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Jumping Beans SlotsJumping Beans is a very creative and exciting online slots game that has a lot of amusing touches to it. The game has a jumping bean theme that’s brought to life by many Hispanic accents and symbols. This slots game also has a design that makes it look a bit different than many of the other slots games out there. It has 3 reels and 5 paylines presented in a brilliant fashion. While the 3 reels makes the game a good choice for those who like to play simple slots games, everything else the game has also makes it good for players who like more action.

This article will serve as a fantastic review for those who feel like playing the Jumping Beans online slots game. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be covered.

How to Play the Jumping Beans Slot

The Jumping Beans online slots game is a bright and entertaining one with a lot of great things to offer. This game has three exciting reels decorated with plenty of spicy symbols. There are bonus bean counters on both sides of the reels, as well as 5 paylines that are numbered in bold colors along the right and left sides of the reels. The game’s totals and the progressive jackpot totals are lined up along the top of the screen. The buttons are lined up along the bottom portion of the gaming screen. There is an autoplay feature that players can use to cause the reels to spin on their own for the selected number of spins.

While this game has a more basic design, the 5 paylines does help the players enjoy more chances to win than they would experience in some of the other classic styled slots. The lowest amount a player can bet on Jumping Beans is 0.05 and the highest amount is 1.25. The betting range makes Jumping Beans a good choice for players working with more conservative budgets.

There are no high ranking card symbols in Jumping Beans. Instead, all of the symbols in the game revolve around the jumping beans theme and the Hispanic stylings it offers. The cactus in the sombrero pays out 3 for 3, the rose pays out 3, the guitar pays out 5, the maracas pay out 5, the single taco pays out 7, the two tacos pay out 10, the three tacos pay out 15, the sun pays out 30, the green and red taco stand pays out 50 and Mr. Bean pays out 100.

Jumping Beans Bonus Features

Mr. Bean is the wild symbol in Jumping Beans. Mr. Bean will replace all of the other symbols in order to create wins. There is only one symbol that the wild won’t be able to replace and that is the Mrs. Bean scatter symbol. Getting three of the Mr. Bean wild symbols will pay out 1000.

The scatter symbol in Jumping Beans is the Mrs. Bean symbol. Getting three of the scatters will take the player to the free spins feature. There is also an auto budge feature that helps to nudge more Mr. and Mrs. Beans onto the reels.

Jumping Beans also has a bonus beans feature. There is a bonus beans tally that has 6 levels, each with 3 beans. Once a level gets filled, the player will become eligible for the prize that’s offered at that level. Only the highest bonus prize earned will be paid out.

The progressive jackpots are random ones. They can be won at the conclusion of any spin, even if the spin doesn’t result in a winning combination.


The Jumping Beans online slots game is one that has a very entertaining look to it. This game is especially entertaining for one with a classic design. The Jumping Beans slots game is powered by RTG software and this lets the players know that they can expect it to run smoothly and offer them an error free gaming experience. It’s lighthearted and gives players many reasons to smile and laugh when the reels stop with those silly symbols in place.

I usually go online looking for slots games that have 5 reels and many paylines. However, there are also those times when I feel like playing a slots game that’s a little less involved. Jumping Beans proved to be a great game for me to spend time on when I feel like enjoying an easy going game. The special features Jumping Beans have also helped me to win some fantastic prizes along the way. I ended my gaming session with a nice little profit and I was pleased with the entire experience. Anyone else looking for a fun slots game should also be sure to give the Jumping Beans online slots game a try.

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