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Atomic Age
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Atomic Age SlotsAtomic Age is an online slots game that gives players the chance to go back in time and play for some great prizes. This game will take them back to the 50s where they can enjoy a lot of the amenities and reminders from this period. The game is full of iconic symbols from this period and some of them include black and white television sets, ice cream sundaes and there’s even UFOs. Atomic Age is also powered by Rival Gaming software, so players already know that they are going to be spending their time on a very high quality game.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Atomic Age slots game that anyone interested in playing it can use to learn more about it. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be gone over at length. Once a player reads the information offered here, they will have a clear understanding of what they can expect from this game.

How to Play the Atomic Age Slots

As soon as the player pulls the Atomic Age slots game up on their screen, they will notice that there are a lot of different things about it. The game has a simple design, but certain shapes are worked into it that help to give it a look that’s straight from this era. Atomic Age is a 5 reel slots game with 15 paylines. The 15 paylines increase the player’s chances of winning with each spin they take. These paylines are all numbered with colored icons along both sides of the reels. All of the gaming buttons are lined up along the bottom of the game and the paytable can be viewed by clicking the paytable button on the top part of the game.

Players with all different sized bankrolls can fit this game into their budget, thanks to its betting options. The denominations range from 0.01 to 1.00 and the players can activate anywhere from 1 to 15 paylines for each spin. The player can also bet as many as 5 coins per payline, per spin.

There are no high ranking card symbols in this game, the way there are on so many others. Instead, each and every one of the symbols in the game go right along with its storyline, adding their own special touch. The Bundt cake will pay out 65 for 5, the ice cream Sunday will pay out 65, the soda pop will pay out 80, the record player will pay out 200, the television set will pay out 200, the satellite will pay out 250, rocket ship will pay out 500 and the atom will pay out 500.

Atomic Age Bonus Features

The wild symbol in Atomic Age is the UFO and it will show up and take the place of other symbols when doing so means more wins for the player. The wilds can also give the player a payout of up to 7,500 coins when multiple ones appear on a payline.

There is a cash register scatter symbol and getting at least three of them will take the player to the cash register bonus round. There is another scatter symbol and it is the pink Cadillac. Getting three or more of the pink Cadillacs will take the player to the drive in bonus round. Going into either one of these bonus rounds will give the player the chance to win 50x the amount of their bet.


The Atomic Age is a very player friendly online slots game that has a captivating look to it. However, players who have no appreciation for this period in the past will likely find they tire of the game quickly. Anyone who has an appreciation for history, the time period in which they grew up if that happens to be the 50s, a simpler time or just likes the 50s in general will have an extreme fascination for this game. Rival Gaming has done such a nice job presenting the era in a way that really does represent it in a realistic manner.

Although the 50s was a bit before my time, I have always been fascinated by the time period. There is a family restaurant in my neighborhood with a 50s theme and it has always been one of my favorite places to go. I knew I had to try the Atomic Age slots game the very second I saw it pull up on my screen and I’m so glad I did. This game proved to be a blast for me to play and I also saw some nice sized wins along the way. This is definitely a game I plan on playing more of from now on and I’ll probably play it pretty often.