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Amazing Stars
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Amazing Stars SlotsThe Amazing Stars online slots game is a retro themed game that’s powered by reliable Novomatic software. This game has a very colorful and bold look to it that does a fantastic job of capturing a player’s interest the moment it appears on their screen. The Amazing Stars game has a clean and simple interface that still maintains an exciting look thanks to the great color choices and the other elements it offers.

This article will serve as a helpful review of the Amazing Stars online slots game. Players can read the information here in order to gain a clear understanding of everything the game offers and how the players can go about making the most out of each spin. The design, the layout, the coin values, the payouts and the special features will all be described here.

How to Play the Amazing Stars Slot

The first thing players will notice about the Amazing Stars online slots game is it is amazingly bright. The next thing that will get them is the way fruit is presented in this game. Fruit isn’t generally made to be as exciting as it becomes in this game. The reels make up almost all of the gaming screen and the symbols are all very large. The background that can be seen behind the reels is bright blue. There are 5 paylines and they are numbered on both sides of the reels. The totals and buttons for Amazing Stars are all located along the bottom portion of the screen. The game has two progressive jackpots and the totals for these jackpots can both be found in the top section of the gaming screen.

The Amazing Stars online slots game is a good choice for players who are working with just about any gaming budget. Players can choose to have anywhere from just one to all five of the paylines activated per spin. The other variable is the size of the player’s bet per payline and this can go from 8 to 2000. This means a player can make an amazing bet of as much as 10000 credits at the max bet.

There are no high ranking card symbols that are seen in so many of the other popular online slots games. Instead, the symbols players get to enjoy in this game are made up of big bright pieces of fruit, along with some of the other symbols commonly found in the classic slots games. The oranges will pay out 1600 for 5, the lemons will pay out 1600, the plums will pay out 1600, the cherries will pay out 1600, the watermelons will pay out 3200, the bundle of grapes will pay out 3200, the 7s will pay out the 7’s jackpot and the gold stars will pay out the star jackpot.

Amazing Stars Bonus Features

Amazing Stars has two important symbols that players want to familiarize themselves with. The 7s symbol and the gold star symbol will prove to be very important to the game. This is due to the fact that these symbols are the ones that can take the players to those progressive jackpot payouts. Getting five of the 7s will give the player the 7s progressive payout which is the smaller of the two progressives. The larger jackpot is the star jackpot and it is a bit harder to get. In order to get this progressive the player will need to fill all 15 reel positions with stars. Luckily, there is a chance to make this easier in the game’s free spins feature. In the free spins the scattered stars will stack and remain held until the end of the feature.

There is also a gamble feature in the Amazing Stars slots game. This feature will allow the player to try for the chance to double or possibly even quadruple the amount of their qualifying wins. In order to make use of this feature the player will need to click on the gamble button after getting a qualified winning combination. In the gamble feature the player will attempt to guess the color of the next card. Guessing right will double the amount of their win. They can also guess the suit of the next card to be turned over in order to quadruple the amount of their win.


The Amazing Stars online slots game grabs a player’s attention the moment it comes on the screen. It does this with its great color combinations and vibrant symbols. As soon as someone starts to play the game they will see that it performs well and has some fantastic features to offer.

The Amazing Stars slots game isn’t the normal style that I tend to look for. However, something about it caused me to decide to go ahead and give it a spin. I’m really glad I tried it because it did end up being a lot of fun and I now plan on making a point to play more of it in the future.