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The Great Ming Empire
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The Great Ming Empire SlotsOnline slots games that are based around ancient civilizations have become very popular. They provide players with the chance to experience something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Playtech has designed The Great Ming Empire in a way that gives players the chance to get an up close view of the Ming Dynasty, one of the most famous ruling families in China’s history.

This article will walk players through The Great Ming Empire in a way that prepares them for everything the game has in store for them. The design, denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other features will be covered.

How to Play The Great Ming Empire Slot

Players will see the ancient city in back of the reels. All the symbols have been designed to give the game an entertaining look while staying in line with its theme. The Great Ming Dynasty has 5 reels and 5 paylines. Although this isn’t many paylines compared to many of the other online slots, it is just the right amount to keep the game user friendly while offering players more ways to win. The totals and buttons are all located along the bottom of the screen.

The denominations begin at just 0.01 and they go up to 100. This gives players the flexibility they need to make the game fit into their gaming budget, whatever that budget may be.

There are high ranking card symbols and they have been designed to be recognizable in English, but they still have a touch of Chinese style writing to them. The Jacks pay out 50 for 5, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 150 and the Aces pay out 200. The rest of the symbols are made up of appropriate items and also include characters to add a more personality to the game. The ship pays out 250 for 5, the empress pays out 500 and the emperor pays out 1000.

The Great Ming Empire Bonus Features

This game doesn’t have a free spins round, but it does have generous wilds and bonuses. A great thing about the way these features are set up in this game, is they are known for coming up frequently. This means players will still be invited to enjoy many chances to win some fantastic awards when they play.

The temple is the wild symbol and it shows up to substitute the emperor and empress to help the players come up with more of the larger paying winning combinations. This wild does work a little differently than in other games where the wilds replace all the regular symbols, but it’s nice for it to make sure the players are able to achieve more of those larger wins the game has to offer.

The Great Ming Empire doesn’t just have one single scatter symbol, it has three of them! The scatter symbols can trigger the treasure room bonus round. Players will need to get three matching scatters in order to activate the bonus. Once the treasure room bonus round is triggered, the player will need to choose three treasures from the eight laid out before them. These treasures will then be converted to awards that get added to the player’s credits. The treasures the player can choose from will include such items as fans, statues and treasure chests. If the player originally landed on five of the scatter symbols, then they will have their wins multiplied by 20x.


The Great Ming Empire is an online slots game with a theme that will pull players right to it. The Symbols are all designed in a way that gives the game a cartoonish look that still has a serious touch to it. This slot is powered by Playtech software. Playtech has been offering high-quality online slots games since 1999 and this should make a lot of players feel confident with choosing games powered by this software provider. They have become recognized as an industry leader known for great themes, graphics and special features. This game has a very flexible betting range and gives players many chances to enjoy large payouts.

I have always found Oriental themed online slots games to be very entertaining. They tend to have a look to them that’s interesting and fun. I found this to be the case with The Great Ming Empire as well. The great colors were just right for the theme and each one of the symbols were a perfect fit. When I played The Great Ming Empire, I found it to perform well. It ran fast, the special features loaded quickly and the graphics were nice. The wide betting range was also refreshing; it made this game one I can play whenever I want, whether my bankroll is doing well that day or looking a bit dim. Anyone else looking for a great game should also give it a try.