How Casino Security Works?

Whether you have been to hundreds of casinos or none, you are probably well-aware of the fact that casino security resembles the security you will find at a bank or some other high-profile establishment. There is an absolute boatload of money being exchanged at even an average Las Vegas casino on a daily basis, and for them to not employ security staff would be a major source of problems.

Rest-assured that casino security, in the matter of seconds, is able to pinpoint your exact location and find out exactly what you are doing. Though you may know that casino security exists, you may not know where it is or that you are even interacting with it. In the following few sections we will discuss how casino security works.

Casino Security is Always Watching

Nowadays, casino security exists in such a way that you might not even know it is there. Through hidden cameras, undercover agents, and a plethora of other tricks, they are always doing their best to keep a close watch on the casino floor. Cameras are the main way by which the security staff can hone in on a specific player’s actions. Cameras at casinos are much more advanced than the closed-circuit cameras you will find at your local convenience store.

Casino security cameras are equipped with incredibly high-tech lenses and zooming capabilities such that they can see cards that you are holding in front of your face from hundreds of feet away. Through a series of pinpoint accuracy and zooming, a single security staffer can be fully aware of what is in front of you.

If you are a cheat who is subtly changing and switching out cards, your seemingly subtle actions will be anything but that once you have caught the attention of security

Undercover agents also patrol the casino floor looking for anything out of the ordinary. Keep in mind, it isn’t only cheaters that security is after. People doing and selling drugs are another thing that casino security wants to keep far from their floor. For this reason, undercover agents posing as tourists will roam the floor looking to “buy” drugs off unsuspecting dealers. There are many other purposes casino security serves, but these are two of the biggest.

Security Can Be Helpful Too

Just because casino security works to thwart unscrupulous people at every turn does not mean the people who make up the security staff are bad or mean people. In many cases, casino security can be ultimately helpful to you, especially if you find yourself the victim of a crime.

Let’s say, for example, that a criminal robbed you of your expensive personal belongings and was able to get away. Casino security will be able to step in and help locate that individual who took your belongings. Through the same cameras that were mentioned before, casino security staff can get a clear image of who they should be looking for. Through a combination of cameras and men on the ground, the criminal will surely be caught in no time.

If you are ever in trouble, it is recommended that you make use of casino security because it is there to be utilized. Just like security forces have stopped dozens of cheaters, they can stop just as many wrongdoers who are looking to ruin the good time of law-abiding casino patrons.

All in all, casino security is there whether you like or not and whether you see it or not. Though it may seem like they are a rough and tough group of individuals only looking to find cheaters, they can be of use to you should the occasion ever present itself. Security is different from casino to casino, but no matter where you go its purpose is the same.

Casino Security FAQs

Am I always being watched by security?

Technically there is probably not someone keeping an eye on you the entire time you are in a casino. If you are a normal player looking to enjoy the casino’s amenities, the casino security has no reason to keep tabs on you. If, however, you are suspected of cheating, then it’s a whole, entirely different story.

Does casino security really beat people up like we see in the movies?

This one is difficult to answer. While most people would pray that there is not some group of oversized thugs that will beat you up for winning too much money, I cannot say for certain that they are totally nonexistent.

Have cheaters gotten one over on casino security?

Yes, there are plenty of stories about great casino cheats who have managed to get the best of a casino, and a lot of money too. More often than not, however, cheaters are thwarted before they ever make off with any substantial amount of cash.

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