Ameristar Casino & Hotel Review

Missouri has long been known as the “gateway to the West,” modern civilization’s last outpost on the journey to the more wild and less charted territory of the American West of the 19th century.

Among the things that the Old West was known for was gambling, and generally speaking, in those days as you moved away from the more conservative and puritan eastern part of the country westward, you would find more liberal attitudes toward gambling and other so called vices of the day.

Missouri has a long history of being more tolerant toward gambling than many states, dating back to the days where riverboat gambling was very popular. It seemed more permissible to do these things over water, and of course this took gambling more out of view, unless you wanted to gamble and willingly traveled those riverboat routes.

So it didn’t come as that much of a surprise when the state of Missouri began its revival of legal gambling in 1994 by licensing a floating casino, and more were quickly to follow. Casino gambling in Missouri has now become a multi billion dollar industry and the appeal was such that they quickly got rid of the requirement that this be over water anymore.

The Station Casino in Kansas City opened in 1997, and although this is an unusually looking casino from the outside to be sure, with clock tower and an unusual look overall for an American casino, on the inside players get met with a nostalgic flavor of the Old West and the property is indeed suited for this area of the country.

In 2000, the Station Casino was bought by the Ameristar chain, renaming it the Ameristar Casino and Hotel Kansas City. Ameristar was later bought by Pinnacle Entertainment, but they kept the Ameristar brand and name.

The Ameristar Kansas City is the largest casino in the city and one of the largest in the country, with a total gaming area of 140,000 square feet. They have won numerous local awards as casino of the year and are popular with both tourists and the locals. Kansas City is a major city with a metro population of over 2 million so they already have quite a local market to cater to, but also draw people from all over the Midwest.

Staying At Ameristar Kansas City

Often times, you can tell which element of a hotel and casino attracts the most attention, and some will be listed as hotel and casino, but in this case this is a casino and hotel, and the casino is certainly the featured attraction here.

Ameristar Kansas City’s hotel may not rival the best casino hotels around, but it’s still fairly highly rated, considered to be a four star hotel and earning three diamonds out of four from AAA.

It features 184 rooms, including 36 mini suites and 12 king suites. So this isn’t the size you normally see with a hotel serving such a large casino, but keep in mind that a lot of the traffic that the casino gets comes from Kansas City itself, and tourists may also choose to stay at other hotels in the city.

The rooms here are of a sufficient quality, although they don’t have the glitzy luxury that some casino hotels have, and this is more like a standard big city hotel, more modest in other words. Casinos often look to spend more on their hotel properties to attract more guests and to offer more value, but you don’t see this as much in a city hotel.

The room prices aren’t the steals you find in casino resorts either, they are priced competitively with other hotels in the area but this means you’ll be paying in the area of $150 a night and up, and this is the case at this hotel as well.

There are 7 different places to eat on the property, with a good selection, although they are directed toward more standard fare. The overall theme here is the American West, and the food tends to follow that motif as well, you won’t find much as far as exotic cuisine here, but if you like good old fashioned Western food then there’s lots to enjoy here.

Their entertainment includes the live events that just about every casino has, Kansas City‘s favorite bar, and even an 18 theater movie complex. There is an arcade for the younger people as well as the young at heart where a variety of video games can be enjoyed. They even provide child care for those who bring their children with them.

The Casino At Ameristar Kansas City

The casino is the main attraction here and there’s lots to enjoy for sure. The slot machine floor is particularly impressive, with over 2,200 different gaming machines for your pleasure. From classic reels to the latest video slots, to the latest video poker machines, this casino has it all.

Slots start at a penny a pull, all the way up to $25 a spin in their high stakes slot room. They also have a high stakes table game room as well, with betting limits up to $10,000, to make sure that high rollers are kept happy and excited.

The staff here states that their goal is to provide the best slot experience in the Kansas City region, and just about everyone agrees that they have well succeeded at this.

Table game lovers are well taken care of here as well, with 66 tables laid out for you, including all of the popular casino games. They offer Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Let It Ride, Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and more.

There’s also a 15 table poker room, which is the largest poker room in the city and in the state as well, offering both limit and no limit Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo, and Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo. They also will spread other poker variations upon the request of players, and this poker room is very player oriented and go the extra mile to keep their players happy.

The casino also has a nice player reward program called mychoice, with several levels, and a special lounge reserved for players who have achieved the upper levels. This casino really knows how to treat its players.

While the hotel here isn’t anything particularly special, the casino sure is, especially compared with other casinos in the region, and after all a casino is primarily about gambling, and they offer some fine gambling here indeed.

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