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American Gangster SlotsThe American Gangster online slots game is a fantastic 5 reel game with 25 paylines and a strong storyline players can get really involved in. The game has a 1920s gangster theme that can be seen in many different areas of the game’s design. The screen is full of excitement with hitmen, beautiful women and other entertaining characters and icons appearing before the players. The game also runs fast and all the features load quickly. This game has so much detail that players will feel invited to become a part of the story unfolding before their eyes.

This article will serve as a review of the American Gangster online slots game so players are well aware of everything it offers and how they can make the most of it. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts and all of the special features will be gone over completely.

How to Play the American Gangster Slot

The American Gangster online slots game is a bright and colorful game that has a lot of fine details to help give it a look players will truly appreciate. The background of the game takes the players to a lively city where they will get the feeling that anything can happen. The colorful reels are centered on the screen and they are large in size, as are the symbols that make their way on them. The paylines are colorfully numbered along both sides of the reels as well. The totals and buttons for American Gangster are all lined up along the bottommost portion of the screen. One of the best ways to describe the characters in this game is that they look as if they have been designed for a comic book.

The American Gangster slots game has 25 paylines that allow the player to activate the number of them that they want per spin. The coin value in this game starts out at 0.02 and the maximum amount players can bet per spin is 400.

There are colorful and fun looking high ranking card symbols in this game that make up the lower paying ones. The 9s pay out 200 for 5, the 10s pay out 200, the Jacks pay out 200, the Queens pay out 200, the Kings pay out 200, the Kings pay out 200 and the Aces pay out 200. The other symbols all come together to help give the game its exciting gangster look. The shiny piece of jewelry with the purple hue will pay out 400 for 5, the bag of cash will pay out 400, the police car will pay out 400, the police officer will pay out 500 and the beautiful lady wearing pink will pay out 500.

American Gangster Bonus Features

The American Gangster online slots game has a wild symbol that shows up on the reels to create more winning combinations when it takes the place of the other regular symbols in the game. The wild symbol is the symbol that depicts the man in the suit and it can replace all of the other symbols on the reels with the one exception of the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol in American Gangster is the symbol that depicts beams of light across the cityscape. This scatter symbol can trigger the games free spins feature where players can enjoy many risk-free spins. Getting three of the scatter symbols will trigger 10 free spins, getting four of the scatter symbols will trigger 15 free spins and getting five of the scatter symbols will trigger 25 free spins. Extra wild symbols can appear while the player is in the free spins round and this further increases their chances of getting more wins. Players can also enjoy multipliers that range from 2x to 10x in this feature and this can help to make those free spins extremely profitable.


The American Gangster online slots game has that gangster theme that so many players are a fan of and the theme is presented well. The game has fantastic graphics and animations that load quickly. Just one of the many fascinating things about American Gangster is the way the very bright colors come together to turn what’s normally a dark storyline into one that’s more fun and adventurous. The special features come up often in this game and players will find it to be one of the games that tend to pay out frequently.

I had an amazing time on the American Gangster slots game. It ran without any problems and performed in an impressive manner. I liked the interesting graphics that told the story well and I found the game to be quite generous. I saw a lot of the wild symbol and I enjoyed the free spins feature more than once during my gaming session. I can see myself spending a good deal more time on the American Gangster online slots game in the future.