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Astral Luck SlotsAstral Luck is a fun online slots game powered by reliable and popular Rival software. One of the very first things most players are taken by with this game is its fantastic presentation of colors and its very creative theme. This is definitely the right slots game for anyone who is looking for something a bit different to enjoy. The game has a very exciting look to it and it also brings things to another level by offering excellent special features.

This article will go over the Astral Luck online slots game in a way that lets the players know everything that it has to offer them. The entire design, layout, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and special features will be covered.

How to Play the Astral Luck Slot

The Astral Luck slots game has a fantastic look to it. The background looks like a scene from outer space with dark blue surrounding the twinkling stars. Also in the background, there is an astrological chart that spins and has a translucent design to it, so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the design. When players first pull up the game, they will get to see an introduction where planets are moving around the solar system. While there are many things about this game that stand out, the fact that it has 50 paylines is definitely one of them. The paytable can be viewed by clicking one of the paytable buttons located on the top portion of the screen. The totals and buttons for the game are all lined up along the bottom section.

Astral Luck is a game that’s going to be easy for players with many different budgets to enjoy. The denominations range from 0.01 up to 0.25. Players can activate the number of paylines they want for each spin and they can bet anywhere from 1 to 10 coins per payline.

Each of the fantastic looking symbols in Astral Luck add to the astrological theme in a special way. The Aries symbol will pay out 50 for 5, the Taurus symbol will pay out 75, the Gemini symbol will pay out 100, the Cancer symbol will pay out 150, the Leo symbol will pay out 200, the Virgo symbol will pay out 300, the Libra symbol pays out 750 and the Scorpio symbol will pay out 1000.

Astral Luck Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in this game that can show up on the first, third and fifth reels. It is an expanding wild and this means it will expand to cover the entire reel when this is possible. Expanding wilds offer the players a lot more chances to form winning combinations when they show up. The wild symbol in this game is known for showing up fairly often.

There is a free spins symbol that comes on the reels to trigger the free spins round. Getting three of the free spins symbols will offer the player 5 free spins, getting four of the free spins symbols will give the player 10 free spins and getting five of the free spins symbols will give the player 20 free spins. Another fantastic thig about this feature is the free spins come with tripled wins and this means this feature can be quite profitable.

There is a bonus symbol in the game and getting at least three of them will trigger the bonus round for the players. In the bonus round, the players will spin the astral rings in order to see what prize they have won.

There is also a jackpot symbol in the Astral Luck online slots game. Getting five of the jackpot symbols will give the player a very generous payout that’s good for 7500.


The Astral Luck online slots game is one that gives players the chance to experience something they may have never experienced before in a slots game. Some of the themes are quite popular and it’s easy to find slots with them, such as animal themes, movie themes, music themes, game show themes, etc. However, astrological themed slots games are a bit more difficult to locate. Especially ones with such a fantastic and well put together design as this one.

I always like to look for online slots with features to offer that aren’t as commonly found. When I first saw the Astral Luck online slots game, I was amazed by its appearance. I like to keep track of my sign, so I was already drawn to the game for that aspect as well. I found the game to be a high quality one and I loved the fact that it had 50 paylines! It also offered me the wild symbol and the free spins features a lot and this helped me to see a good number of extra wins during my gaming session. I plan on playing a lot more of this game in the future.