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Always Hot
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Always Hot SlotsThe Always Hot online slots game is a classic style game that makes it a point to offer players plenty of elements to enjoy each time they log on to play. This game is a simple one in design, but an extravagant one with regards to the level of enjoyment it brings to those who play it. A lot about this game will meet the interests of those who come online looking for a classic slot that offers red hot fun and excitement. Always Hot is an online slots game players won’t want to pass up the chance to try.

This article will provide players with all the information they need to get a good sense of what the game has to offer them. The design, the coin values, the payouts and the special features will all be discussed at length. Once players are done reviewing the information provided here they will be better prepared to play Always Hot.

How to Play the Always Hot Slot

The first thing players will notice about Always Hot is it has a design to it that really does give it a hot appearance. The bright reds and oranges come together to represent flames in a way that will have players warming up to this game in no time. The classic design of Always Hot means it has just three reels to it. However, while many of the classic slots tend to have just a single payline this one ends up offering players five paylines. This means they can enjoy having even more chances to form a winning combination each time they spin the reels. The reels are very large and this means the symbols are large as well. The paytable is easy to view and located on the right side of the gaming screen. The buttons are all lined up along the bottom of the screen with the totals.

Always Hot is also a good game for players working with a variety of budgets. The coin values range from 0.05 to 2.00. There are many betting options in Always Hot so players can mess with the amount of their bet to make sure they are spending exactly what they want.

Just as one would expect from a slots game with a classic design, this one also has symbols that players are used to seeing from the popular slots of the past. There are cherries, 7s bells and other familiar icons that all come together to help create that classic feel. The cherries will pay out 40 for 3, the lemons will pay out 40, the plums will pay out 40, the oranges will pay out 40, the bells will pay out 80, the grapes will pay out 80, the watermelon will pay out 100, the red and blue star symbol will pay out 200 and the 7s will pay out 300.

Always Hot Bonus Features

This game has vibrant looking symbols that are capable of producing some nice sized wins. In fact, it is possible for players to enjoy a jackpot that’s good for as much as 30,000 on the Always Hot online slots game.

There is a gamble feature in the Always Hot online slots game and this is a feature that will give the players the ability to wager the amount of their last win in an attempt to double it. The feature is a fun and easy one to make use of. While it can provide players with a very simple way to quickly double their win, it is also a feature that they want to be careful with since they can just as easily lose the amount of their last win. When a player has won a prize that’s eligible for the gamble feature they will see the feature’s light become lit-up. At this point, they can choose to guess whether or not the next card to be turned over will be black or red. If they guess correctly then they will double their win. If they want, they can guess the suit of the next card to be turned over in order to try to quadruple the amount of their last win.


The Always Hot online slots game is one that players can count on to run fast and smooth while providing them with fantastic graphics in the form of a classic styled game. The whole look of this slot definitely helps to give it the appearance of being hot!

I generally go online looking for video slots games that have 5 reels, multiple paylines, a lot of different bonus rounds and other features. However, there will sometimes be a great looking classic slot that captures my interest and proves to be worthy of my time and attention. The Always Hot online slots game is just this type of slot. I had a great time playing it and I plan to play much more of it in the future.