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Anubix SlotsEgyptian themed slots games make a big hit with many players and a great deal of them even set out to look specifically for them. Anubix is an entertaining Novomatic slot that invites players to enjoy its Egyptian theme. The game revolves around the main character, Anubix, who happens to be the god of the afterlife. Players will have a great time spinning their way through pyramids as they search for treasure. Some nice added touches have gone into the design of Anubix to help create an entertaining game for slots players looking for something special to spend their time on. It is a 5 reel and 5 payline game with bold colors and plenty of special features.

This article will explain the Anubix online slots game in a way that educates interested players on just what they can expect from it should they decide to play it. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and all of the other special features will be covered.

How to Play the Anubix Slot

The Anubix slots game has a player friendly design to it and this allows anyone to be able to jump right on it and start having a fantastic time. Players can enjoy looking at the gorgeous golden pyramids in the background while they play. The reels are a good size and allow for large symbols with plenty of details to them. There is a stunning female pharaoh standing on the right side of the reels and the game’s name is presented along the top of the screen in gold font that makes it stand out. The totals and gaming buttons for Anubix are lined up along the lower portion of the screen.

The Anubix slots game is financially flexible so more players will be able to fit it right into their gaming budget. The 5 paylines in this game are fixed paylines and this means they will all be activated for each spin. However, players can bet up to 2000 coins per payline per spin and this makes the game inviting for all players including high rollers.

There are card symbols in this game and they are presented in a way that adds plenty of color to the gaming screen. The card symbols are also the lowest paying ones in the game. The 10s pay out 2000 for 5, the Jacks pay out 2000, the Queens pay out 2000, the Kings pay out 4000 and the Aces pay out 4000. The rest of the regular symbols in the game are made up of several characters. One of them pays out 5000 for 5, the other pays out 10000 and the other pays out 20000.

Anubix Bonus Features

Anubix has special features that make it more exciting and more financially profitable for those who spend time on it. One of those fantastic features is a wild symbol that helps those who play the game to enjoy an increased number of chances to win each time they spin the reels. The wild symbol in this game comes in the form of the female pharaoh and it can take the place of all of the regular symbols in this game. This wild won’t replace the scatter symbol. The wild also offers players the chance to win an amazing payout good for as much as 10000 coins when the players are able to get five of them.

The scatter symbol in the Anubix online slots game is the scarab and it is the symbol that can take the players into the free spins feature. In order to trigger the free spins feature the player will need to get at least three of the scatters. When the player is able to get three or more scatters they will be given the opportunity to enjoy anywhere from 5 to 18 free spins. The Anubix symbol is introduced during the free spins feature as a wild symbol and it can come up on the center reel at any time during this feature. When this symbol helps to create more wins when it shows up on that center reel, it will pay out a doubled win to the player.


Anubix is an impressive slots game where the colors, the attention to details, the storyline and the characters all come together to provide online slots players with a great gaming environment they can have a lot of fun with.

The Anubix slots game had the main elements I go online looking for when I plan on playing an online slots game. I was impressed with how it handled and how often I saw wins and special features in the time in which I was playing on it. I plan on enjoying Anubix more in the future and would suggest for other online slots players to give it a spin as well.