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Thunderbird SlotsThe Thunderbird online slots game is a Rival Gaming powered one with an interesting and exciting design. The game takes players into the American wilderness where they can enjoy mystical and dynamic symbols and elements. The game is a 5 reel video slot that has an impressive number of paylines; 50 of them in total. This means each spin offers players a lot of chances to win. The colors, symbols, background and special features in this game all come together to offer those who play it something unique and extremely entertaining.

This article will act as a helpful review of the Thunderbird online slots game so those thinking about playing it will know what it’s about. The design, the denominations, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the special features will all be described in a way that provides interested parties with a complete view of what it will be like to play it.

How to Play the Thunderbird Slot

The Thunderbird slots game has such a brilliant look to it. There is a background to the game that’s made up of blues, purples and a variety of swirling elements that all blend together in a way that looks amazing. The game has 5 reels, 50 paylines and exciting special features that add to it in a way that makes it fun and bold. There are totem poles on both sides of the screen that look strong and threatening in a protective manner. The totals and buttons are all available at the bottom of the screen. The game has an autoplay option players can set to make the reels spin on their own so the player’s hands remain free throughout the game. The symbols seem to float on the gaming screen with no reel borders holding them in place and this gives the game another great looking feature.

The Thunderbird slots game is a financially flexible one that should meet the bankroll needs of most online slots players. The Thunderbird game allows players to activate the number of paylines they want and with 50 of them to choose from, there’s plenty of room for flexibility here. The coin values begin at 0.01 and they go up to 0.25. Players can also bet anywhere from one to ten coins.

There are high ranking card symbols in the Thunderbird slots game and they are presented in a spectacular manner that turns them into exciting ones, unlike the high ranking card symbols in most of the other slots. They are designed with a variety of reds, blues and a couple other colors and they have interesting shapes added inside of them. The 10s will pay out 60 for 5, the Jacks will pay out 60, the Queens will pay out 80, the Kings will pay out 100 and the Aces will pay out 150. The other symbols are equally as fantastic and each one adds its own piece of flair to the game. The bear mask will pay out 200 for 5, the hat will pay out 400, the drum will pay out 500, the pine cones will pay out 600, the feathers will pay out 1000, the round tribal symbol pays out 1500 and the snake will pay out 2000.

Thunderbird Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol that comes on the reels to replace all of the other regular symbols in the game when doing so results in the creation of a winning combination. The wins that are created with the use of the wild symbol will be doubled. These wild symbols become expanding wilds during the free spins round and they come on the first through the fourth reels.

Getting three or more of the free spins symbols will take the player into the free spins feature where they can enjoy having many chances to win without risking their own credits. Triggering the free spins feature with three symbols will give the player 10 free spins, triggering the feature with four symbols will give them 20 free spins and triggering the feature with five symbols will give the player 50 free spins. Getting three or more of the super round symbols during the free spins feature will give the player 5 super spirit round spins.


The Thunderbird online slots game makes great use of vibrant colors and there are many elements that come together to create a fantastic display. Rival Gaming software ensures a great gaming environment. Having the ability to earn 50 free spins opens the door up for many chances for great wins.

I had such a good time playing this game. From the moment I started playing I saw that it was going to be one I can see myself playing a lot more of in the future. I liked the look, the theme, the special features, the flexibility and the potential that it gave me the chance to enjoy with each spin.