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American Diner
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American Diner SlotsThe American Diner online slots game is a game that stands out for a variety of reasons. The first thing that can be said about this game is it has a design to it that will take players back to simpler times. While this game isn’t a classic slot, the way in which it is presented will still remind them of days gone by. The simple and clean layout of this game also makes it a fantastic choice for anyone new to online gaming because they will be able to jump right on and start playing it without difficulty. There are also specific elements that make the game one with a big touch of the past, such as the symbols made up of shiny cars from the 50s. Back in these days the younger crowd was known for hanging out at the local diner and grabbing a bite while listening to the juke box. The look of American Diner has this vibe to it and it makes it a very comfortable yet entertaining slot.

This article will serve as a review of the American Diner online slots game. By reviewing this information players can get a true feel for what the game is all about. The design, the coin values, the payouts, the bonus rounds and the other special features will all be described in a detailed manner.

How to Play the American Diner Slot

The American Diner online slots game has such a basic design to it, but it also has many elements that create a fun gaming environment. The entire game has cartoon colors and the background is designed to look like a very bright blue nighttime sky with plenty of stars scattered about. The blue background changes to become a bright red and orange near the bottom portion of the screen. The reels are centered on the screen and they are very large which allows for big symbols with plenty of details. The game’s totals and buttons are all at the bottom of the screen. The start button is directly in the middle of the screen and it is the large oval yellow button. There are some really fun animations that take place on the screen when a winning combination occurs.

The coin values in American Diner begin at 0.01 and players can choose from 11 different betting options for each spin. A maximum bet of 40 coins per spin is possible.

There are colorful high ranking card symbols in American Diner that make up the lower paying symbols players will see on the reels. The 9s and 10s are the absolute lowest paying and they will give the player a payout worth 100 for five of them. The symbol of the blonde girl is the one that offers players the largest payout and it is good for a payout of 1000 for getting five of them. All of the other symbols will fall somewhere in between those payouts.

American Diner Bonus Features

There is a wild symbol in the American Diner game that comes on the reels to replace the regular symbols when doing so will bring the players more winning combinations. There is only one symbol in the game that the wild won’t take the place of and that is the game’s jukebox scatter symbol.

The jukebox scatter symbol is also a special symbol players want to keep a close eye on. This symbol can really help them to achieve more wins when they play. This is due to the fact that it can take them into the free spins feature. The free spins allow players to enjoy a certain number of spins that they don’t have to spend their own credits on and this makes every spin in the round risk-free. In order to trigger the free spins feature the player will need to get at least three of the jukebox scatters. Also, getting more of these scatters during the free spins will give the player 1 or 2 more free spins and increase the amount of the multiplier.


The American Diner slots game does a great job of taking players back to a simpler time while offering them the chance to enjoy a fun gaming experience. There are also special features that help the players to increase their chances of winning prizes with each spin of the reels. The bright colors add a great touch of personality to the game and there are likable characters on the reels.

I found the American Diner to be a fun game to spend time on. I liked the special animations that took place when certain winning combinations were formed. I was quite lucky with regards to how often I saw the wilds come up. I was also able to enjoy the free spins feature and it proved to be a nice little profit maker for me as well. I do plan on playing this game again in the future.