Bullion Bars Slots

Bullion Bars SlotsBullion Bars is an online slots game that has a surprising look to it. The game is a perfect cross between a classic slot and a more complex video slot. The first thing most will notice about Bullion Bars when they see it is the fact that it is designed with the use of some fantastic colors. Anyone who is looking for fun and adventure wrapped up in an impressive game will want to try Bullion Bars. Novomatic has gone out of their way to impress players with this one.

This article will go over the Bullion Bars online slots game in a way that introduces it fully to anyone thinking about giving it a spin. The design, the coin values, the payouts and the special features will all be described in depth. Reading this information will help the players to get a real sense for the game and determine whether or not it is going to be a good fit for them.

How to Play the Bullion Bars Slot

The Bullion Bars slot is one that’s a real attention grabber. It comes on the screen and demands attention with its stunning design. The game has a 3×3 reel grid and 20 paylines. Many of the paylines can pay out on the same spin which helps to make this game an even more profitable one. This slot has such a brilliantly bold appearance. The borders of the reels are made up of very thick gold that shimmers and shines. The paylines are all numbered along both sides of the reels with different colored squares. The symbols are huge and designed to resemble many of the symbols often seen in the classic slots. The totals and buttons for the game are lined up along the bottom of the screen and displayed in a golden dashboard.

The coin values in Bullion Bars begin at 0.01 and go up to 20. Players will be in total control of how much they bet per spin since they can activate the number of paylines they want.

The Bullion Bars online slots game doesn’t have the often seen high ranking card symbols many other games display. Instead, the reels on this game are decorated with the symbols one may expect to see on classic slots games. The red and white stars will pay out .10 for three of them, three of the single bars will pay out .20, a combination of the single bar and double bar symbols will pay out .40, a combination of the single bars and the triple bars will pay out 1.00, a combination of the single bars and the bullion bars will pay out 5.00 and filling the reels with the single bars and bullion bars can produce a payout that’s worth 100.

Bullion Bars Bonus Features

One of the interesting things about this slots game is it actually has a symbol that players won’t want to see come up on the reels and that is the 0 symbol. This symbol won’t help them to create winning combinations and can actually hinder them when it shows up to take one of those important spots.

There is a special bar in the Bullion Bars slots game and it is the bar streak symbol. This symbol can make its way on the second reel and if it shows up while there is a bar on either side of it then the streak feature will be triggered. When the streak feature is activated the reels will continue spinning over and over until there is no winning combinations that occur.


The Bullion Bars online slots game is one that has a design to it many players may not set out to search for, but they will be intrigued once they see it. The entire look of this slot makes it a fascinating one that promises a unique gaming experience in a simple format. This game has a gorgeous look that’s bright and shiny. Anyone who likes the idea of playing a game that has classic slots elements but also offers a bit more excitement should consider this one.

I usually go online looking specifically for the video slots games that have 5 reels and multiple paylines. Also, the more bonus rounds and special features a game has, the happier I generally am with that game. However, once in a while a game that doesn’t fit into my idea of the perfect game will capture my interest. The Bullion Bars game is one that I couldn’t pass up the chance to try once I saw it on my screen. I was immediately intrigued by its fantastic look and the different elements that it possessed. I had such a good time on Bullion Bars that I have added it to my list of games that I want to make sure I play more of in the future.