Naughty or Nice Spring Break Slots

Naughty or Nice Spring Break SlotsThe Naughty or Nice Spring Break online slots game is an extremely unique and interesting game that has a large number of benefits and features to offer those who decide to play it. There are a lot of entertaining scenes on the reels that help bring the theme together. In Naughty or Nice Spring Break, Santa meets sexy in a way that ties together Christmas and spring break.

This article will serve as a detailed review of the Naughty or Nice Spring Break online slots game. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will be covered at length. Players who read this review will be able to learn everything they need in order to take full advantage of all the game offers.

How to Play the Naughty or Nice Spring Break Slot

The entire design of the Naughty or Nice Spring Break online slots game has been put together in a way that captures the attention of slots players with all interests. The background of the game is designed to look like a beach and this sticks with the spring break portion of the game. There are small touches, such as holly wrapped around the displays and around the numbers of the paylines, which keeps with the Christmas theme. The paylines are brightly numbered on both sides of the reels. The games totals can be found along the top of the screen and the buttons can be found along the bottom. The totals for the minor and major progressive jackpots are also at the top of the screen.

This game gives players many ways to create wins, thanks to the 30 paylines. The smallest amount a player can bet per spin on the Naughty or Nice Spring Break slots game is 0.30 and the maximum bet is 7.50. This flexibility makes the game a good one for players of many budgets.

The game has high ranking card symbols that have been designed into beach balls. They also make up the lower paying symbols in Naughty or Nice Spring Break. The 9s pay out 200 for 5, the 10s pay out 200, the Jacks pay out 200, the Queen pay out 250, the Kings pay out 250 and the Aces pay out 250. The other symbols include a variety of amusing ones that help to add plenty of comedy to the reels. The dolphin with the bikini hanging off its nose will pay out 500 for 5, the colorful and fruity drink pays out 500, the lifeguard holding up mistletoe will pay out 1000, the elderly lady wearing the floating device and waving a rolling pin will pay out 1250 and Santa with the two hotties will pay out 1500.

Naughty or Nice Spring Break Bonus Features

There are two wild symbols in Naughty or Nice Spring Break that show up to help create more wins. The wild symbols are the naughty girl and the nice girl. Both of these symbols will come on the reels to replace the other symbols. There is one symbol they can’t take the place of and that is the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol is the beach umbrella with the game’s name on it. The scatter symbol will give the player more chances for prizes and trigger the free spins feature. Getting four of the scatter symbols will offer a payout of 20x and getting five of them will pay out a prize worth 200x. Getting three or more of the scatters can also trigger the free spins feature. The player can go into either the naughty feature or the nice feature. Each one comes with its own benefits and offers players many chances to enjoy risk-free wins.

There is also a progressive jackpot in the Naughty or Nice Spring Break online slots game and it is a random one. This means that it can be won after any spin, whether it results in a winning combination or not.


Naughty or Nice Spring Break is a fantastic online slots game for anyone who likes games that offer them the chance to enjoy something different from what they are used to. It runs on RTG software, has a clean design, offers an entertaining theme and is loaded full of special features.

I had a very good time playing this online slots game. It really got my attention with the entertaining design that included fun characters. Plus, the game fit right into my gaming budget and it had the types of special features that I specifically look for in the games I choose to play. Anyone else who is looking for a good online slots game to play should also give this one a try. It may even become one of their favorites that they look forward to returning to often.

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