US Online Blackjack for Real Money in 2022

Blackjack is one of the most played online casino games in the USA! With the odds of winning stacked at 49%, this beloved table game ensures a higher rate of winning than most games found at online casinos. Naturally, real money US online casinos feature an extensive section dedicated to the game of blackjack alone!

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Are you ready to play online blackjack in the United States? Then we would like to acquaint you with what we believe to be the five best real money online casinos that offer blackjack to their customers. (Get started today by visiting one of the sites listed above!)

In our thorough review of each site, we found that each one has excelled greatly in terms of customer service and reputability, as well as real money bonuses, promotions, and blackjack game variations! All of the online blackjack casinos we recommend hit the marks for the best possible customer experience.

In this review of the best online casinos for blackjack, we will discuss some game terminology, strategies to win money playing blackjack online, talk about why our recommendations are indeed the best blackjack casinos online, and share some great bonuses for building up your bankroll.

Let’s get into everything on real money blackjack online!

Why Should I Play Blackjack for Money Online?

Whether you’re new to the online blackjack scene, or you’re new to playing casino games online for real money in general, here are some great reasons to start playing! You might be surprised by some of the great benefits you will experience along the way.

Win Real Money

As with any online casino game, you have a great shot at winning some real money. We are talking about actual, cold-hard cash! The great thing about blackjack is its status as an online casino game where the likelihood of winning is higher than most other games.

Las Atlantis Blackjack

This is perfect if you’re hesitant about the risk factor. Blackjack’s return to player percentage sits at 49%, which is more than plenty of other real money casino games you could be playing. This is truly the best game you could find at an online casino for a shot at some great returns.

Good Choice of Games

Not only can you play blackjack online for real money, but you can also play a whole slew of great blackjack varieties! This is perfect for players who want an assortment of titles to mix things up! A few blackjack variations you will find at our top-rated online casinos are 21 Blackjack, 21 Face Up, Match Play 21, European Blackjack, and Pontoon.

Easy to Get Started

The process to get playing blackjack online for real money is as simple as taking a few minutes to sign up. The process is simple and should take no more than five or 10 minutes.

After clicking on “Sign Up” or “Join,” you will be asked to create a username and password as well as filling out a bit of additional information. Once this is done, you will receive a confirmation email and you can log into your new account and begin playing online blackjack for money!

Look under the “Banking” section for information on setting up your deposit and withdrawal information. This is also a quick process that takes little effort to set up.

How We Determine the Real Money Blackjack Casinos We Recommended

Here are the reasons we found these to be the best real money blackjack casinos! Our team looked at certain criteria while conducting this comprehensive review, considering important elements like gaming choice and bonuses as well as customer service and mobile compatibility.

The results? We have formed a list of the best blackjack casinos online anywhere on the web!

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

In addition to winning real money at the blackjack table, online casino bonuses and promotions are another way to rake in some extra cash when playing at blackjack casino sites. Many times, these bonuses are awarded for the price of a deposit match, an account reload, or some sort of special offer or rebates.

Our team searched each mobile blackjack casino for a variety of strong bonuses and found that each offered well beyond the expectation! These are some of the best places online to find lucrative bonuses and promotions to supplement your bankroll.

Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Online Casinos & Gambling

We made sure that all of the real money blackjack sites we added to our recommendation list were compatible with all mainstream smartphones and other devices, including iPhone and Android. Another factor under this umbrella that we considered an important qualification was the ability for customers to use each respective site in-browser and through an app.

Not only does each site offer these capabilities, but both are great, viable ways to enjoy blackjack across multiple platforms. You will most certainly be able to enjoy real money blackjack from the convenience of nearly any screen you could consider!

Online Banking Options

The best sites to play blackjack in 2021 are also the sites where you will find the best variety in banking options where there are great choices for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Banking methods found at our favorite sites for blackjack include credit cards, cryptocurrencies, money orders, Person to Person, and many others!

The benefits get even better when players use cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, experiencing additional perks and rewards that other banking methods do not offer. Consider getting a crypto wallet for blackjack apps that pay real money!

Good Customer Support

Most of the sites we recommend have a phone number, email address, and live chat feature. It was important to the integrity of our review that each site had at least two or more of these customer support channels before we could include it on our list.

Our team took some time to test out each line of communication. We were met with strong service and support! Each customer service department handled all our concerns and questions in a time-efficient manner and with professionalism. We highly recommend each of these blackjack casinos, especially in this area.

Good Gaming Choices

We took a look at each blackjack casino site and found they carried a number of blackjack variations including titles like 21 Face Up, European Blackjack, 21 Blackjack, Pontoon, and many more beyond that!

Aside from the choices of blackjack you can enjoy, you will be met with a wide range of games in other areas of the casino such as slots, poker, specialty games, and other table games like rummy, baccarat, and craps.

All around, these real money online blackjack sites have hours and hours of gaming content for customers to enjoy, which is a major benefit for blackjack players who are looking to branch out in other areas of each site!

Access to Free and Real Money Blackjack

Some players enjoy the thrill of playing for real money and the risk that goes along with the experience. There are some players who like playing blackjack for leisure and may not necessarily enjoy the real money aspect, or they may simply want to play for free as a way to get in some practice time on the tables.

Each site we recommend on our list provides great options for their players. There’s real money blackjack for US players, as well as demo mode or free-play versions of the game!

Popular Real Money USA Online Blackjack Casinos

You will find some of the hottest blackjack games online when you visit one of our favorite real money blackjack casinos! There are a ton of ways to enjoy the fun and thrill of winning real money at the online blackjack tables.

Las Atlantis Logo Bonus
$14,000 Welcome Bonus
  • 21 Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • 21 Face Up
  • Match Play 21
  • Pontoon


BetUS Logo Small
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Double Deck Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Spanish 21


Wild Casino Logo
$5,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • Blackjack 11
  • Wild Casino Multi-Hand
  • Blackjack Tournament


Super Slots Logo
$3,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Pirate 21
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • 21 Burn
  • American Blackjack
  • Single Deck Blackjack


Vegas Online Casino Logo Small
$11,000 Welcome Bonus
  • Face Up 21
  • Super 21
  • Blackjack Perfect Pairs
  • European Blackjack
  • Match Play 21


Real Money Online Blackjack USA Variations

There are many variations of blackjack, and it does not come as a surprise, as this is one of the most popular and most commonly played online casino games of all time. Here are a few variants you may or may not be familiar with. Either way, these are blackjack games that you can find at top-rated online casinos.

Classic Blackjack

Here is the game at its most basic, using eight 52-card decks. The dealer must hit with a total of 16 or less, otherwise, they need to hit on a soft 17. The hand must include an ace and totals either seven or 17.

BetUS Online Blackjack

The dealer does not receive a hole card. Players who hit blackjack are paid out 3:2 odds. Players who lose will only lose their mandatory bet.

European Blackjack

This version of blackjack is popular amongst many avid players and involves a more complex, but exciting type of play compared to the American counterpart.

The game is a push if both the dealer and player hit blackjack, the dealer does not check for blackjack mid-game and stands on a soft 17, and players can only split once with same-character face cards only. Double downs can only be pulled off when the player has a hand with a value of 9, 10 or 11.

Blackjack Switch

This is a variant in which players are dealt two hands instead of one and have the opportunity to switch the top two cards between hands.
BetUS Casino Switch Blackjack
Instead of the standard 3:2 payout, players will get a 1:1 payout for natural blackjacks.

Face Up 21

This game goes by other names, including Dealer Disclosure and Double Exposure. The prime difference with this game is that players’ and dealers’ cards are dealt face up. This allows players more information to use when playing out their hands. Face Up 21 eliminates factors like hole cards and card counting.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack is much like the original game of 21 but includes a separate side bet that goes toward a progressive jackpot.

Spanish 21

In this version, there are no 10s in the deck while all face cards remain. This means you are much less likely to hit blackjack, however, you are also allowed to surrender and get half of your wager back!
BetUS Casino Spanish Blackjack
The only stipulation with the surrender is that you can only do so at a late point in the game, specifically after the dealer has checked to see if they have a blackjack.

Free Bet Blackjack

There is much more freedom and flexibility in this version of the game. Dealers can allow the player to split hands and double down on time for each hand for free. When a hand wins, the free bet wager and the original wager will be paid out!

Zappit Blackjack

This is a unique variation that was originally developed by the Bovada and Bodog online casinos. Players can eliminate cards from their hands they don’t like and have them replaced with two new, random cards!

Basic Blackjack Terms You Should Know

Are you not familiar with the lingo and jargon of blackjack? Or do you need a refresher course on how to talk the talk at the blackjack table? You’re in luck! Here are some of the most common phrases and terminology you will find when you play online blackjack for money.

Term Meaning
Bust This means that the value of the hand went over 21. Players who bust will lose. If the dealer busts, the player will win, but only if they have not busted themselves or surrendered before the dealer has played their hand.
Hit This is to ask for another card from the dealer. It’s the opposite of a “stand.”
Stand This is to hold your total and end your turn. It’s the opposite of a “hit.”
Insurance This is a side bet saying that the dealer has a blackjack. This is operated independently from the original wager. In order to qualify for “insurance,” you must put up half of your wager. And it can only be done once all the cards have been dealt and once the dealer shows an ace.
Push This occurs when the the dealer and the player both end up with the same total. It is a draw, and the player’s original bet is returned to them.
Surrender This is an option for players who are not happy with their hand following the initial deal. They can choose to surrender and keep half of their original bet instead of playing a hand that has little chance of winning.

Ways to Play Real Money Blackjack Online

There are many different ways to play blackjack online. Below are a few of the most popular options.

Mobile Casino Gaming

This is what is known as in-browser use. This is simply visiting the online casino using an internet connection and a web browser. This requires no download, leaving more free space on your phone or other smart devices.

Another great advantage to using in-browser mobile gaming are automatic updates.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Live dealer casinos are very popular because they give players the opportunity to participate from the comfort and convenience of their phone, tablet, or desktop PC while enjoying the inclusion of a flesh and blood dealer via video feed.

Live Dealer Blackjack Table Game

All players participate remotely while the live blackjack dealers online handle everything related to the table, minus the bets. Bets are controlled digitally by players and payouts are done automatically by the computer-based on the action that unfolds.

Downloadable Blackjack Apps

Most online blackjack casinos have downloadable apps that are much easier to access than visiting the site using your browser. However, there are some disadvantages.

Downloading the app will take up space on your phone or tablet’s storage, and the app will need to be updated periodically. But this is all up to the user. Visiting the site in-browser does not require this.

Online Blackjack Casino Bonuses

Money With Red Gift Bow

When playing blackjack online, nothing beats being able to gamble on the house. Here are some real money bonuses you may encounter that will surely bulk up your bankroll outside of the lucrative winnings at the blackjack table!

Welcome/Sign Up Bonus

These are bonuses that are awarded to newcomers and usually come in the form of a match bonus on a new player’s initial deposit.

Reload Bonus

No one wins when an account is sitting depleted or nearly empty, neither the casino nor the individual. Reloads are a way for casinos to reward players for reloading their accounts.

Deposit Match

These can be used for welcome bonuses but also for weekly promotions as well. These are bonuses that can be attained for the price of depositing up to a certain amount. Players will receive a match up to a certain percentage of that deposit.

Ongoing/Weekly Promotions

These are additional offers that are available on a weekly basis for recurring players at our recommended online casinos.

How to Play Real Money Blackjack Online

What is the object of the game of blackjack? How is it played, and what do I need to do to win? All this and more can be found here!

The Objective:

Beat the dealer.

Card Values:

  • 2-10 count as face value
  • Kings, Queens, and Jacks count as 10
  • Ace counts as 1 or 11 depending on which value helps the hand the most

How Do I Beat the Dealer?

  • The player has a higher hand than the dealer
  • The dealer has a hand that goes over 21
  • The player draws a hand of 21 on their first two cards and the dealer does not

How Do I Lose to the Dealer?

  • The player’s hand goes over 21
  • The dealer has a higher hand than the player

Steps to Play Blackjack:

  1. Players buy their chips.
  2. Players place their wagers.
  3. The dealer deals the cards to the players.
  4. Players decide how to play their hands.
  5. The dealer plays their hand.
  6. Payouts are issued to whoever has the highest hand.

Real Money Online Blackjack Strategies

If you’re looking to win more at online casinos, check out some of our blackjack strategies and tips!

Get Familiar With Blackjack Terminology and Rules

Become familiar with the game, how it’s played, and how the rules work. A great way to get better acquainted with blackjack is to play in demo mode or the free play version where you don’t have to worry about money on the line. Free play also allows practice time at the blackjack table.

Focus on Beating the Dealer

At the end of the day, this is the main objective of the game of blackjack. It can be easy to place side bets when playing progressive blackjack. Do not get sidetracked with matters that do not involve beating the dealer.

A Hand of Blackjack

Remain laser-focused on making this happen. Develop a playing strategy and stick to it because this will open the door for optimum play to minimize your losses and maximize your wins.

Develop a Gambling Strategy

Avid blackjack players use strategies when they play, and this really drives down the house edge, putting the casino at a disadvantage and allowing the player to go on the offense.

Using a strategy and having a plan will increase your likelihood of winning! Check out some of our blackjack strategies where experts from our team weigh in on real money blackjack for US players.

Use Casino Bonuses to Your Advantage

Take advantage of as many real money bonuses and promotions the online blackjack casino is extending to its customers.

In addition to what you win at the blackjack table, casino bonuses are extra funds that can line your account with even more money.

Every little bit counts toward making your account stronger and more viable. More money in your account means that you can take bigger risks and achieve great gains for yourself!

Real Money Blackjack vs. Free Blackjack

There are a ton of pros and cons when it comes to playing blackjack online for real money or playing for free. It all depends on what you value in the experience that will make one more appealing than the other.

We’ll let you be the judge. In the meantime, check out the benefits and drawbacks of playing blackjack for real money or for free!

Real Money Blackjack Free Blackjack
  • This version can be used to clear rollover for real money bonuses
  • You can win real money
  • Play with friends; win and lose together
  • More exciting gameplay with money on the line
  • Perfect for players to get some practice time and learn the rules of the game
  • Not stressful; no money on the line
  • Allows players to test out new strategies and blackjack varieties

Real Money Blackjack FAQ

  • Can I Play Blackjack Online for Free?

    Absolutely. Check out the site you’re using to see if they offer demo mode or free play mode! There are also a lot of blackjack apps out there that allow you to play exclusively for free!

  • Is It Legal to Play Blackjack Online?

    All of the US blackjack sites we recommend are fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction and is open to use by US players. We are unaware of any instances, past or present, where an individual has been in legal trouble for using mobile blackjack casinos or blackjack apps that let you win money. Gamblers can play through the privacy of their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

  • Are There Bonuses for Playing Online Blackjack?

    Yes, there are! Check the “Promotions” section at all of the USA online blackjack sites we recommend. Be sure to read the applicable terms and conditions to ensure that blackjack is an eligible game that can help to meet the requirements for a bonus. More often than not, blackjack is on these lists. No surprise as it is such a popular game at online casinos.

  • Can I Play Blackjack on an App?

    You certainly can! There are a ton of casino apps available for download from both iTunes and Google Play. Blackjack apps that pay money are easier to access from your phone’s home screen, but they can take up memory on your phone and will not automatically update.

  • How Can I Cash Out When Playing Blackjack?

    This depends on the site you are using. But there are various ways for you to cash out, including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, bank wire transfers, money orders, Person to Person, and many more!

  • What Blackjack Variation Is Easiest to Pick Up?

    The easiest version would have to be standard blackjack, sometimes referred to as American Blackjack.

Learn More About Real Money Gambling

Want to read more about how to be a successful casino gambler? Check out our blogs that offer valuable tips, strategies, and advice about playing casino games for real money.