The Venetian & The Palazzo Review

The Venetian and The Palazzo, together with the Sands Expo Convention Center, comprise a huge hotel casino complex on the Las Vegas strip that is the centerpiece for Las Vegas Sands, the world’s largest gaming company with revenues exceeding $14 billion a year.

The complex is owned by prominent casino owner Sheldon Adelson, the leading opponent of online gambling in the United States. While it might seem ironic that someone who has made over $25 billion in gambling would be opposed to it, it’s pretty clear that he is looking to protect his interests, regardless of whether online gambling would really threaten them or not.

In reality, land based gambling is a completely different form of entertainment, and venues like the Venetian and The Pallazo in particular surely offer experiences that cannot possibly be replicated online.

The Venetian and The Pallazo is quite a property, and for a number of years was the world’s largest hotel, with 7111 rooms, only recently being eclipsed by The First World Hotel in Malaysia after it became expanded further in 2015.

Las Vegas Sands gets its name from the iconic Sands Hotel and Casino, which operated on the strip from 1952 to 1996. It has a very colorful history, being originally built by a Texas oilman, and then selling stakes to Mafia bosses Frank Costello and Meyer Lansky,  who brought in Frank Sinatra who also got a piece of the property, and was the headquarters for the Rat Pack for a number of years.

Howard Hughes ended up buying the property in the mid 60’s, and it was later bought by Adelson, but after many years of decline, losing ground to the newer and more flashy casinos on the strip, it got leveled to make way for a new resort casino, the Venetian.

Adelson wasn’t just looking to match the competition though and he set out to build the largest resort on the strip. In 1999, the Venetian finally opened, to much fanfare, at a cost of $1.5 billion.

The Venetian took on the theme of the Italian city of Venice, famous for its waterways, and the Venetian does look to replicate that to some degree, with its old style gondola rides being a prominent feature.

In 2007, the Pallazo was added, and this building is indeed impressive as well, being the largest building by square footage in the United States, taking the title away from the Pentagon. It is also the tallest completed building in Nevada.

Adelson’s goal was to build the largest and most impressive hotel resort complex in Las Vegas and he certainly achieved that. While the Venetian and the Palazzo are separate buildings, they are side by side and are operated as a single hotel. This isn’t just the largest hotel in town, but each of the buildings has its own large casino, with a total of 225,000 square feet of gaming space, a huge amount indeed.

What the Venetian and the Palazzo Have To Offer

What’s really impressive about this complex is that it doesn’t just offer over 7000 rooms, it offers over 7000 suites, and all the rooms here at both the Venetian and the Palazzo are suites.

The standard rooms here are a 650 square foot luxury suite at the Venetian, or a 720 square foot luxury suite at the Palazzo. Rates start out pretty reasonably for a suite, from $169, all the way to $10,000 a night for the top suites. They are all luxuriously appointed and all include Italian marble bathrooms.

The décor here has an old world feel but a very luxurious and fairly modern one. This is a very high quality hotel and used to win AAA’s five diamond awards regularly until they chose to not have their property rated anymore, perhaps feeling that other hotels which were five diamond were felt by some to be comparable.

Those who like food will find themselves immersed in a massive selection here, with 38 different restaurants, offering a wide variety of cuisine. There are 14 celebrity chef restaurants here, the most in Las Vegas. Whatever you want, you can get it here, and the food is very high quality as well.

Las Vegas is also famous for its shows, and like everything else at the Venetian and The Palazzo, they have it in great abundance. There are numerous events here and pride themselves in offering the best shows in Las Vegas.

A stay at the Venetian and The Palazzo wouldn’t be complete without taking a gondola ride on the Venetian‘s Grand Canal, and this is as close as you’ll get to the Venice experience on this side of the ocean. They also have a Madame Tussaud’s here where you can experience lifelike wax creations of over 100 celebrities.

They also have a very vibrant and varied nightlife scene here, with 10 different bars, lounges, and nightclubs to choose from. There’s also a number of shops on site that you can check out.

The Casinos at the Venetian and The Palazzo

There are two casino floors that you can play at here, one in each building, and both have over 100,000 square feet of gaming space, so this is like two large casinos in one.

Each have over 1000 different slot machines, and this is certainly the place to be as far as getting access to the latest and hottest slot machines around. They have a separate high limit slot room where high rollers can play for up to a massive $5000 a spin. They offer daily slot tournaments and also randomly award luxury merchandise to players on top of the payouts on their machines.

They have 139 gaming tables here, with 20 different table games offered, and it would sum things up by just saying that you can play whatever you want here. They offer several table games that you don’t normally see as well, like Buster Blackjack, King’s Bounty Blackjack, and Flushes Gone Wild, as well as new side bets with popular games such as craps and baccarat.

The Venetian Poker Room is the largest poker room in Las Vegas and one that many also feel is the best in the city as well, and features 59 tables in a luxurious setting, with limits starting at $4/$8. If you’re a poker player, the poker room alone is worth the stay here.

The Race and Sports Book here also really stands out and combines both luxury and the very latest technology to provide sports betters with the ultimate experience. This might be the best of its kind in the world.

The Venetian and the Palazzo has it all really, and has a whole lot of it. This very well may be the pinnacle of casino resorts and is certainly up there with the very best the world has to offer.

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