbs.of crustacean gently poached in butter with tender seasonal vegetables rendered equally vibrant through the combination of sake and bold spices.

Chateaubriand on the Bone at Jean Georges


Not always featured on the menu, but often a daily special or available with advanced notice, fans of Social Media may recall a video of Sean Griffin repeatedly basting beef in slow motion, but to taste the Chef’s Chateaubriand is a whole different experience compared to the one based on gawking, the thick tenderloin served medium-rare on the bone a study in how technique can yield greatness in the setting of a world class talent using top-quality ingredients.

Whole Roasted Foie Gras at Michael Mina


Perhaps the most “show-stopping” plate in town, the AQ cost usually topping $200.00, Michael Mina at the Bellagio serves nearly twenty ounces of Duck Liver by way of tableside cart from Chef Ben Jenkins, his staff arranging the table with French Toast, Fruit and Dram Drizzle to further enliven each supple slice as it melts like butter on the palate with unsurpassed decadence.