Horseshoe Tunica Hotel & Casino Review

Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is home to a great many casinos, due to the state’s liberal laws concerning casino gambling, which are illegal on land but legal if they are conducted on a vessel over water.

So many casinos ended up springing up along the coast in Mississippi, built on barges to get around the state’s gambling laws. The state didn’t mind their using this loophole as it turned out, as this brought a lot of tourism to the state, without the state giving in and liberalizing existing gambling laws and having to deal with the political implications of that.

Among these casino locations is the small town of Robinsonville, Mississippi, in Tunica County, and this area is more commonly referred to as Tunica Resorts, to make the name more memorable for tourists. Robinsonville, or Tunica, was once the third largest gambling town in the United States, behind only Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which is pretty impressive for a town with less than 2000 people.

The town had 11 casinos in it at one time, and due to some of them closing is now down to just 8. The competition for casinos in the U.S. has stiffened, particularly from all of the newer Native American casinos that have emerged lately, but Tunica still remains a major destination for gamblers. No one comes to visit Robinsonville itself of course, but these are resorts, all inclusive destinations, which also offer great places for gambling vacations.

Bringing The Horseshoe Brand To The Gulf Coast

Binion’s Horseshoe has been one of Las Vegas’ most famous casinos, most notably for their creating and running of the World Series of Poker. The casino itself was opened in 1951 by the legendary Benny Binion, with his son Jack taking over later and being instrumental in the development of the WSOP.

Binion’s expanded into Mississippi in 1995 with the building of the Binion’s Horseshoe in Tunica, as part of a 3 side by side casino effort to look to break into this brand new territory which just opened up to casinos that year. So they were in on the ground floor or this gambling revival and the area still plays a significant role in the casino gambling market in the U.S., in spite of all of the new competition that has emerged since.

The Horseshoe Tunica looked to trade off of the famous Horseshoe brand and looked to appeal to more serious casino players who were looking for more player friendly rules and comp policies, and the Horseshoe delivered on this to enough of an extent that this destination is still regarded as more of a players’ casino than most, as is the case with the Horseshoe in Vegas as well.

You don’t see mega casinos in Tunica like some of the largest casinos on Indian land or in Vegas or Atlantic City, these tend to be more modest in size, but still offer a full gambling and resort experience, and this is the case with the Horseshoe Tunica as well.

Visiting The Horseshoe Casino Tunica

As the name suggests, this is a casino first, although they do offer a nice hotel and some other features and amenities as well, and this is a must in this area because it’s necessary for operators to keep guests on the property lest they go and familiarize themselves too much with the competition.

So the first task is of course getting people to stay at your hotel if you want them to gamble at your casino, and the Horseshoe Casino Tunica does have a pretty impressive one, with 500 rooms in total, including 311 suites, housed in a 14 story tower.

This award winning hotel also has some great rates, starting at $55 a night, and up depending on the level of luxury you choose, but all represent great value. The plan here is to make money off of you at the casino and therefore the hotel rates have been made particularly attractive, and the high level of competition that this area has ensures that rooms will be nicely priced overall.

Jack Binion’s Steak House headlines the dining selections here, and this is an upscale restaurant offering some prime steak indeed. The 8 Ounce Burger Bar offers more casual dining, JB’s Café features a full range and is a great spot for breakfast, Noodles Mi specializes in Asian noodle dishes, the Village Square buffet offers gamblers all you can eat, and they also have a Starbucks location for quick snacks.

Their Bluesville nightclub regularly offers top musical and comedy acts to provide a touch of entertainment to your stay with them. There is also a VIP lounge, pool, a bar featuring more live entertainment, and a fitness center to stay in shape at.

The Casino at the Horseshoe Tunica

The Horseshoe Casino Tunica offers over 1,700 video gaming machines, including both slots and video poker, with stakes up to $5 a spin in the regular area, and up to $500 a spin in their exclusive high stakes slot room, which they claim is the most elegant in town.

Jackpot lovers are particularly well taken care of here, as they have over 400 progressive games, with jackpots ranging from $150,000 upwards.

The Horseshoe is particularly proud of its table games, and the Horseshoe name in general is famous for the best odds and the highest limits, since 1951, and this tradition continues at the Horseshoe Tunica. Players can enjoy playing Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Let It Ride, and Three Card Poker.

The Horseshoe is most famous for poker though, and the Horseshoe Casino Tunica does feature a nice poker room to compliment their casino games, with a lot of nice amenities like tableside food service, a self serve Starbucks station, complimentary beverages, electrical and USB outlets at every seat, and even massages right at the table. This is an upscale poker room for sure and offers frequent tournaments as well.

The Horseshoe is owned by Caesar’s Entertainment these days, but they have maintained the Binion’s Horseshoe tradition, and one of the things they have always been known for is their comp and rewards program, which is one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

If you are going to be traveling to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to gamble, the Horseshoe Casino represents a great choice overall.

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