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Pirate Isle
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Pirate Isle SlotsPirate Isle is an RTG powered online slots game with a great theme and many fantastic special features to offer. Pirate themed slots tend to be very popular because players like the exciting storyline they offer. Pirate Isle takes things even further than just offering a great theme by also having many exciting special features and a progressive jackpot.

This article will explain the Pirate Isle slots game to players, so they have a better understanding of what the game is going to offer them. The whole design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features are all explained with a lot of detail.

How to Play the Pirate Isle Slot

The Pirate Isle online slots game is one that has a great look to it. The pirate theme is brought to life by a fantastic background that looks like a pirate ship and symbols that depict entertaining characters. There are also other icons that help strengthen the look of the game, such as monkeys, parrots and more. The totals and the buttons can be found at the bottom of the game. However, the total for the progressive jackpot is at the top of the screen.

The game has 25 paylines that give players a lot of ways to win, as well as an abundance of ways to activate the creative special features. Players can play all 25 of the paylines for just 0.25 and this makes the game affordable for those who are watching their budgets.

There are no high ranking card symbols in the Pirate Isle online slots game. Instead, every one of the symbols has something to do with gold mining in one way or another. The pirate map pays out 125 for 5, the wooden nautical wheel pays out 125, the cannon pays out 250, the anchor pays out 250, the monkey pays out 300, the parrot pays out 300, the skinny man pays out 500, the heavy man pays out 750, the woman pays out 1000, the pirate flag pays out 1000 and the pirate with the eye patch pays out 1000. There are also different colored skeleton key symbols. The yellow one pays out 600 for 5, the green one pays out 700, the blue one pays out 800, the red one pays out 900 and the silver one pays out 1000.

Pirate Isle Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Pirate Isle is the skeleton key and it shows up as a grouped wild on the center reel. When these symbols show up, they can really help the player by creating the winning combinations. There is one symbol that the wild won’t be able to replace and that is the scatter. Also, the wins created with the use of the wild symbol will all be doubled. This can help the game prove to be a very generous one.

The scatter symbols in this online slots game are the Galleon symbols and the treasure chest symbols. These scatters offer the players more ways in which they can win. Getting three of the Galleons will give the player a 3x payout, getting four of them will give the player a 10x payout and getting five of them will give the player a 200x payout. Getting three of the treasure chests can give the player a payout of 2x, getting four of them will give the player a payout worth 8x and getting five of them will give the player a payout of 150x.

The treasure chest can offer the player the chance to enjoy as many as 300 free spins! The feature is triggered by getting at least three of the treasure chest scatter symbols. There are also some fantastic bonus features players can enjoy on this game. In one bonus, the player will get to watch a war going on between two ships. As their side progresses in the battle, the player will earn more prizes.


Private Isle is a very entertaining online slots game players can enjoy a pirate theme on. RTG powers the game and this lets players know that they are going to be able to count on it to perform well and not suffer from glitches. The graphics are great and there are many special features. The Pirate Isle is an affordable game that offers players many chances for large payouts.

I had a very good time playing the Pirate isle slots game. Not only did it have a theme that I could really get into, but it also offered me a lot of chances to earn fantastic special features. I found the game to be very generous with regards to giving me the ability to enjoy free spins. The free spins also seemed to be rather generous. By the time I logged off, I had earned a nice profit for myself, and had a lot of fun playing the game.