Diamond Dazzle Slots

Diamond Dazzle SlotsThe Diamond Dazzle online slots game is a Rival Gaming powered one that has an impressive design to it. This game is a classic slots game which means it has 3 reels and just a single payline. When some players think of classic slots games they tend to think of a game that doesn’t have as much to offer as the more complex games. However, when a classic slots game is put together in an impressive manner like the Diamond Dazzle game is, it too can offer online slots players a gaming atmosphere they can get excited about. This game has a very creative look to it and uses fantastic colors to pull everything together well.

This article will go over the Diamond Dazzle online slots game in a way that fully introduces it to anyone thinking about playing it. The layout, the denominations, the payouts and the special features will all be discussed completely. If anyone is considering giving the game a try for the first time, they’ll want to take advantage of the assistance this review can provide them with.

How to Play the Diamond Dazzle Slot

The Diamond Dazzle slots game welcomes players with a really unique look. The game uses neon colors and metal looking embellishments to provide players with a game that does a good job of visually standing out from the others. The game’s name is displayed at the top of the screen in a bold and vibrant font that works out well for the slots game. The reels are extremely large in Diamond Dazzle since the paytable is located on another screen instead of sharing the base gaming screen. The paytable can be viewed by clicking on either one of the paytable buttons located in the top corners of the screen. The other gaming buttons and the totals are all displayed along the bottom of the screen.

Even though this game only has 3 reels and just a single payline, it is still one that offers players a great deal of financial flexibility. This is due to the coin values including 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 and 10.00. Players can also bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin.

The symbols on the Diamond Dazzle online slots game are made up of spectacular looking gems that bring a lot of sparkle to the screen.  The fact that the game doesn’t have the symbols normally seen in the classic slots games makes it even more exciting. The different shaped diamonds can give players payouts that range from 9 to 90 depending on the order in which they show up on the screen in. Then, getting three of the smaller diamonds will pay out 30 for 5, three of the medium diamonds pays out 60, three of the large diamonds will pay out 600, three of the purple gems will pay out 120, three of the aqua gems will pay out 180, three of the green gems will pay out 240, three of the yellow gems will pay out 300 and three of the red gems will pay out 450.

Diamond Dazzle Bonus Features

The Diamond Dazzle online slots game does have that classic design to it that provides players with a more basic gaming environment, but it does have a fantastic and helpful scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in the Diamond Dazzle online slots game is the black diamond. Getting three of these symbols can give the player a payout that is good for as much as 1,500 coins.


The 5 reel video slots with multiple paylines tend to be the ones players think of when they imagine a game with a lot to offer. However, players shouldn’t always take the classic slots games for granted. Many times, these classic games can surprise players by grabbing their attention and throwing many fantastic things at them. The Diamond Dazzle online slots game is one such classic slot. Its bright neon lighting and shiny metal looking embellishments make it a captivating game to play. Plus, it is flexible and offers large payout potential.

The Diamond Dazzle online slots game really surprised me. It’s not often that I run into a classic game that grabs my interest so strongly. It was the initial look of the game that first got me. However, once I started playing it I was impressed by its other attributes. The reels spun fast and came to a stop in an instant. The betting range was impressive and it allowed me to change things up how I wanted. It’s also what makes this game a good one for many players. The size of the wins were also impressive and it has a special symbol that tends to make its way onto the reels quite often. Anyone else looking for a great classic slots game should try it as well.

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