How to Read Slots Paytables?

Since slots first became prominent midway through the 20th century, they have always been incredibly easy to understand. As one of the most popular games in every casino, slot games must be easy to understand seeing as so many people play them. Slot games, though they differ slightly, are all based on the same simple concept. Reels equipped with symbols are spun, and if they are stopped in certain sequences, players are paid out based on what symbols are showing, and where.

With the advent of more advanced technology, slot games have changed dramatically and play host to different symbols, bonus games, and many other items. Still, slot paytables have existed through it all and still exist to this day. The key to slot tables is and always has been simplicity. People fear slot paytables because they often look a bit confusing at first, but the fact of the matter is that they are quite easy to understand. There is a fear that, as slot games become increasingly complicated and layered, that paytables will also be difficult to understand, but there is no way this will happen as slots depend on paytables being easy to understand.

Paytables Explained

Now that you know paytables have always existed, you might be wondering a bit more about what exactly they are and how they work. In most cases nowadays, paytables can be accessed towards  the bottom of the gamescreen by simply clicking the icons. The icons and what they mean will be more or less your keys to understanding every aspect of the slot game in front of you.

In so many cases you will find players sitting down at a slot game without knowing anything about the symbols spinning in front of them. This is astounding simply because it is impossible to tell what symbols you should be cheering for if you have no idea what they are going to pay out.

Basically, the paytable will show you what symbols exist and what you win when they show up in certain quantities. The paytable will also elaborate more on wild and scatter symbols and how they work through the course of the game. For all intents and purposes, paytables are your roadmap for understanding how these games work and how you are paid if and when you win.

Understanding the Contents of Paytables

Now that you may understand what the symbols on the paytable mean, you might do well to understand the digits beside them. In most cases, the first page of the paytable will show the winning combinations of a certain symbol as well as the coinage that will be paid out if said combination lands.

The explanation of wild symbols can also be found on the paytables page. On more advanced slots, there may be multiple pages to the paytable. These additional pages are usually utilized to explain bonus games and any other extra functions that the game might feature.

With how advanced slot game are becoming both at online casinos and in brick and mortar establishments, paytables are likely to continue expanding and being elaborated upon. As is the case with anything else in the casino world, it is important that you thoroughly read through every aspect of the paytable as it will give you a better understanding of how the game works, and thus, your level of enjoyment. At the end of the day, you would do best to understand every aspect of every online casino game you play.

Casino Paytables FAQ

Why do paytables matter to me?

This is a question that could not possibly be more difficult to answer. First and foremost, paytables are important because they are your instruction manual for a slot game. They explain to you how you win, how much you win, and how your winnings can be maximized. What’s more, paytables let you know what symbols and combinations you should be rooting for so that you are not aimlessly spinning without any idea of what’s really going on.

Are they always easy to understand, or are they confusing?

Though at first glance it may seem confusing, paytables are often quite easy to read and comprehend. The only reason paytables are confusing at all is because slot symbols are no longer as standard as they once were. With a little effort, no paytable is confusing at all. This is a truth because, if paytables were confusing, slots would not be as popular as they are.

Are slot paytables online similar to slot paytables at brick and mortar casinos?

Yes. Nowadays, sitting in front of the computer and sitting in front of a slot game at a brick and mortar casino are really not that different. As such, paytables on both are more or less the same and understanding one is no more difficult than understanding another.

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