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Playtech was founded back in 1999, in the early days of online casino play, and offered its first online gambling software product in 2001. So they got a bit of a late start, as the industry had already been operating for several years at that time, but once they were in the game, they quickly established themselves as a real leader and force in the business.

Playtech was founded by British businessman Teddy Sagi, who started out pretty modestly in the software business and ended up becoming very rich on the back of Playtech’s success. Playtech is now a publicly listed company on the London Stock exchange, but Sagi retains about a third of the shares and is worth over $3 billion.

Playtech has played a dominant role ever since in not only casino gaming but all forms of online gambling. Their poker network, which they own and provide the software for, is the world’s largest, and they also own other poker related properties. They are based out of the Isle of Man off the British coast.

Playtech provides software and solutions to all aspects of the online gambling business, including casino, live casino, sports betting, poker, bingo, lottery, binary options trading, and more. They are a true giant in the industry.

Playtech hit the big time by putting together deals to be the exclusive software provider for several very large online gambling operations, particularly British owned ones such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Bet 365. Many online casinos offer Playtech casino software and they are the world’s largest provider of online gambling software and have been for many years now.

Being the biggest doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best though, but it does mean that you are very good, as online casinos would simply look elsewhere if they didn’t receive good value from Playtech or if their players weren’t fond enough of it. So this does indeed speak to the quality of Playtech’s offerings.

Playtech Slot Games

Looking After All Of Your Betting Needs

Playtech’s approach to online gambling has been to provide online gambling sites a true one stop solution to all of their business needs, not only providing the gaming software but also offering best in class management tools. Since their products cover all of the different markets, operators could also seamlessly offer several forms of online gambling to their players, where both they and their players benefit from a wider selection.

Playtech has also been instrumental in integrating their products across several platforms with their IMS platform, which they are particularly proud of. This allows players to move across platforms, from a computer to a phone for instance, or even to a land based betting shop, seamlessly.

So a lot of Playtech’s appeal is by way of ease and convenience, but they also provide cutting edge software to ensure that players get the most out of their online gambling experiences, including their very large selection of casino games.

Playtech offers hundreds of different games overall and are constantly working on staying ahead of the curve both in terms of innovation and variety. While a company this large is often slower to react to changes in the market, and this is the case at least somewhat with Playtech as well, they have kept up fairly well over the years and are ready to meet head on any challenges that the market presents.

Playtech has the means to spend a great deal of money on their products and they are quite fond of being the largest player in the game, so it’s hard to imagine their not continuing to make their best efforts to stay very competitive as the years continue to pass.

Playtech Is Still A Good Choice In Today’s Expanded Software Market

Playtech’s casino game selection is quite good by any standard, boasting over 250 games, although many players of today are looking for a wider selection than that, and there are some newer casinos that feature many more than this.

There’s also the aspect of wanting to be able to choose games from different software providers, and while there are still quite a few single provider online casinos out there, the trend lately has been to move away from that, and we’ve seen a lot of that lately.

So for Playtech to continue to enjoy the success they’ve had over the years, they are probably going to have to adapt, and having all these exclusive licensing agreements, together with their massive revenues has probably served to have them feeling a little too comfortable.

Some of their competitors are really growing and shaking things up quite a bit with their new and innovative products, particularly those who are doing away with software downloads and are more adept at the mobile gaming market.

Playtech’s casino games are still of a comparatively high quality though, and are well loved by millions of players around the world, but this new frontier will require that they adapt.

They have for years offered a turnkey solution, which has been great for the industry, but now they have to realize that times are changing and it’s becoming more and more of a niche software market now, and they will eventually need to carve out their niche beyond an all in one provider to providing great software right alongside their competitors on online casino sites.

Playtech’s games are the world’s favorite right now, and it’s just a matter of whether they can hold on to that, but there’s no reason to think they won’t. In the mean time, these are some very good casino games that are well worth checking out alongside whatever else you like to play.

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