Caesars Hotel & Casino Review

In 1966, Caesars Palace was opened in Las Vegas to give guests and players a taste of Ancient Rome, and instantly became one of the most successful and luxurious hotel casinos in the city.

Las Vegas at the time wasn’t just the king of American gambling, it stood alone, but once Atlantic City started to open up in the late 1970’s, Caesars sought to establish itself in that market as well.

These were exciting times, with Atlantic City being very close to the very large population of the northeastern part of the country, as opposed to Las Vegas, which was much more of a travel destination. That was part of the appeal of Las Vegas though, it was truly a place to go on a vacation, and still is, but Atlantic City promised a much more accessible spot where players could travel there more easily and therefore more frequently.

This did turn out to be the case, and the hotel casinos in Atlantic City are more casinos than hotels, more casino space per number of hotel rooms in other words, as opposed to Las Vegas which has a considerably higher proportion of hotel rooms to casino space because everyone stays here and they tend to stay longer as well.

Atlantic City required that new casinos be new builds, but Caesars managed to get around that rule by convincing the New Jersey gambling authorities that they should be able to purchase and renovate an existing hotel if the hotel was fairly recent construction.

The state relented, and they bought an 11 story Howard Johnson’s, added seven floors and expanded the room capacity from 425 to 548, and also added a 52,000 square foot casino. So after spending $300 million on the project, in 1979, the Boardwalk Regency was born, making them the second casino to open in the new Atlantic City gambling market.

A few years later, in 1983, they were allowed to add the Caesars name to the property, and then became the Caesars Boardwalk Regency.

In 1995, the property was expanded, including adding a 1100 seat Circus Maximus Showroom to go along with their 440 seat cabaret. The name was changed in 1987 to simply Caesars Atlantic City, which it is still known by today.

Renovations and expansions continued throughout the years, most notably by their adding a 25 story Centurian Tower with 610 more hotel rooms. The hotel casino now has a total of 1158 rooms and 145,000 square feet of gaming space, making it one of the largest casinos in the country.

Unlike some venues in Las Vegas who have moved away from their original themes to some degree, instead seeking to appeal to a more upscale adult clientele, Caesars has not only remained true to their Ancient Rome flavor, they have further expanded it, and this place has become more Roman over the years not less.

The Roman theme is in itself more fitting the times than some of the other casino themes that we’ve seen elsewhere. It does have a timeless appeal and has certainly stood the test of time at both of Caesar’s main properties, here and in Las Vegas, and has contributed to keeping Caesars at the forefront of hotel casinos in the United States.

The Caesars Atlantic City Venue

The original motto of Caesars as put forth by founder Jay Sarno was that all of their guests should be treated like Caesar, and although this is a bit of a stretch, they are certainly very well focused on treating their guests very well and this is behind a lot of the success of the brand.

They have some great deals for you as well, and rooms are known to go for as little as $49 a night. There are 3 different towers to choose from, the Forum Tower, the Temple Tower, and the Centurian Tower.

There are suites available here as well, and you can stay in a suite at the Caesar Atlantic City for under $100, and their plush Emperor Suite can be had for as little as $199 a night. Caesars offers both smoking and non smoking rooms to suit your pleasure.

Caesars has a tempting lineup of restaurants. Upscale diners who enjoy a great steak are in for a real treat here, both at Nero’s Italian Steakhouse, which also offers pasta and seafood, and Morton’s The Steakhouse, which some feel offers the best steak around period.

For more casual dining, Hell’s Kitchen fans and those who simply love great food will want to check out the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill. After conquering Vegas, Chef Ramsay has opened a restaurant in Atlantic City now and it’s right here.

Buffet lovers will find all they can handle at the Palace Court Buffet, and Nero’s also offers a Sunday buffet which is very popular among the guests here.

The Café Roma Coffee Shop offers lighter meals with a view of the ocean. The Kiwi Noodle House offers Asian food in a casual setting. Tazzas serves up coffee and pastries in the morning, and soup and sandwiches in the afternoon and evening.

The Playground at Caesars, built on a 900 foot wharf, offers 7 more restaurants to check out, as well as shopping and nightlife. There’s a seafood restaurant, a café, a sushi bar, an upscale Asian restaurant, a pretzel bar, the Continental offering diners an elegant retro experience, and Cinnabon, specializing in cinnamon baked goods.

The showroom here brings an assortment of well known acts from the past. The Qua Bath and Spa provides a nice retreat, as well as a salon on site. There are several bars and nightclubs to relax at or to dance the night away. There’s a rooftop pool here as well.

The Casino At Caesars Atlantic City

The casino here is a very large one, and they have everything that you need and want as far as casino gambling goes. This is the main reason most people come to Atlantic City, and the casino at Caesars Atlantic City is certainly the jewel of the property.

There’s over 2000 slot machines here, and with that many, you can count on their having a huge variety of different ones, from a penny on up. Choose from smaller jackpots to mega ones. There’s also a large selection of video poker machines to try your hand at.

Caesar’s also has a higher limit room, the Palace Court, with 130 slot and video poker machines, with limits ranging from $1 to $1000 a spin.

There is a fantastic selection of table games here, all the popular ones plus ones you don’t see at most casinos. They have it all here really, with Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, 21+ Xtreme, Spanish 21, Sic Bo, Caribbean Stud Poker, Fortune Pai Gow, EZ Pai Gow, Pai Gow Tiles, Mini Baccarat, Midi Baccarat, EZ Baccarat, Let It Ride, Big Six, Three Card Poker, Four Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Holdem.

There are 120 different table games here, and they also have a 20 table poker room, where you can test your skills against other poker players and not just play against the house.

Players also get rewarded for all their play through Caesars Total Rewards program, and they also offer a Total Rewards Visa where your non casino purchases can earn rewards points as well.

This is truly a world class casino and also a nice venue with some very good room deals, as well as some nice places to eat. Caesars Atlantic City has a lot going for it and is a favorite among a lot of Atlantic City visitors.

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