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Baywatch SlotsBaywatch is one of Playtech’s very entertaining slots games that players can count on for great times and many chances to win. The game is designed after the hit television show of the same name. Many of the main characters from Baywatch can be seen in the game, making it a good choice for those who are fans of the show. The game has both a cartoonish and a realistic look to it at the same time; it’s impressive how Playtech has managed to pull this off so flawlessly. The bonus rounds on Baywatch are unique in a way that helps to set this game apart from others.

This article will serve as a very informative review of the Baywatch slots game. It will go over the design, as well as the denominations, payouts, bonus rounds and other special features that help to create a fantastic game. The unique free spins round adds chances for the player to win the progressive side game and gives it a nice added touch.

How to Play the Baywatch Slot

The background of Baywatch presents online slots players with a great ocean view where they can watch the waves roll in while they spin the reels. Portions of the symbols are translucent, so the players view of the waves aren’t completely blocked by them when the reels come to a stop. C.J. Parker stands on the left side of the reels and the wind blows her hair. All the game buttons and totals are lined up along the bottom section of the gaming screen. There are three victims on the right side of the screen and a life ring stack, where life rings will go when they show up on the reels. The victims are part of a progressive game that takes place during the free spins feature.

There are 5 reels and 30 paylines in this game. Players will be able to activate anywhere from 1 to all 30 of the paylines per spin. The coin denominations range from $0.01 to $25.00 per line.

The high ranking card symbols are the lowest paying ones in the game. The Jacks pay out 25x for 5, the Queens pay out 30x, the Kings pay out 35x and the Aces pay out 40x. The person on the Jetski will pay out 48x for 5, the surfer in the wave will pay out 50x, Caroline will pay out 250x, Matt will pay out 500x, C.J. will pay out 750x and the lifeguard tower will pay out 1000x.

Baywatch Bonus Features

The wild symbol in this game will show up on all of the reels except for the second one. It will also replace all of the symbols to create wins, with the exception of the scatter.

There’s a speed boat wild symbol that can be activated at any time in the base game. It will show up on the center reel only. It will also replace the regular symbols in the game and it displays a cool animation that reveals hidden wild symbols.

The life rings are the scatter symbols. Getting life rings on the reels will cause them to be added to the counter on the right side. Money will be added underneath each of the three victims with each life ring that shows up. Once the player gets three life rings on the reels, the free spins round will begin. In the free spins feature, life rings will be thrown on the reels and if they land on one of the victim’s symbols, then the player will be that much closer to winning the amount that victim pays out. This feature will continue as long as there are still free spins and life rings left.


Baywatch is a game that’s been designed to look just like the Baywatch show. However, it also has plenty of its own special features and little touches to help give players a gaming experience they will truly enjoy. Fans of the show will like watching some of their favorite characters show up with each spin. This is also a good game for beach goers in general.

I have always liked Baywatch and this made it an easy decision for me when it came to playing the Baywatch slots game. This game is refreshing and entertaining. It has a nice, beachy look to it and a lot of extra details that aren’t seen in other games. For this reason, I found Baywatch to offer me a one-of-a-kind online slots gaming experience. Anyone else who’s also a fan of the show should play the game. However, it has so much to offer that even players who have never watched Baywatch will still be able to have a great time on it. It can also be quite lucrative, partially due to the bonus features and how often the wild symbols show up on the reels.