Club World Casino Review

Club World Casino is another new addition to the industry, and an attractive new addition at that. What makes this casino so attractive is not one singular quality, but instead a wide variety of features that separates this site from other, similar online casinos. Like many newcomers to the industry, Club World Casino is excellent due to its taking into consideration the failure of online casinos before it. In the especially tricky US online casino industry, it takes a lot of care and precision in order to make it big.

Club World Casino is still refining its offering, but the fact of the matter is that it is already doing many things correctly. With a wide selection of games, multiple software providers, and some attractive new promotions it is easy to see why plenty of new players are flocking to this new casino.

Club World Casino History

Club World Casino has only been in existence for a very short period of time. Despite their somewhat short period of time existing, there isn’t much that we can talk about. Club World Casino got into the competitive US-facing online casino industry, and though many people think this is not the smartest idea, the site has really excelled through the early running.

Looking ahead to what the future holds, it is difficult to say. Early indications are that Club World Casino will continue growing and adding games, promotions, and players. This is great as US players are constantly looking for new casinos at which they can test their skills.

Club World Casino Software

Club World Casino is different than many newcomers in that it offers software from just one provider. All games at this online casino are supported by RTG (Real Time Gaming) software. RTG has been creating and supporting online casino games for quite a few years now, and it is a trusted name in the industry. Despite only offering one provider, Club World Casino has an offering of games that is as expansive and inclusive as any you will find on the web.

If you are looking for compatibility, look no further than Club World Casino. No matter what type of operating system you are using (Windows, Mac, Linux), RTG games are available. You will find that these games are available in one of two ways. First and foremost, players are given the option of downloading a casino client directly to their desktop. This is something that allows the player to connect to Club World Casino without ever having to open their web browser. Not only does the download itself take just minutes to execute, the software does not take up too much space on your hard drive.

In addition to a downloadable casino client, players are also given the option of playing flash games. Flash games exist in the same way as downloadable games do, only you are playing them directly through your web browser; you never have to download anything.

Finally, compatibility is taken even a step further due to the fact that players can play all sorts of games on their phones and tablets. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, the fact of the matter is that you are never more than seconds away from being able to access all of the best and latest casino games in a mobile setting.

Club World Casino Game Selection

Club World Casino has a wide offering of games that rivals some of the best online casinos in the industry. Before anything else, it is important that we talk about this online casino’s selection of casino games. It’s amazing because World Club Casino sees traditional slot games exist side-by-side with games that are newer and have more to offer as far as graphics and gameplay are concerned. 3D games and themed games are great, but for traditionalists it is always nice to see classic reel games.

In addition to this, there are all the casino games that you know and love as well as some spin-offs of the classics. Games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and video poker all exist in abundance at this site. The great thing about this is that all of these games exist across multiple stake levels. No matter if you are an extremely serious bettor or someone who is just getting their toes wet playing online casino games, there is something at Club World Casino for you.

Club World Casino Banking Options

There are many different banking options at Club World Casino, and many of them are about what you might expect from a US-facing online casino. When it comes to making deposits, the first and most obvious option is to make a deposit via a credit or debit card. These are the most popular options for players and are also considered to be the easiest option as well. Another method of deposit supported by Club World Casino is a direct bank transfer. No matter what option you choose, Club World Casino allows for you to fund a player account in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking to withdraw winnings from a player account, the most popular option is by way of a mailed check. Mailed checks are a safe and secure method of receiving your winnings, but sometimes this method can take up to a week or longer before you ever actually receive any funds. Finally, the other way by which you can withdraw funds is by way of a direct bank transfer.

Sign-Up Bonus

When it comes to sign-up bonuses, these are very important for prospective players because it allows them to make the most of the initial money that they deposit. At Club World Casino, it isn’t only your first deposit that will receive a bonus. At this real money casino you will see a 100% bonus added to each of your first 3 deposits with a total of $777 available in total.

There are wagering requirements tied to this bonus, however they are nothing out of the ordinary. You can read everything there is to know about the wagering requirements at Club World Casino.

Club World Casino FAQs

How much does it cost to deposit and withdraw funds?

No matter how much you are attempting to deposit or withdraw, the fact of the matter is that there are fees associated with every method of deposit and withdrawal. The exact fee that you are going to incur depends upon the method of banking you are using, but at times you will find that there is no avoiding fees tied to banking.

Are new games ever being added to Club World Casino?

Yes, as a new site this online casino is constantly making changes to their offering of games. It will be interesting to see, as time moves on, just how wide a variety of games will be added to Club World Casino’s offering.

How long does it take to download the casino software?

In most cases, downloading Club World Casino’s downloadable casino client is something that will only take a few minutes. Consuming just a very small amount of your computer’s memory, you will find that the downloadable client is more often than not the way you want to go. The actual download takes no more than a few minutes and affords you the ability to begin playing fairly quickly.