Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Review

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi is home to a large number of casinos, not so much because tourists like coastal areas, but due to the laws of the state as they pertain to gambling. Gambling, other than on dog fights, is illegal in Mississippi, which seems odd for a state that has so many casinos.

However, gambling is only illegal on land, and thanks to the laws still on the books from the old riverboat gambling days, gambling on a vessel is legal, and while the original intention was to allow gambling on actual vessels, casino builders have interpreted this law as meaning anything over water, including floating buildings. So a lot of casinos sprung up along the coast to take advantage of this, with several in Biloxi, including the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Just as the Hard Rock was completed though, and days before the official opening, Hurricane Katrina struck, which was very hard on Biloxi and hit the Hard Rock head on. A lot of the rock and roll memorabilia that Hard Rock is famous for was lost to the storm, things like Elvis’ army uniform, and BB King’s guitar Lucille, although a lot of the items were later recovered and the casino was rebuilt and opened two years later, this time built to well exceed the building codes to protect it from further storms.

One of the real problems has been that these casinos, including the Hard Rock Biloxi, were floated on barges to comply with the law as being vessels, and when a storm like Katrina comes calling, well that’s just not good news for a barge. The Hard Rock Biloxi has now been fitted with more storm resistant cement pilings now, making it much more stable.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi is part of the large Hard Rock chain of hotels, casinos, and restaurants, which is now owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Having these venues corporate owned does bestow a lot of consistency of quality across them, and when you visit a Hard Rock facility, you already have a good idea what to expect, that they will maintain the consistently high quality that they are known for, and that’s exactly what you get here as well.

Naturally, the music theme and of course the rock memorabilia is the main attraction of any Hard Rock location, whether it be a restaurant, a hotel, or a casino, although this is a high quality resort casino in its own right, and having the place rock and roll themed is nice but would not make up for an inferior quality establishment, but there’s nothing inferior about this place.

The Hard Rock Biloxi’s welcome sign is a 112 foot giant lighted guitar, and this guitar is battle tested as well, having survived Katrina virtually intact with a real story to tell.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi

Hard Rock hotels boast that they offer accommodations worthy of rock stars, and their rooms are pretty impressive indeed. The Hard Rock Biloxi offers two choices, the 154 room Platinum Tower and the 325 room Royal Tower. The Platinum Tower is non smoking only, whereby the Royal Tower offers both non smoking and smoking rooms, as some rock stars do like to smoke and no one gets left out here.

The luxury of these rooms is obvious, and it goes beyond just luxury actually, this not the luxury of bygone days like some luxury hotels, it is all completely hip and modern. All rooms also offer Hard Rock’s exclusive Sound of Your Stay , where you can choose selections of music to be pumped into your room or suite, and this just isn’t elevator music by the way. It comes with a headphone amplifier and high quality headphones, along with an authentic Fender guitar of your choice, all free of charge.

The resort also comes with a Rock Spa with a full range of spa services. Guests who are looking for a good workout will find it at Body Rock, featuring state of the art equipment together with the rock theme that makes these hotels so famous. They also have a pool where you can swim right up to the “Soundbar.”

9 restaurants provide you with all the dining you could want, including 2 that offer fine dining, 5 featuring contemporary dining, and 2 offering quick snacks. In addition to the Soundbar, they also offer their Center Bar, as well as the Hard Rock Live venue which features top live music acts.

The Casino At Hard Rock Biloxi

Of course, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi is first and foremost a casino, even though this resort is well worth staying at even if you don’t gamble. Rest assured though, people do indeed come here to gamble, and they have plenty of that here.

This is a mid sized casino with 50,000 square feet of gaming space, so it’s not in the same category as the largest casinos in the country when it comes to the sheer size of their casino floor, but there is still plenty to enjoy here.

1,200 different slot and gaming machines await you, including the most popular slot machines of today, like Buffalo Stampede and Wheel of Fortune.

They also feature 50 gaming tables, offering such popular casino games as Blackjack, Roulette, Mississippi Stud, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow, and Three Card Poker. So even though this may not be as many different games as some larger casinos offer, they do hit on the important ones and casino gamblers will find all the action they could hope for here.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi also has a poker room, and while they only lay out 6 tables, that’s enough to ensure that poker lovers are included in all the fun.

Overall, this is a quality hotel, resort, and casino, with a more intimate atmosphere than you see in some of the larger places, and does feature the Hard Rock experience as well. Given how popular Hard Rock venues are, this is something that a great many people love, and you will get the full experience here, as well as everything else.

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