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Aladdin’s Wishes SlotsAladdin’s Wishes is a fun and exciting slots game run on trustworthy RTG software. RTG is known in the online casino gaming industry for its ability to offer secure high quality games with all the features players tend to look for. In Aladdin’s Wishes, players will get to enjoy seeing brilliant, cartoonish symbols that fit right in the storyline, which is based around Aladdin and his loyal genie. This slots game has a progressive jackpot up for grabs that has the potential to pay out some extremely large wins.

By reading this article, players can learn all they need to know about the Aladdin’s Wishes online slots game. They will be educated on its design, the denominations, the layout, the bonus features, the progressive jackpot and anything else player’s should know to get the most out of the game.

How to Play the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot

In back of the reels, players can enjoy the beautiful desert view and a gorgeous, colorful sky that serves as the backdrop for the game. The reels are surrounded by small, different colored rectangles on the left and right sides that act as the markers for the paylines. When each payline is activated, the colors in these rectangles get brighter to indicate they are in use. The balance, bet, win and progressive jackpot stats are on the upper portion of the game. The bet, autoplay, lines and spin options are located along the bottom portion of the screen.  The cashier, menu and help icons can be found beneath these options, in very small print.

The betting range on Aladdin’s Wishes makes it an accommodating slots game for players working with small to mid-sized budgets. It can be played for as little as $0.01 and for as much as $0.25 per payline. This means a player can place a max bet for just $5.00 per spin.

The bowl of fruit symbol will pay out 100 for 5, the vase will pay out 100, the crown will pay out 200, the bags of coins pay out 200, the sword will pay out 250, the magic carpet pays out 250, the monkey pays out 500, the palace pays out 500, the genie pays out 1000 and the princess pays out 5000.

The progressive jackpot on Aladdin’s Wishes is a random one. This means there is no winning combination needed in order for a player to win it. The progressive jackpot grows with the bets placed on the game over the network. For this reason, it can become extremely large, offering an enormous payout to the player.

Aladdin’s Wishes Bonus Features

The Aladdin symbol is the wild symbol and it can show up on the second through the fourth reels. When it does, it will replace the other regular symbols in the game to create more wins for the players. The one symbol it can’t replace is the magic lamp scatter symbol. When the Aladdin wild is used to help create a win, that win will be doubled.

Getting three or more of the magic lamp scatter symbols on the reels will trigger the game’s bonus feature. In this feature, the players will choose from 5 lamps. They can choose one lamp for each scatter used to trigger the feature. If they select the magic lamp, then they will activate the free spins feature where they get to enjoy 25 free spins. Wins will be doubled during the free spins round. The other lamps will give them a cash award that can be as large as 100x the amount of the triggered bet. These features can also be re-triggered.


Aladdin’s Wishes is a great online slots game for players to try for many reasons. Not only is it powered by RTG software, but it also has a fun theme that’s portrayed in an awesome manner. The game is welcoming and there has been a lot of effort put into creating an enjoyable game that’s also capable of producing great wins. There is a random progressive jackpot available and it can be hit at any time during the end of a spin. There’s also a bonus feature that leads to the activation of other features and opportunities, such as instant wins and free spins.

Aladdin’s Wishes is a slots game that’s right up my alley. The game immediately captured my full interest by giving me an entertaining gaming environment. Once I began playing it, the special features kept me interested. In my experience, they were quite easy to trigger and I was able to do so often. Even though my computer can sometimes be a bit finicky, I had absolutely no problem while playing Aladdin’s Wishes. It fit easily into my budget and helped add to my bankroll, thanks to how often it offered me those generous free spins. Anyone thinking about giving the game a try should definitely follow through, it’s a lot of fun.