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Gushers Gold SlotsGushers Gold is an entertaining and extremely fun online slots game. Players will find many aspects of this slot to bring a smile to their face. The first amusing anecdote they will get to enjoy is watching the funny intro. Here, they will get to see what happens when an older man strikes it rich on oil and gathers the attention of young, beautiful women who would love to get a part of all that money. If players don’t want to take the time to watch this little intro, they can easily click the skip button and they will be taken right to the game. This game is run on Rival Gaming software, so players can count on it to perform well for them.

This article will educate anyone interested in playing the Gushers Gold slots game on the various benefits and features it has to offer them. The entire design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be discussed at length.

How to Play the Gushers Gold Slot

The Gushers Gold online slots game is full of adventure and fun. However, the way in which it is designed also makes it a player friendly game. The background of this fun online slots game has a beautiful yellow, orange and red coloring to it. The game’s name is located at the top of the screen and it is presented in a fantastic manner with the best font and in colors that pull the whole look of the game together. The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines, with the paylines numbered along both sides of the reels. There is an autoplay feature in the game that players can choose, so the reels will continue to spin on their own without the player needing to click the spin button at the conclusion of every play. The totals and buttons are lined up along the lower part of the game with the spin button in the lower right corner.

The Gushers Gold slots game will meet the financial interests of just about all online slots players. This is due to its ability to be enjoyed for a small amount or very large amounts. The coin values start out at 0.01 and go up to 0.25. The player can also bet anywhere from 1 to 10 coins and they can activate the number of paylines they choose, starting at a single one and going all the way up to all 20 of them.

All of the symbols in this game are ones that help to tell the story well and add more enjoyment to each spin. The written contract will pay out 40 for 5, the flask will pay out 60, the hard hat will pay out 80, the stack of cash will pay out 100, the Texas symbol will pay out 175, the box of cigars will pay out 250, the oil rig will pay out 300 and the Cadillac with horns on the front of it will pay out 500.

Gushers Gold Bonus Features

The game has expanding wild symbols that come on the reels to replace the other regular symbols when doing so means the creation of winning combinations. These symbols can only come on the first, third and fifth reels.

The symbol of the old oil tycoon is the jackpot symbol. Getting five of these jackpot symbols can give the player a win that is good for 1000.

The symbol that can take the player to the free spins feature is the blonde lady. Players will need to get three or more of her in order to trigger the free spins. Triggering the free spins with three symbols will give the player 5 free spins, Four symbols will give them 10 free spins and five of them will give the player 20 free spins.


Anyone who wants to go online and play a slots game with a strong story and many paylines should think about playing this one. Not only does it have a fun theme, but it also offers plenty of chances to win. The flexible betting range, number of paylines and fantastic bonus opportunities all come together to create many winning chances.

I had so much fun playing the Gushers Gold online slots game. From the first spin I took on this game until I decided to log off, I enjoyed myself and managed to gather many nice wins. The fun graphics grabbed my attention and the funny story helped to keep me entertained and smiling. Not only do I see myself playing a lot more of this game in the future, but I also hope other players decide to spend time on it as well. They may find they now have a new favorite slots game to play.