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Santastic SlotsSantastic is a very festive online slots game that allows players to enjoy the feeling of Christmas all year round. Santastic has a fun, colorful and cartoonish look to it that gives players an enjoyable gaming environment. The game also has an affordable betting range and gives players many chances to enjoy great graphics and fun features.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Santastic online slots game. It will discuss the game’s design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features. By reading this review, players will have a much better idea of what they can expect when they log in to play Santastic.

How to Play the Santastic Slot

The Santastic online slots game has 3 reels and 5 paylines. This number of paylines isn’t overwhelming, but still gives the players more chances to form winning combinations. The paylines are colorfully numbered along both sides of the reels. The background welcomes players to a snowy setting, where fresh snowflakes continuously fall from the sky. The game’s totals are all displayed along the top portion of the screen and the buttons are all offered at the bottom portion. There is an autoplay feature players can choose to use when they don’t feel like pressing the spin button for themselves. There are bonus meters displayed along both sides of the reels, so players can keep track of the bonuses.

The Santastic online slots game is a great choice for players who are looking for an affordable game that’s still capable of producing large wins. The betting range begins at just 0.10 and it goes up to 1.25.

There are no high ranking card symbols in Santastic. Instead, the lowest paying symbols in this game are the Christmas related icons and items. The teddy bear pays out 5 for 3, the candy cane pays out 5, the Bundt cake pays out 7, the stocking pays out 7, the snowman pays out 10, the North Pole sign pays out 20, the elf holding Christmas presents pays out 30, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer pays out 50, Santa pays out 100 and the Jackpot symbol will pay out the jackpot.

Santastic Bonus Features

The double symbol acts as a wild by replacing other symbols on the reels to help create wins. When wins are formed with the use of the double symbol, they will be doubled in size. The triple symbol also acts as a wild symbol by replacing other symbols in order to help the player create winning combinations. The wins that are created with the use of this triple symbol will also be tripled in size. Both of these symbols can really help players to gather larger wins along the way.

The Santastic online slots game also has a jackpot symbol on the reels. Getting one of these jackpot symbols in the middle of the second reel will give the player a jackpot spin in an attempt to gather more jackpot symbols. Getting three of the jackpot symbols on a first spin can automatically win the progressive jackpot.

Any three way win will trigger the festive feast feature where players can enjoy many festivities. On the right and left of the reels, there are bonus meters and they can offer more jackpot spins, give the player a 2,500x boost, give out three free spins, give out 10 free spins and give out 25 free spins.


Christmas themed online slots games tend to be quite popular with players. Not only do they like to play them during the Christmas season, but they also tend to find them to be entertaining during other times of the year as well. For example, what better way to cool down on a hot summer day than to enjoy a refreshingly cool wintery looking slots game? By watching the wintery reels make their way around the screen, the player can take a break from that piercing sun and actually feel cooled off. The Santastic online slots game has a basic design that makes it good for new players, but it also has a lot of special features that makes it just as exciting for experienced players.

I am a huge fan of the Christmas themed slots games for many reasons. Christmas is my favorite holiday, winter is my favorite season, Santa is my favorite character and I love the festive decorations. Christmas themed slots games give me the chance to have fun and win money while I’m enjoying some of my favorite things. This game performed well, was very affordable and proved to make it very easy to trigger its different special features. I had an enjoyable time on it and even logged off with a nice little profit. I would suggest the Santastic online slots game to anyone else who is interested in playing a Christmas themed slots game.