Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino Review

Santa Fe Station is another locals casino operated by Station Casinos, who run several similar properties in Nevada and other states. The Las Vegas gambling scene caters to more than just the many tourists that come here, although they do get over 40 million tourists a year, so this is pretty significant and has helped spawn and grow what is still the world’s largest gaming city.

Las Vegas in itself has become a major city though, and there’s over 2 million people that live in the area now, so that’s a significant market right there. There’s always been smaller casinos that cater mostly to the local population, called locals casinos, and these casinos compete on the basis of the quality of the casino itself, relying on word of mouth mostly rather than the huge promotional budgets of the big casinos.

So these casinos do tend to be more player friendly, and they have to be, as if not no one will go there, because there’s a lot of good casinos in Las Vegas, quite a few great ones as well, and they have to be better, and the word needs to get out that they are better.

Santa Fe Station is one of these casinos, and was voted best locals casinos a few years ago, although this title tends to be fought over by several Station Casinos properties. It does cater mostly to the neighborhood of Northwest Las Vegas and is considered the best casino in that area.

It was built in 1990 by Santa Fe Gaming, with a distinct Santa Fe, New Mexico flavor. Station Casinos bought it in 2000 for $205 million and currently operate it, and they are considered to be the leading locals casinos company in the city, so they definitely brought some real expertise to the table in ensuring that Santa Fe Station remains regarded as one of the better casinos in the entire city.

The Features of Santa Fe Station

Santa Fe Station isn’t just a casino, it also has a number of other features that you find at casinos, starting with a 200 room hotel. They don’t get anywhere near as many guests as the bigger resort casinos, and most of their casino traffic is walk up, but some visitors in the know do come here from out of town and take advantage of their great deals.

It’s not hard to get a great deal on a hotel room in Vegas, but they do have some here for sure. Rooms start at $40 and you can even find specials even lower than that at times. You can bundle this with a package such as a bed and breakfast deal or a family deal and get even more value.

You can get a deluxe king room or one with two queens, and they are a little on the smaller side as far as hotel rooms go in Las Vegas, but are very reasonably priced, comfortable, and well decorated and maintained. Guests can choose smoking or non smoking rooms.

Station Casinos definitely focuses heavily on the food at their casinos, looking to provide both high quality options and great prices, which is a winning combination. Dining options start with the multiple award winning Charcoal Room, considered to be the best restaurant in Northwest Las Vegas and specializing in steak and seafood.

The Grand Café boasts gourmet food at café prices, with 100 different options and open for you around the clock. The Cabo Mexican Restaurant serves up authentic Mexican cuisine with over 130 dishes.

The Feast Buffet has won an award for the best buffet in town, with the prices that Station Casinos are famous for, $6.99 breakfast, $8.99 lunch, and $10.99 dinner, for all you can eat from a huge menu including many international specialties.  Their casino players get an even better deal than this by using their Boarding Pass frequent player card.

If you are looking for a quick bite, Santa Fe Station has 8 different options, including The Sports Grill, Capriotti’s, Fatburger, Panda Express, Villa Pizza, Wingstop, Kegler’s Grill, as well as a Starbucks location.

There’s also a year round pool to take advantage of. The property also offers 14,000 square feet of meeting space. There are a number of bars here, plenty of live entertainment, a state of the art concert hall, a movie theater, and a bowling alley, so there’s plenty to do here for the whole family.

Santa Fe Station’s Casino

Santa Fe Station’s casino is the centerpiece of this property, and while some come to stay a while, and a lot of people come to eat, many more come to gamble, and this casino is among the largest in the entire city at over 156,000 square feet.

The player’s club here, Boarding Pass, has been named Las Vegas’ best players club for the last 13 years straight. There is a reason why so many locals play here, where they could play at any of the numerous casinos in the city, and that’s because the casino action is just superior here.

The casino has also won several awards including having the best blackjack in Las Vegas. Their other casino games are also high quality, the reason why they don’t have a huge hotel is that not a lot of out-of-towners know that much about this place, but the locals sure do, and the word has really gotten around over the years.

There are 2,400 slot and video poker machines here, among the largest selection in the city. New signups for their players club are eligible for up to $500 in free slot play, so they really want your business and work harder for it than typical casinos do, rather than just relying on their image and reputation to bring the people in.

They have all of the latest games here, and offer slot limits up to $25 in their high limit slot area. They also have some of the most exciting progressive slots in town, and feature many promotions to provide even more value to their players, many of whom are regulars.

Station Casinos are also famous for their video poker, boasting the highest payouts around, and this is the case at Santa Fe Station as well, offering the best video poker in Northwest Las Vegas and some of the best in the entire city, and their only real competition here is other Station Casino properties.

While this casino is mostly about slots and video poker, they do have 39 table games for those who enjoy Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, and Pai Gow Poker. The odds at these games also tend to be better than what you usually see, for instance they offer a lot of double deck blackjack, as well as special odds for certain craps bets.

The race and sports book here is also considered to be among the best in town, with state of the art facilities, and offering bets on all major sporting events, as well as a separate horse racing book, both offering the exceptional customer service that this place is known for.

That’s really what the difference is with a place like Santa Fe Station, they have to work harder to earn your business, and they do.

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