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Ubuntu Online Casinos & GamblingUbuntu is a South African word that means humanity towards others, and while that’s a pretty lofty name for computer software, this open source Linux based operating system certainly comes a lot closer to this than commercially sourced operating systems do.

Open source means that the computer code that it is written with is open to anyone who wishes to view it or to use it, as opposed to commercial software which is closed, and kept secret for commercial reasons.

Software such as Ubuntu isn’t owned by anyone though, it is owned by the people. It was originally developed by a South African company, and while they do make money off its support, it is merely due to their expertise.

Ubuntu can be altered by anyone and does appeal to a much more sophisticated crowd than operating systems such as Windows and even Apple, who often relish the ability to tweak it to better suit their needs. It also evolves and becomes updated based upon this community involvement, with many programmers contributing to it on an ongoing basis, including some of the brightest computer minds in the world.

Ubuntu is based upon Linux, which has been around since 1991, with the Ubuntu variation first coming on the scene in 2004. So Ubuntu may not be something that your everyday computer user may have even heard of, but it’s a real favorite among open source users and is the most popular open source operating system today.

Some Of The Advantages of Ubuntu

The first thing that appeals to users of Ubuntu is that, since this isn’t really owned by anyone, it can be distributed for free. So there’s no need to purchase licenses for it like you do for Windows for instance, and have to pay even more money when they come out with a new version.

People do buy computers with pre installed commercial operating systems, but if they tend to hang on to their computers for awhile, before too long they no longer have the latest version of it. So now it’s time to pay up for that, but with Linux, you can update the thing for free anytime you wish, as updates and improvements become available.

In spite of the code for this being freely available, Ubuntu is more secure than commercial operating systems, and a big reason is that it is written to be more secure out of the box, instead of relying on an ongoing series of security patches and updates, that Windows in particular is particularly known for.

Another big reason is that Ubuntu is far less under attack than Windows, due to the much lower percentage of users, and with more users comes more opportunity to exploit people. Ubuntu also has several built in features to prevent security compromises, such as a built in firewall and closed ports by default. They simply take security more seriously, as this is written by users, who care more about such things.

It does take more knowledge and skill to install and manage Ubuntu, and users do tend to be more sophisticated than your run of the mill Windows or Apple operating system user, and this is also required, although you do learn as you go along. Those who have programming skills can much better custom tailor the software to their preferences, something not possible with closed source software.

Since Ubuntu is designed and maintained by users, it is set up to be much more user friendly, which is a big reason why so many people run Ubuntu. It is also very hip and modern and plays a significant role in both cloud and mobile computing, and other applications that are not so driven by consumer choice as developer choice, and developers love Ubuntu.

Playing At Online Casinos While Running Ubuntu On Your Desktop

There is a drawback in running an open source operating system, and it’s that due to the small percentage of users, commercial software for it is very limited. Windows users can choose just about everything, more and more programs are being written for Apple operating systems, but there isn’t much at all for Ubuntu users yet.

For instance, there are no online casinos that offer software for open source operating systems, including Ubuntu. A lot of them don’t even offer Apple based software. The good news though is that this really doesn’t matter.

For quite a few years now, some online casinos have offered no download versions, where you just play in your browser. In the past, this option presented users with a lesser quality experience, and often with less game selection as well, but web based technology has improved a lot lately.

Nowadays, there are online casino sites which offer no download play that is every bit as good as the software based play that they offer, and the selection of things you can play in no download format has increased a lot as well, where this is now on par with casino software at some sites.

It doesn’t matter which operating software you run with no download mode by the way, you can run Ubuntu or anything else. This lets Ubuntu users fully enjoy online casinos with no compromises.

Should you wish to use online casino software and you’re running Ubuntu, there is a program called Wine which you can download and this will let you run these Windows based programs or any other Windows based programs you wish.

While there are a lot of instances where you would want or need to run Wine with Ubuntu, there’s really no need to with online casinos, or is there a need to set up a dual boot system with both Ubuntu and Windows, which uses a lot more disk space.

So Ubuntu users can enjoy all the benefits of their favorite operating system and also enjoy all the online casino action they want these days, with ease.

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