Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Review

Mandalay Bay is another luxury casino resort owned and operated by MGM Resorts International on the Las Vegas strip. Technically, the strip is located a little outside the city’s boundaries, in Paradise, Nevada, but Paradise is certainly a casino lover’s paradise with all of the many huge casinos in the area, still to a large degree the casino capital of the world.

Mandalay Bay is at the southernmost point on the strip on Las Vegas Boulevard, just north of the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign which announces a trail of world class casinos.

The movement lately in Las Vegas has been to move away from the sometimes bombastic themes that the city has been so famous for, and look to cater to a more affluent clientele as well as your everyday common Vegas gambling tourist, and places like Mandalay Bay have found the right mix here to appeal to people of all tastes.

Mandalay Bay gets its name from a major city in Burma, and although Mandalay is a land locked city and doesn’t have a bay, it is at least a tropical city, and the bay theme was one that the casino’s owners were definitely looking to project. Mandalay Bay does have a bay of sorts, an 11 acre pool that does make the property look somewhat like an oceanfront one.

This is not just any pool though, there are three pools, one of which comes replete with 2 foot waves to simulate the ocean, along with a waterfall, and of course a beach. The pool area at Mandalay Bay has won the award for best pool area in Las Vegas for 7 years running.

Casino company Circus Circus bought and demolished the old Hacienda property in 1995, to build this new complex, which due to construction problems wasn’t completed until 1999. The property was expanded in 2003, adding another 1,122 hotel rooms, along with a huge convention center.

Mandalay Bay was bought in 2005 by MGM and is currently in their stable of very impressive casino properties, which offers guests the ability to combine their reward points across all of MGM’s resorts, in Vegas and around the world.

One of the notable features here, aside from their massive signature pool area, is the Shark Reef Aquarium, the third largest tank in North America, with tunnels through it for guests to walk through and explore.

The Accommodations And Amenities At Mandalay Bay

The hotel part of this resort is impressive, with a total of 3,309 rooms. There are three distinct hotels within the complex, the 46 story Mandalay Bay hotel, the 47 story Delano Las Vegas tower, and the upscale Four Seasons Hotel occupying 5 stories in the main tower.

There is a wide selection of rooms and suites here, starting with the 550 square foot basic rooms where guests have a choice between a king bed or two queen beds, right on up to their large suites, including choosing the all suite Delano, which add even more style and luxury into the mix.

The even more exclusive Four Seasons, located on the upper floors, offer even more sophistication and service and some incredible views as well through their floor to ceiling windows.

There are a total of 28 different places you can get food here, from the sophistication of world class restaurants to a snack and coffee at Starbucks. There is so much good food here it’s hard to take all in, and diners of all tastes will simply be delighted at the quality and quantity of the culinary fare offered here.

This is really a big plus of Mandalay Bay, some luxury casinos may have some good options as far as more sophisticated dining choices go, but may fall short as far as more standard fare options go, but this is certainly not the case here. Whether you’re out for Kobe Beef with single malt scotch,  or a burger and fries with a coke, and everything in between, you are well taken care of here.

Mandalay Bay offers more than you normally see at a Las Vegas resort when it comes to nightlife as well. There are 14 different clubs, bars, and lounges on the property, and whether you’re looking to dance the night away, relax in a quiet lounge, or even have a drink by the pool, they have every preference well covered here to ensure you get the most fun you can pack into your stay with them.

Convention goers are going to be particularly pleased here, as this is one of the biggest convention centers in the world, and among their facilities is a 100,000 square foot ballroom, the largest in the United States.

A Vegas stay wouldn’t be complete without taking in some live entertainment. Some resorts have a good sized entertainment center, Mandalay Bay’s Events Center has seating for 12,000 and doesn’t just feature has been acts, this place brings in the biggest names around.

There are also concerts on the beach, and this is a big beach that can really pack them in as well. There’s a regular performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson One, as well as regular acts at the House of Blues Hall.

MGM also owns the T Mobile Arena down the street which seats 20,000 and often has live acts as well.

Aside from their beach club and their aquarium, guests can also visit their spa, visit their park, play some golf, or check out the shops they have on site.

The Casino At Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay’s casino is a very good size, with 135,000 square feet of gaming space. Their 1700 different slot and video poker machines may not be quite as many as the biggest Vegas casinos offer, but that’s still a very good number and more than adequate to keep any casino gambler happy.

Mandalay Bay is particularly known for its diversity of video poker machines, and they feature 300 of them, ranging from 5 cents a play all the way up to $25. Their slots start at one cent and you can go as high as $100 in their exclusive high stakes slot room.

There are also many progressive jackpot slots and some offer jackpots in the millions of dollars.

The main table game selections here are the big four, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Baccarat, although they do also an Asian themed Lotus Room, where both traditional Pai Gow and Pai Gow poker can be played while enjoying their food service and fine selection of teas.

There’s also a decent sized dedicated poker room here where you can pit your skills against other players, with buy ins ranging from $50 to $500, so the stakes are nicely modest here which will appeal to the majority of poker players. There are also daily tournaments that are run with buy ins ranging from $40 to $65, ensuring they are affordable by all.

Mandalay Bay has certainly been designed to really appeal to a wide segment of the gambling resort loving public. There are a lot of impressive casino resorts in Las Vegas of course but count Mandalay Bay among them.

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