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Bust a Vault SlotsThe Bust a Vault online slots game is a very unique looking game that should appeal to many players looking for a simple game that’s still plenty of fun. Players will be given a lot of chances to win prizes for finding those great fruit symbols like the cherries, lemons and oranges. Plus, they will also get to enjoy going after the other popular symbols including the various bars. There are a lot of elements to this game that come together to make playing it a true pleasure, but it still maintains a simple and player friendly environment.

This article will go over all aspects of the Bust a Vault slots game in a way that educates anyone interested in playing it on all that it offers. The design, the denominations, the payouts and the special features will all be gone over.

How to Play the Bust a Vault Slot

The Bust a Vault online slots game is a great looking game. On the entire left side of the screen, the players will see the paytable. This makes it extremely easy for them to keep an eye on the symbols that they want to see more of. The reels are large in size and centered more on the right center part of the gaming screen. The games totals and buttons are all lined up along the bottom part of the screen.

Bust a Vault is a game that players will be able to enjoy when they have different sized gaming budgets. The coin values in this game begin at 0.01 and they go all the way up to 10.00. This is how the game manages to be such a good fit for those on a tight budget and for those who are working with larger budgets. Players can also wager as many as 30 coins per spin in Bust a Vault.

A lot of the symbols in this slots game are the ones commonly seen in the classic slots. One of the cherries can pay out 3, two of the cherries can pay out 6, any combination of the cherries, lemons and oranges can pay out 9, any combination of the different colored bars can pay out 15, three of the single bars can pay out 30, three of the double bars can pay out 45, three of the triple bars can pay out 75, three of the lemons can pay out 90, three of the oranges can pay out 225, three of the cherries can pay out 300 and three of the vaults can pay out 2000.

Bust a Vault Bonus Features

While the Bust a Vault online slots game may not have a lot of special features to it, the game still has a lot of elements for players to enjoy. It offers them a player friendly design and symbols that are fun to look at. The fact that it runs off Rival Gaming means fast moving reels and a game that’s free of problems. One feature this slots game does have for players to enjoy is a wild symbol. The wild can be a very big help with regards to creating more wins along the way.

The wild symbol in the Bust a Vault online slots game is the vault. When the vault wild shows up on the reels it will replace all of the other symbols when doing so means the creation of more wins. Another way the wild symbol goes about helping players out is it will double the amount of the payout for any of the wins it has helped to create.


Bust a Vault is one of Rival Gaming’s great classic styled online slots that offers players a more basic game that’s still capable of producing fantastic results. This game does an excellent job of fitting into many sized budgets and it also does a great job of providing players with the chance to win some very large wins. The look of the game makes it entertaining and everything else it offers makes it well worth spending time on.

I’ve always had a very big preference toward the more complex video slots games with 5 reels, multiple paylines and a lot of special features to offer. However, once in a while there will be a classic slots game that captures my attention for one reason or another. The Bust a Vault game is one of them that caught my eye. I decided I’d have to give it a try as soon as I saw it come up on my screen. It just had a nice look to it and I also liked the flexible betting range and the high-payout potential. I’m glad I gave the game a try and I would suggest it to anyone else looking for a break from the more complex slots.