Novomatic Online Casinos

Novomatic is not a name a lot of people have heard of, and therefore they may be surprised to learn that this is one of the world’s largest gaming technology companies, with revenues in excess of $4 billion a year.

Novomatic was founded in 1980 by Johann Graff in Austria. The company has been so successful over the years that it has propelled Graf to become one of the world’s richest men with a net worth of $7 billion.

Graf got his start in the business in 1974, importing Belgian pinball machines to be set up in bars and cafes in Austria. He was successful enough to continue to build his business up from basically nothing to what it is today, a true industry leader.

Novomatic, while still headquartered in Austria, has grown to become a global enterprise with offices in 50 countries, with 24,000 employees, and 235,000 gaming terminals at 1,600 gaming locations in 80 countries.

Novomatic has interests in just about every facet of the gambling business, and is heavily involved in land based gaming machines, sports betting terminals and sports betting software solutions, as well as cash dispensing machines, ticket dispensing machines, accounting and business software, gaming administration and control software, online, mobile, and social gaming, including providing live dealer solutions to online casinos, as well as serving the huge lottery industry.

While there are companies who make more slots, no one makes more gaming related equipment overall than Novomatic, and they are much more than just a gaming company manufacturer, and are particularly known for their software and technology that allows for increased performance of both land based and online gambling enterprises.

Novomatic Slot Games

Novomatic Takes The World By Storm

Novomatic shot right out of the gate in 1980 with their first slot machines rolling off of the assembly line. They grew very quickly and by the next year they were already expanding their operations to Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

This continued at a rapid pace and within the next 2 years they had operations in several more countries. Novomatic’s state of the art gaming hardware helped revolutionize the slot machine business as it transitioned to more sophisticated equipment in the 1980s.

Novomatic just didn’t deliver gaming machines to casinos, it also started opening its own casinos as well, beginning in the late 1980s, including building the largest casino in the Czech Republic in 1991, as well as setting up a sports book that same year.

More plants in more countries were built in the years to follow, looking to keep up with the demand for their technologically advanced products. They even got into the building of hotels to house their slots and other gaming machines.

Novomatic is also the leader in multiplayer casino electronic table games, something we’re starting to see more of in casinos lately, and they pioneered the first one back in 1997.

The company has continued to expand since, acquiring and building more casinos, more plants, more offices in more countries, and developing better and better technology and software along the way. Numerous awards for business excellence have been collected, and the company grew even further with several strategic business acquisitions, providing even more firepower and innovation to drive their success further.

This has been a company that has had a huge appetite for growth and that appetite has been well satisfied over the years with all of the acquisitions and expansions that they have undergone.

They are now a true gaming conglomerate with a hand in virtually every facet of the business, from everything from scratch cards, to lottery tickets, to sports betting, to owning several land based casinos, to making casino slots and table game machines, to the software that runs these enterprises, to online casino, poker, bingo, and sports betting, the whole gamut really.

Novomatic Goes Online

If people wager on something, Novomatic wants a hand in it, and they have well succeeded in having a hand in an impressive number of the world’s wagers. While there are a lot bigger casinos than the ones they own and run, and while there are companies that manufacture more gambling machines, and while there are companies that are bigger in the lottery or sports betting or casino software business, or in the online software business, Novomatic simply has a hand in so many things that the total is as impressive as they come in the gambling business.

Novomatic didn’t get into online casino games until 2011, but they hit the ground running with their acquisition of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions, which now operate as a subsidiary of Novomatic.

They have an extensive list of online games, and it’s been a lot easier to expand into the online casino software business than it used to be, given the recent explosion of new online software and new online casinos to showcase it.

So while it used to be that online casinos would just offer software from a single provider generally, the newer ones in particular have been offering software and titles from multiple providers, and Novomatic has taken advantage of that, and now stand among the several providers that many online casinos use now.

Novomatic, through their subsidiary Greentube, just doesn’t make online slot software though, as in the Novomatic tradition, they have expanded horizontally to not only online table games, but live casino dealer software, poker, bingo, sports betting, as well as an array of social gambling products.

Novomatic is particularly aware of the new frontier in mobile gaming and is a leading provider of software that can be seamlessly played across several platforms, including mobile, which is where the future seems to lie these days, as mobile gambling will only get bigger and bigger in the coming years.

Novomatic is now up to almost 300 different online games, offered at many online casinos these days, and have jumped into this end of the business with both feet, as usual. As time goes on, with their penchant for growth, they are likely to play an even bigger role in the online gaming market, as everything about this company keeps getting bigger and better as the years pass.