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Banana Splash SlotsSometimes players feel like going online and playing a slots game that has a cartoonish look to it and a theme that’s entertaining and funny. Banana Splash may be just the game for these times. It welcomes players to an adventurous story that revolves around a banana who has plenty of personality and has decided to enjoy a vacation. The banana and the other fruity characters in the Banana Splash slots game have decided to take a trip to the beautiful Caribbean. A lot of elements have been put into this game in order to offer players an environment that will leave them smiling while they try for those fantastic wins.

This article will go over the Banana Splash slots game in a way that educates anyone thinking about playing it on everything that it has to offer them. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be gone over with great detail. Players can learn everything they need to know about this game by reading the information provided right here.

How to Play the Banana Splash Slot

The Banana Splash online slots game is one that grabs a player’s attention right when they see it come up on their screen. At the top of the background players will see a boat in the ocean and a beautiful sky. There are also an abundance of palm trees and cabanas. The reels are full of exciting symbols that all come together to tell a funny story. The colors used in this game all work well together and help to achieve the desired effect. The game is a 5 reel and 9 payline slot and all of the paylines are indicated by different colored tabs that are on both sides of the reels. The totals and buttons for the Banana Splash slots game are lined up along the bottom of the screen. There are buttons that include the 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 payline options so players can activate the number of paylines they want with a quick click of the appropriate button.

Players on a variety of gaming budgets will find that the Banana Splash slots game is financially accommodating to most. Players can bet anywhere from 1 to 100 coins per spin on this game.

There are colorful high ranking card symbols in the Banana Splash slots game and they are designed to look like cartoonish letters and numbers that represent those higher ranking cards. These symbols are also the ones that make up the lower paying ones in this game. The 9s pay out 100 for 5, the 10s pay out 100, the Jacks pay out 100, the Queens pay out 100, the Kings pay out 125 and the Aces pay out 125. The other symbols are made up of different fruity personalities who are enjoying their vacation.  The nut playing the bongos will pay out 250 for 5 of them, the nut wearing swimming gear will pay out 250, the pineapple in the hat will pay out 400, the strawberry that’s water skiing will pay out 750 and the melon who’s sunbathing will pay out 750.

Banana Splash Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in the Banana Splash online slots game that comes in the form of the happy banana. This wild symbol shows up on the reels to replace the regular symbols and bring more of those much appreciated winning combinations to the player. Wins that are made with the use of this wild symbol will also be doubled and this makes the wild a pretty profitable one. Getting five of the wilds can give the player a payout that’s good for an impressive 9000 win.

The scatter symbols in Banana Splash are the cabanas. These are the symbols that can take the players into the free spins feature. Getting at least three of the scatters will take the player to the free spins. They will be given 15 free spins that offer them tripled wins. More free spins can also be retriggered from the feature.


The Banana Splash online slots game is one that has a fun theme based around fruits that are enjoying a vacation in the Caribbean. The game runs fast and a lot of little touches have been put in place to create a slots game that does a fantastic job of keeping players entertained for every spin. The fantastic special features also help create a good experience while they bring more opportunities the player’s way.

I found the Banana Splash game to have a lot of personality. The game had friendly little characters who really brought it to life. Each one of them looked as if they were having a fantastic time and really enjoying themselves in the Caribbean. I will be playing more of this game in the future.