Online Casinos Accepting Ripple in 2021

Cryptocurrencies, like Ripple, have taken the world by storm, and they’ve certainly been working up to it for a long time. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have all grown in value and are widely accepted as payment for online goods and services, especially at real money gambling sites.

Ripple tends to be classified as a crypto against the likes of BTC and ETH, but Ripple is a bit different than other cryptocurrencies. It’s a good alternative for people that are wary of Bitcoin’s economic and environmental impact because it makes key changes to how traditional crypto operates.

Ripple is starting to gain traction among the online gambling community, and more and more casinos are accepting it as a form of payment. In the table below you can see the top XRP online casinos currently available.

Rank Online Casino Key Info Bonus Info Visit Casino
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 200% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • Many Different Offerings
  • 300+ Betsoft Slots
  • 3-6 Hr. Payout Time

In this article, we’ll break down what Ripple actually is, how it’s different from big-name cryptos, and how to gamble with cryptocurrency, and how you can start using Ripple for online gambling. And of course, we’ll give you the low down on the best Ripple real money online casinos.

Why Use Ripple/XRP for Online Gambling?

As both the online gambling and cryptocurrency industries grow, coins like XRP are becoming more enticing for users. Here’s why:

  • XRP is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world. It’s 200 times faster than Bitcoin and four times faster than Ethereum.
  • Transaction fees are equivalent to a fraction of a cent.
  • You can find XRP on almost every crypto exchange.
  • The XRP network is more refined that BTC’s blockchain and is capable of handling around 1,500 transactions per second.
  • Ripple is run by a group of crypto professionals, ensuring that XRP is the best it can be.

The Best Online Cryptocurrency Casinos for Ripple Deposits

Like we mentioned, XRP, the cryptocurrency that runs on Ripple, isn’t widely accepted yet. Because the crypto is largely designed as a form of payment for banks and other institutions, adoption into the gambling world has been slow.

But there are a few online casinos that have started taking XRP as a deposit/withdrawal method!


Super Slots LogoSuperSlots is probably one of the biggest online casinos to adopt the use of Ripple’s XRP currency. At SuperSlots, there’s a $20 minimum deposit for XRP. But it’s capped at $100,000, which is more than many online gamblers will need.

All first-time crypto deposits at SuperSlots, including XRP, are subject to a 400% match. That’s huge!

As the name suggests, SuperSlots specializes in slot machines. You can play the newest slot games like Bubble Bubble 3 and Legend of Azteca, as well as fan favorites like 7 Fortune Frenzy and Jungle Stripes.

But of table games are more your style, SuperSlots offers:

  • Multiple roulette games, including American and European Roulette
  • 12 variations of blackjack
  • Video poker and table poker games like Caribbean Stud and Tri-Card Poker
  • Specialty games like keno and bingo

SuperSlots is one of the best real money online casinos for USA players to date.

Wild Casino

Wild Casino LogoThe sister site to SuperSlots, Wild Casino has a jungle theme, making gambling feel like an adventure.

But that’s not where the fun ends. For XRP users, expect to see a healthy crypto bonus of 300%. Not as good as SuperSlots’ offer, but still one of the best in the industry.

Plus, Wild Casino offers other exclusive promotions for consistent players, like an additional $50 if you top off your account on Tuesdays.

As far as games go, Wild Casino has it all:

  • Hundreds of slots games, like Jungle Stripes, Ace-X, and The Dragon Seal
  • Craps, roulette, casino war, baccarat, and Three-Card Rummy
  • 11 variations of blackjack
  • Video poker games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild

Additionally, Wild Casino has a lot of live dealer games, too, so you can get on the action with other players.


BetOnline LogoBetOnline was one of the first online gambling sites to adopt Ripple as a banking option and it has paid off for them. They are still known for handling all crypto deposits well and especially XRP.

The regular deposit bonus at BetOnline is 50% but they go above and beyond that for any crypto deposit by doubling that percentage to 100%. That means just for using Ripple to make your first deposit, you can double the size of your bankroll immediately. is very well-known for ensuring safety of their customers as well as having secure transactions. Using Ripple to deposit at BetOnline is one of the best choices you can make when gambling online.

Outside of that, they offer an excellent selection of casino games, including some of the best live dealer games as well. If you also enjoy betting on your favorite sports, they also have one of the most reputable online sportsbooks as well.

We are honestly impressed with their selection of games, all of which are compatible with your crypto deposits, be it BTC, ETH, or XRP.

Comparing Real Money Online Casinos for Ripple

Online Casino Accepts XRP? Deposit Bonus Crypto Bonus License
Super Slots Logo
Super Slots Casino
Yes 250% (non-crypto) 400% (first deposit with any crypto) Panama Gaming Commission
Wild Casino Logo
Wild Casino
Yes 100% (non-crypto) 300% (first deposit with any crypto) Panama Gaming Commission
BetOnline Logo
BetOnline Casino
Yes 50% 100% (first deposit with any crypto) Panama Gaming Commission

How to Make a Deposit at an Online Casino Using Ripple’s XRP

Making deposits with cryptocurrencies is a tad more complex than if you were to just enter your credit card info. But, the extra security of crypto makes it a worthwhile investment for online gamblers.

To start using XRP at online casinos, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Sign Up For a Cryptocurrency Exchange

It’s much easier for everyday users to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange than it is to try and get involved on the Ripple platform. XRP is traded on many popular exchanges, like Coinbase and Binance.

Step 2: Verify Your Account

If you’re new to the crypto scene and don’t already have a crypto exchange that you trust, you’ll have to verify your account. This involves providing your SSN, driver’s license or state ID, and your address. If you follow the exchange’s directions to a T, then your account should be verified within a few minutes. Sometimes it takes exchanges much longer to verify an account, based on user influx and other factors. But, if you still haven’t been verified after a day or two, reach out to their customer support.

Step 3: Fund Your Exchange Account

Most crypto exchanges make it easy to link your bank account or PayPal accounts. For example, Coinbase uses the Plaid integration to connect all the big-name bank accounts as well as PayPal accounts. Once your funds are connected, you can start purchasing crypto.

Step 4: Purchase XRP and Store It

You can purchase XRP from your exchange using USD or another fiat currency, or you can exchange other cryptos for XRP. Most exchanges have a native wallet function, which is a secure place online where you can story your cryptocurrencies. If you’re buying a lot of crypto, it might be a good idea to get a third-party wallet, like Exodus or Mycellium.

Step 5: Make a Deposit at an Online Casino

To make a deposit at a casino that accepts XRP, navigate to the cashier page and select deposit. When using crypto, you’ll have to provide your crypto wallet code. This is a string of numbers that will allow you to create a secure connection between yourself and the casino, via which funds can be transferred.

Step 6: Gamble and Make a Withdrawal

Once your XRP is in your casino account, you’re free to gamble away! But, after you win big at the poker table, you can then withdrawal your payout to your crypto wallet. Use the same code you made a deposit with and take your winnings! Processing times will vary depending on which casino you use, but XRP is a much faster currency than USD or other cryptos.

What is Ripple?

Ripple was invented by Jed McCaleb and is currently operated out of San Francisco. It is a protocol for inter-bank financial transactions. It allows users to open a network of trust between banks, and create a market where currencies can be bought and sold with any currency. This is not a new idea – the protocol developed from an earlier realization that led to the creation of web money.

In essence, Ripple proposes the idea of a super-currency that enables fast transactions between any currency (euro, dollar, yuen, yuan, other cryptos), and its value is based on the trust given to the code.

Ripple was built as a replacement for other third-party money-transferring programs like SWIFT. Think of Ripple as a currency exchange. Do you want to use Bitcoin at an online casino but don’t have any? If the casino accepts Ripple, you can easily turn your USD into Bitcoin and make a deposit.

Ripple vs. XRP

Ripple is the name for the consensus network that helps validate online transactions and convert currencies. XRP is the cryptocurrency that was designed to run efficiently on Ripple’s network.

XRP Coin

People often confuse the two, and at this point the terminology is interchangeable. But for our purposes, XRP is the crypto you can purchase on exchanges, whereas Ripple is the protocol behind transaction validation.

It’s worth noting that when an online casino says they accept Ripple, they most likely mean that they accept XRP.

How Ripple Works

This bit gets a little technical, but it’s important to understand how Ripple works and how you can benefit from using it over Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Ripple does not use proof of work for consensus among nodes. Instead, each transaction requires a cryptographic signature from validating nodes (this is still decentralized, as any user can choose which trust network to use).

Validation nodes use a shared honor system to determine which transactions are trustworthy. A transaction is considered valid if enough trusted nodes sign off on it. But instead of demanding miners solve difficult problems, Ripple only requires the cryptographic signatures from trusted nodes.

This cuts out mining power and reduces strain on the environment by having more users verifying transactions rather than using computing power.

Ripple is widely used by financial institutions across the globe for a for secure payment processing system. Here are a few of the institutions that trust Ripple.

Comparing Ripple to Other Cryptocurrencies

Ripple vs Other Cryptos
One of the big selling points of Bitcoin and Ethereum, when they were created, was their decentralized blockchain network. Transactions were recorded in a ledger, but the validation of transactions couldn’t be linked to a single entity, like a bank or a credit card company.

This made BTC desirable because it added a layer of anonymity to online transactions, making it difficult for hackers to get at your information, or for banks and lenders to monitor your purchases.

Ripple still applies the same principle, but it takes a more centralized approach. Users can download Ripple’s verification software, but the validation of transactions isn’t done over a network of individual users.

Using the software, you can choose from around 35 preset validation nodes, and you can choose which one you feel most comfortable using.

Many people criticize this practice because it turns the idea of crypto on its head. But using Ripple’s software still provides that extra level of security and relative anonymity, especially when compared to traditional banking methods.

Ripple Important Terminology

Node – This is another way of saying “gateway” or “trusted intermediary.” It refers to any number of existing currencies, crypto or fiat.

Trust – This is the relative value given to a node. The more you trust it, the higher its value. Trust is measured by “configuration variables,” which are numerical values assigned to each node.

Network – The whole collective of people using Ripple’s software to validate transactions. It doesn’t have an actual name, but it refers to the actual currency that each person is using when they transact.

XRP – Simply put, XRP is the currency you’ll be using on Ripple’s network. It’s a widely available cryptocurrency that you can purchase on almost all crypto exchanges.

Decentralized Currency – With traditional banking, transactions are processed by several intermediaries to verify the accuracy of your account balance and other information. In decentralized currency, that verification is done by a network of users rather than one central authority.

Fiat Currency – Traditional currency like the US dollar, the British pound, or Euro.

Cryptocurrency Exchange – Online marketplaces to buy/sell/trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies, like USD.

Crypto Wallet – A secure place to store your cryptocurrencies. There are both online, software-driven wallets and offline, hardware-driven wallets. The latter is more secure, but not as popular as software wallets.

Crypto Wallet Code – This is a string of number/letters that you can use to connect your wallet to other users or institutions to make transactions.

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Ripple FAQ

If you are still looking for more information about gambling online using Ripple or any other questions you might have about XRP, we have put together our answers below to the most commonly asked questions that we receive.

  • Is XRP Faster Than Bitcoin?

    Significantly faster. XRP can process 1,500 transactions per second, with an approval time between 3-5 seconds. Bitcoin transactions can take up to 10 minutes to be approved, and Ethereum takes around 13 seconds.

  • Should I Keep My Winnings as XRP?

    Most online casinos want you to make withdrawals using the same method you made a deposit with. Especially with crypto, real money online casinos in the USA cannot legally allow you to deposit with one crypto and withdrawal with another. So, withdrawing as XRP is your only option. From there, it’s up to you what you want to do with your winnings. If you want to keep the XRP in your wallet as an investment, go for it! Otherwise, you can use your exchange to turn the XRP into cash or trade it for other cryptocurrencies.

  • Is XRP More Centralized Than Other Cryptos?

    In a sense, yes. There is a better structure on Ripple’s network for determining the validity of transactions, and verifiers are limited to nodes that Ripple developers have approved. While this is off-putting for many long-time crypto users, the more centralized nature of XRP allows it to have faster transaction speeds.

  • What Transaction Fees Are Involved With Using XRP?

    Transaction fees for XRP are very low compared to other cryptocurrencies. The fee for a single transaction is 0.00001 XRP, which is the equivalent to $0.000012. You won’t find fees this low with any other crypto! That being said, your exchange might charge a fee for purchasing XRP. Even the best cryptocurrency casinos might charge a fee for withdrawals.