5 Dimes Casino Review

5 Dimes, in many ways, wrote the rulebook on US real money casinos. After all, they have been in business since the late 1990s and have weathered just about every law and regulation change that has affected the industry. Naturally, with a track record so extensive it is easy to see why people have and continue to fall in love with this casino. 5 Dimes is built on simplicity and user-friendliness. Their site is simply setup and incredibly easy to use, which is something a lot of casinos nowadays cannot say.

The site has been fully licensed and is regulated by the government of Costa Rica as is becoming the norm in the online casino industry. What was first most well-known as a bookmaker has transcended all the odds to make an equally large name for itself in the casino space. With a unique offering that is not so quickly matched by many of its newer competitors, 5 Dimes has been around since day 1 and seems as though it will be around a long while into the future as well. With such a long track record of excellence, it is difficult to overlook what 5 Dimes has to offer.

5 Dimes Casino Software

Something that really sets 5 Dimes apart from other casinos serving the United States is the fact that they utilize a few different software providers. As opposed to most other casinos, which only offer games made by one company, 5 Dimes makes use of a bunch of different software providers in order to give you a playing experience that is unmatched. If you don’t like the games provided by one company, you can simply move on and begin playing casino games or slot games produced by another.

With so many different software brands floating around, it is easy to see how 5 Dimes might become complacent and skimp on quality. While this would be understandable, it is absolutely not the case. Every game they put on their site is tested vigorously to ensure that their customers are going to like what they are promoting. New games are constantly being added to 5 Dimes too, and that is just as much a testament to their many different software providers as anything else. It is truly great to see such an innovative grouping of software providers packed at one online casino.

On top of it all, 5 Dimes has mobile play available such that you can play most every real money casino game offered on your mobile devices. So long as you have internet connectivity, you are never more than a few clicks away from the action.

Game Selection

As you might have guessed, the massive number of different software providers boasted by 5 Dimes means that there is an equally impressive number of games offered at the site. While most online casinos serving US citizens offer 100-150 games in total, 5 Dimes blows the competition out of the water by playing host to more than 200 real money casino games.

What’s more, their selection of games is not saturated under just one game type. Instead, there is an even offering such that most every type of casino player will find what they are looking for. Naturally, the slot games offered come in all sorts of varieties, from old time favorites to the newer generation of slot games that have more and more features all the time. Games are constantly being added too, meaning 5 Dimes is never the same week in and week out.

5 Dimes Banking Options

5 Dimes is one of the best US online casinos for a number of reasons, but a big one is due to the absolutely massive number of banking options it makes available for players.

If you are looking to make a deposit on the site, you have the following options available to you: Mastercard, American Express, VISA, Bitcoin, Instadebit, Moneygram, NETeller, Skrill, Western Union, check, money order, and player to player transfers.

There is an equally impressive number of withdrawal options, and they are as follows: American Express, Bitcoin, Instadebit, Moneygram, NETeller, Skrill, Western Union, check, and player to player transfers.

Customer Support and Reputation

There are so many customer support options available to you at 5 Dimes, including a lot of different toll-free numbers so that you can rest easy knowing there is always going to be someone to answer your inquiries. As you could have probably guessed from the overall tone of this article, 5 Dimes is held in high regard across the entire online casino industry, not just the one in the United States. They are the whole online casino package and do well to offer a great real money gaming experience to players who may not be presented with an overwhelming number of great options from which to choose.

Sign-Up Bonus

In truth, 5 Dimes does not exactly blow anyone away with their bonuses. Instead, this site relies on a solid track record and even more solid reputation in order to bring in customers. They are truly a testament to what happens when you treat your players right year after year.

As far as first-time deposit bonuses are concerned, 5 Dimes offers a 50% matching bonus up to $125 in bonus monies. What this means is that if you deposit $100, you will have $150 with which you are able to play. Compared to the bonuses being offered by many other sites, this is nothing to write home about. Still, your overall experience at the site will more than make up for their lack of robust new player bonuses.

5 Dimes Casino FAQ

5 Dimes has a basic look about it, should I be worried?

Even though 5 Dimes has a more basic site design, the fact of the matter is that they are a trusted real money online casino serving US customers. In fact, it is our opinion that the simplistic site design lends itself to wider usability.

Can I wager small amounts at 5 Dimes?

Yes. While most online casinos will refuse to entertain any bet totaling less than $1, 5 Dimes defies the industry standard by accepting wagers of almost any size.

How are banking fees at 5 Dimes?

Truthfully, the fees charged for deposits and withdrawals at 5 Dimes are none too dissimilar than what you will find elsewhere across the real money casino landscape. You are always going to pay a fee when attempting to deposit or withdrawal, but it is nice to know that 5 Dimes does not try to hose you simply for depositing money into your account.

I know 5 Dimes as a sportsbook, is it a good casino?

Yes. 5 Dimes is one of the most popular online casinos available for US residents. That much is an undisputed fact.