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Diamond Cherries
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Diamond Cherries SlotsRival Gaming is known for providing the online casino gaming industry with fantastic slots games that have exciting looks and features to them. This software provider is great for putting out both great 5 reel and 3 reel slots that are capable of catering to players with many sized budgets. The Diamond Cherries online slots game is a fantastic classic slots game with a look to it that’s captivating and entertaining. It has a very juicy red coloring and gorgeous diamond embellishments.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Diamond Cherries online slots game. Anyone interested in playing it can learn all about what it has to offer by reading this information. The design, the coin values, the payouts and the special features will all be described.

How to Play the Diamond Cherries Slot

The Diamond Cherries online slots game is a gorgeous looking classic slot. The name of the game is displayed at the top in impressive looking font that really adds to the game’s entire appearance. The reels are large in size and this gives players the chance to enjoy detailed great looking symbols. The paytable is located on the right side of the screen and the games totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the screen. There is an autoplay feature players can access by clicking the “auto” button that’s directly to the left of the spin button. They can set the number of autospins to the amount they want and the reels will spin on their own each time until they time out. When the player clicks on the button to change the coin values the icon depicting the current value will spin and change to the new one.

This game has 3 reels and a single payline. However, it still manages to be a good one for many sized gaming budgets. The coin values include 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 and 10.00. Players can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin.

Each of the symbols in this game add to its looks in a positive manner. Getting three diamonds will pay 300 when the player has bet 3 coins, getting three of the single bar symbols will pay out 45, getting three of the double bar symbols will pay out 90, getting three of the triple bars will pay out 120, getting three of the 7s will pay out 150 and getting three of the Diamond Cherries logo symbols will pay out 2500.

Diamond Cherries Bonus Features

Players who are looking for online slots games with an abundance of special features and bonus rounds should consider playing the 5 reel video slots. The classic slots games are better for players who want to focus on less but still have a good time and the chance to win. Although the Diamond Cherries online slots game is a simple classic slots game, it does still offer those who play it the benefit of a scatter symbol and a wild symbol. These symbols do add that extra element to the reels and give the players more ways to collect prizes each time they spin.

The diamond cherries come with a 2x multiplier for one of them and a 4x multiplier for two of them. The wild symbols will make their way onto the reels in order to take the place of all of the other symbols when doing so means the creation of a winning combination. Although this game is a single payline one, the wild symbol is still known for showing up at a fairly frequent rate and this makes it an even more generous one for players to spend their time on.


Anyone looking for a classic slots game to go online and play that promises a great time will want to be sure to give the Diamond Cherries game a try. The first thing they will notice is Rival Gaming has put a lot into offering them a stunning game with superb coloring and unique symbols. Good looks isn’t all the game offers though. It also performs well, will meet the needs of many and can give players some fantastic prizes.

I’m generally a player who goes online searching for those complex video slots. I like to have a lot going on when I spin the reels. However, once in a while a classic slots game will capture my attention for one reason or another. This was the case with the Diamond Cherries game. It has a look that amazed me and I liked the betting options and potential for large payouts. I do plan on playing the Diamond Cherries game more in the future. Anyone else online looking for another game to add to their gaming list should also give it a try. They may find themselves extremely surprised by just how many great things this little game is packed full of.