Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Review

Wynn Las Vegas is a huge resort complex on the Las Vegas strip, consisting of two side by side hotel casino resorts, the Wynn and the Wynn Encore. The property is owned by Wynn Resorts, which also owns three resorts in Macau, the Wynn, The Wynn Encore, and the Wynn Palace.

Billionaire owner Steve Wynn is a legend in the casino business, having built and operated several major casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, including the Golden Nugget, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City, the Mirage, Treasure Island, and the Bellagio. Wynn has played an instrumental role in the development of the Las Vegas strip as we know it today.

Wynn ended up selling his company, Mirage Resorts, to MGM, but Wynn didn’t exactly take the money and retire from the casino business, he instead started up another casino company, and has built some very impressive properties since, including the Wynn Las Vegas complex.

The Wynn and the Wynn Encore are huge, they are not only both in the top 5 of Las Vegas’ tallest buildings, these aren’t your average 52 and 49 story buildings, they are wide as well, and they are also beautiful structures. Together they boast a total of 4,750 hotel rooms, making them the world’s fifth largest hotel, and their 186,000 square foot gaming space is more than any other casino in Las Vegas.

This is also considered by many to be among the finest hotels in the world, winning five diamonds from AAA, five stars from Forbes, Mobil, and Michelin, and also have a Michelin star restaurant. It holds more five star awards from Forbes than any other hotel in the world, and it also set records for winning 5 stars each for its hotel, restaurants, and spa.

Steve Wynn certainly set his sights high when he set out to build these properties and he has certainly achieved that, as the Wynn Las Vegas has been a tremendous success.

Like many Vegas hotels, the Wynn was born out of a demolition of an older casino, in this case the Desert Inn. The Desert Inn also had the only golf course on the strip, which came with the package, which was renamed the Wynn Golf Club.

The Wynn was completed in 2005 at a cost of $2.7 billion, with the $2.3 billion Wynn Encore opening up three years later. At the time it was the most expensive casino to build in the world. The money was well spent as well.

Wynn Las Vegas Features

The beauty and elegance of the Wynn Las Vegas really stands out, both on the outside and on the inside. The rooms here are all luxuriously appointed, even their most standard rooms, although there’s nothing standard at all about their luxury deluxe, with leather furnishings, marble bathroom, floor to ceiling windows, and touch screen controls for lighting and blinds.

These are not inexpensive rooms though, they don’t have any of that here, and you’re looking at rates in the $300’s and up here generally, but it does provide guests with the sort of accommodations normally only reserved for the wealthy at prices accessible to those of much more modest means.

The suites here are even more impressive, although the biggest difference is that they are larger, twice as large or more, and while guests usually enjoy a much greater degree of luxury with rooms costing a whole lot more, there really isn’t that much difference, that’s how good the standard rooms are here. The goal is to provide accommodations to everyone fit for a king or queen, not just the kings and queens.

Some of the Encore suites do provide even more luxury though, all the way up to their luxury three bedroom duplex, with 5,829 square feet of living space, including your own private elevator to move between your floors. So it’s not that big money doesn’t get you more here, but the fact that modest money gets you so much is what stands out so much here.

Wynn Las Vegas has won more awards for their restaurants than any other resort in North America. There are 9 fine dining options, including several world class ones. They also feature 8 different more casual spots, including a buffet restaurant.

All restaurants offer vegetarian and vegan dining menus and they have even brought in a world class vegan chef to bring this type of dining up to Wynn‘s high standards.

There are also 10 different bars and lounges, from cocktail bars to lounges offering live entertainment to several nightclubs, ensuring that your entertainment needs are well taken care of. The feature nightclub here, XS, is huge, with seating for 3000.

There are 2 large theaters here, the Wynn Theater and the Encore Theater, with both offering shows, and you get to choose, or go to both.

The amenities here include their award winning spa, a fitness club, salons, shops, pools, and the only golf course on the strip. There’s plenty to do here for sure.

The Casinos at Wynn Las Vegas

Each building has its own casino, with the one at the Wynn being a little larger at 110,000 square feet of gaming space, but the casino at the Encore is no slouch, providing an extra 74,000 square feet. Players staying in each hotel tend to stick to the casino in the building but guests are free to check out both while here of course.

These are very elegant casinos, like this whole complex, a lot more luxury than you’d ever expect at a casino. This property is so impressive that there are articles and reviews that don’t even mention the casinos at all, but their casinos are no less appealing, and that’s the main reason a lot of people come here of course, to play.

Even so, guests are often taken in so much by Wynn’s Las Vegas that they may even forget why they came here in the first place, to gamble.

Even slot players are treated on a different level, and the attention to detail at the Wynn is extraordinary, right down to the décor matching luxury padded seats that slot players are treated to.

Whatever type of casino game you enjoy, whether it be slots, video poker, popular casino table games, head to head poker, or betting on sports, Wynn Las Vegas has it all for you, in abundance. They even have an app that is connected to their large race and sports book where you can place bets on sporting events from anywhere on the property and even anywhere in the state.

Wynn Las Vegas may very well be the best casino resort in the world, and if you have the pleasure of spending some time here, you may not ever want to go anywhere else.

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