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Fruit Frenzy SlotsFruit Frenzy is a game that grabs a player’s attention right away with its bright colors and entertaining theme. Every single element in this game is put in place to ensure that players are given the most exciting gaming environment possible. In Fruit Frenzy, different types of fruit are taken and given personality. They are brought to life with smiling faces and bubbly personalities. There are great special features available, as well as a progressive jackpot that can grow to be quite large.

This article will go over all aspects of the Fruit Frenzy online slots game in a way that educates players on what they can expect to see when they play it. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the fantastic special features will all be gone over.

How to Play the Fruit Frenzy Slot

The Fruit Frenzy online slots game has a purple background with pink stars shooting across the screen. The reels are large and this allows for symbols with a lot of detail. The symbols revolve around lively pieces of fruit that perform antics for the player’s amusement. There are 25 paylines and they are all numbered along both sides of the reels. Players can activate the number of paylines they want by clicking on that number. The game’s totals are at the top of the screen and buttons are all lined up along the bottom section. The buttons to adjust the numbers come in the shape of watermelon slices.

The 25 paylines give players many ways to come up with winning combinations. The denominations in Fruit Frenzy go from 0.01 to 5.00 per bet line and this makes the game a great choice for many budgets.

There are no high ranking card symbols in Fruit Frenzy like there are in many other slots games. Instead, each of the symbols have something to do with the fruity theme. The adult admission tickets will pay out 100 for 5, the goggles pay out 100, the balloons pay out 100, the clown car pays out 200, the watermelon cannon pays out 200, the plum pays out 250, the dancing banana pays out 500, the leaping pear pays out 1000, the clown orange pays out 2000 and the daredevil strawberry pays out 5000.

Fruit Frenzy Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Fruit Frenzy is the pineapple with the mustache. This symbol will replace all of the regular ones in the game when it means the creation of a winning combination. Getting 5 of these wilds can also produce a huge payout for the player that is good for 10000.

The colorful and circular Frenzy sign is the scatter symbol in Fruit Frenzy. Getting three of the scatters will pay out 4x, getting four of them will pay out 20x and getting five of them will payout 200x.

Getting 5 of any symbols can trigger the daredevil feature. In this feature there will be three attempts to shoot the daredevil strawberry out of the watermelon cannon. Points and free spins are up for grabs in this feature. The free spins are played at 25 paylines and at the bet of the triggering game. The line prizes will be doubled during the free spins and the scatter wins will be tripled.

The progressive jackpot in Fruit Frenzy is a random one. It can show up at the conclusion of any spin. The progressive jackpot will grow larger as more bets are placed on the game across the network. This jackpot can be hit at the conclusion of any spin, whether it produced a winning combination or not.


The Fruit Frenzy online slots game is one with such a creative look. The different fruit personalities all come together to offer players a game they can really get into. Along with its amusing look, there are also a lot of different special features players will have the chance to enjoy. Not only do these special features add excitement to the game, but they also provide players with more chances to enjoy profitable prizes. Each piece of fruit has their own personality and different expressions on their faces. Players will enjoy seeing the fruit appear on the screen.

I like slots games that have a lot of entertaining features, as well as many chances to enjoy different bonuses. For these reasons, I knew that Fruit Frenzy was one I would have a lot of fun with and I was right. I started triggering those special features right away and they continued to show up often. Not only did I find myself having a fantastic time, but I also ended my gaming session with a nice-sized profit. I would suggest the Fruit Frenzy online slots game to anyone else who is looking for a high-quality game that has a lot of excellent features and benefits to offer. Players may find that it will quickly become one of their favorites to play.

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