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Ace Ventura
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Ace Ventura SlotsAce Ventura is a hilarious character from the hit movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. He brings quirky habits and slapstick comedy to the big screen. Playtech has designed the Ace Ventura online slots game in a way that brings that same comedic flare to online slots players. This 5 reel slots game offers players the chance to enjoy 243 ways to win, as well as many silly anecdotes that take place on the reels. The fact that Ace Ventura is powered by Playtech software also means it is a game players can count on to offer them a high-quality gaming experience.

This article will go over the Ace Ventura slots game in detail, so players know what they can expect to experience when they play it. The areas covered include the layout and design, the coins, the payouts and the bonus features.

How to Play the Ace Ventura Slot

The Ace Ventura slots game includes pictures of Ace that show him in scenes right from the movie, but they are displayed in a cartoonish style for gaming purposes. When a winning combination is formed, the symbols will show amusing clips from the movie. All of the gaming stats and buttons are detailed along the bottom of the gaming screen. There are bonus symbols in the upper left corner of the screen that’s used to keep track of the bonus feature stats.

The coin values include $0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.25 and $0.30. This makes the max bet per spin. $12.00.

There are four high ranking card symbols in this game. The Jacks and Queens will pay out 40 for 5 and the Kings and Aces will pay out 60. With regards to the other symbols, the symbols with Ace driving cars pay out 100 for 5, the symbol with Ace in a tutu playing football pays out 120, the one with stuff hanging out of Ace’s mouth pays out 100, the one with Ace and the monkey pay out 150 and the badge pays out 200.

Ace Ventura Bonus Features

The base game has three different features that can bring more excitement and opportunities for the players to enjoy.

One feature is the “Loser” feature and it comes at the conclusion of a spin in which no winning combinations were formed. Ace will flash on the screen, followed by a free re-spin that comes with a multiplier. If no win is achieved at the conclusion of this re-spin, then the reels will re-spin again until a winning combination is formed. Once there has been a win, the player will go back to the base game.

There is also a “Sneaky Walk” feature where Ace will perform a funny walk across the screen in the middle of a spin. He will stop in front of certain reels, causing those reels to fill up with wilds. This feature can help create many wins.

Another feature is the ‘Jungle Friends” feature. In this feature, Ace will show up during a spin and conjure up his jungle friends who will put wilds on the reels.

Lost posters will show up on the reels and copies will be put up on the bonus counter in the upper right corner. These fliers will add modifiers to the game for the bonus round.

The Ace Ventura logo is the wild symbol and it will show up on the reels to replace the regular symbols when doing so will create wins.

The rhino is the bonus symbol and it offers a very creative animation, along with the chance for free spins. When the rhinos show up on the reels, they will defecate a small Ace Ventura who wiggles his way out of their cavity. Getting three of the rhinos will trigger the free spins round where modifiers that have been earned will be put to good use. The modifiers can include more free spins, multipliers, expanding wilds and more.


Ace Ventura is a fantastic online slots game with amazing graphics and animations that come together to create one of the most entertaining slots games available. All the special features also make it easier for players to see more wins.

I still can’t believe how much fun I had playing the Ace Ventura slots game. I had only been playing it for a few minutes when I was already given the chance to enjoy two of the three base game special features; the sneaky walk and the loser features. I quickly learned what it is about the game that has made it so popular. Not only is there plenty of entertainment going on with the symbols, but there are so many chances for winning combinations and special features. A lot of the animations comes straight from the movie, while some of them are unique to the game. Anyone looking for plenty of online slots excitement should definitely play Ace Ventura.